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03-02-2010, 17:16
Ok so every since I saw that great Mawloc model nids have been calling my name, however if I were to start them I would want the following things:

-NO guns! (I see nids as a combat army, not a shooty one)
-Every unit would be different (for cool effect) and I'm not talking different upgrades, I'm talking about not using the same unit (like genestealers) more than once.

So given that, how do you think an army like this would do?

Is it worth even thinking about or would the suck be too great?

03-02-2010, 17:23
the only problem you would have is elites. and what are your thoughts on pods?
if every unit different and multiple pods were okay then it would probably do decent. if not and it being foot slogging. well hope that they cant shoot.

Creeping Dementia
03-02-2010, 17:32
Well the first problem is leaving out any shooting units immediately removes some of the best new stuff in the codex (zoans, hive guard, gargoyles, tervigons because they spawn shooting units, trygons, bioplasma on fexes, lictors, spore pods) a lot of things in the dex have shooting abilities even though they're mainly CC units. Intentionally handicapping yourself for the hell of it deffinately puts you on the road to failure.

Second, redundency is very common in most good lists. Why? Because it makes it harder for your opponent to take out the most threatening units. So taking all different units makes it easier for your opponent to take out the ones he doesn't like, before they can do anything.

So really it depends on what you expect the army to do. Do you want to take it to tourneys? Is it mainly a painting project? Is it just because you want to get a bunch of friendly games in? Whether you should build the army depends on your expectations.

03-02-2010, 17:39
The aim of this army would be to have a cool look army that does 'ok' (ok meaning it wins at least a third of the time).

03-02-2010, 17:44
The aim of this army would be to have a cool look army that does 'ok' (ok meaning it wins at least a third of the time).

Unfortunately, I don't think it will work Malorian.

It would be fluff if the only shooting you took was Zoanthropes though..

And by that, I mean 9 :D

03-02-2010, 17:46
Well depending on whether or not you are saying that you'll use things that have range weapons, but not use them or not use anything that has a ranged weapon is going to make it extremely hard to field anything.


tyrant guards





would special characters like "old one eye" work? He is a carnifex.


I think that's it for "not having any range weaponry"

raveners have range now right?

Oh and ripper swarms.

I doubt it will win any games against a competent opponent.

The pestilent 1
03-02-2010, 17:49
I Once entered a local tournament with a 1500pt army that consisted of an Aspiring champion of Nurgle and something in the region of 150 plague zombies.

The sheer balls to the walls AWESOME of this concept more than made up for the fact I lost.

Don't play to win, play to have fun, you'll enjoy life more.

03-02-2010, 17:49
Fair enough...

Maybe I'll have to bend a little on the 'no guns' and just keep it to a minimum.

Thanks for the replies.

03-02-2010, 17:52
I'm in the same boat as you though. I wish I could make a competitive list with just CC, but we can't.

Max Jet
03-02-2010, 17:54
Before trusting anyones opinion I would urge you to try out a few first test games, as this is something no one has ever tried as far as I know.
It might get pretty difficult to get the hang out of the army very fast, so you should play at least 3 if not more proxy games.
You should know that you are limiting your possibilities very much, with no shooting weapons you allready dish out Termagants of all kinds, Swarm guards, Zoanthropes, Trygons, Tervigons, Harpies and Gargoyles, all of these units must be equipped with a shooting weapon. Of course you can model your Gargoyles with scything tallons and simply not use the Fleshborer (I would let you use an extra attack instead of the shooting weapon, but I'm not everyone right?)
You should also realise that the army as a whole is pretty slow. Sure you can deep strike whatever you wish, but this is rather something that helps Shooting armies to get into position. So you might get a Fleet for all special rule out of it, if your oponent allows.. after all you are neglecting the best choices in the Codex because of your appeal of fluff.
Second.. I would drop the idea of not using a Species more than once, it doesn't work. Imagine Starship Troopers with all kinds of different creatures.
No you had 3 plasma Bugs, 2 Tanker Bugs a dozen Grasshopper and a gazillion Arachnids. Not just one unit of something you see?
So do it, BUT talk at least a Fleet special rule, move through cover and perhaps even an assault after leaving the Spore out of it, you are still handicapping yourself very much.
Use some units at LEAST two times, I mean you can Spam Hormagaunts and Gargoyles with upgrades. As long as your oponent only takes rear armour 10 Tanks you might do it.

03-02-2010, 18:48
Just proxy the army and see if you like it or if its not fun.

Fun concepts are great but repeatedly being crushed is not and it sort of wears out the "But its cool" feeling.

03-02-2010, 18:54
You could easily do..
Tyranid Prime

3x Zoan
3x Hive guard
Doom of mal

20-25 Hormaguants
20-25 Termiguants
5-8 Warriors

Fast attack
4-6 Raveners
20-30 Gargs
3-5 Winged Warriors


Can easily mix units similer like that for an effective army and still work.

03-02-2010, 19:12
Yeah, the only problem is how to fight vehicles, especially fast ones like skimmers. Catching them isn't easy, because most of the monstrous creatures are quite slow.

If you resign yourself to no shooting units besides zoanthropes, you should be fine, but you need some anti-armor shooting, or they'd only be feasible at 1000 points or less.

03-02-2010, 19:48
Just take CC type units which would be Tyrants, Trygons, Hormogaunts, Genestealers and bring some Zoanthropes to deal with vehicles and i think you will do fine. The only shooting units i bring in my Daemon army are Soul Grinders. You just need to make sure that you have some resilient units that can crush transports and survive the hail of fire before crushing the squad inside.

03-02-2010, 19:54
Except the fast skimmers will most likely be Eldar.. and Eldar have Runes of Warding.. Which can shut zoans down..

So if you want minimal shooting.. i saw go with at least 1 squad of hive guard in there.

Raveners can catch skimmers.

6x Ravs with rending = 30 attacks = 5.56 hits = .89 chance for 1 Pen hit, which isnt to bad.

Of course..that is with re roll 1's to hit from talons also.