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03-02-2010, 22:10
ok, so forgetting that there is a new edition comming in like three months, what do people think of Battle for Skull pass? I play 40k and kinda want to start fantsy. I amthinking of running straight goblins and want to start with 2 Skull Pass boxes + some fanatics supported with doom divers, spear chukcas, or both. Does this sound like a good idea? have people run armies based on this? I know that 2 Black Reach sets for 40k makes a decent marines army with a little tweaking and i was wondering if the same was true for WFB

Thanks for any thoughts people have on this.


Ultimate Life Form
03-02-2010, 22:15
Countless people have been known to do exactly that. This is to say, it's common practice. It is worth noting however that the Night Goblins from Skull Pass look different from their counterparts in the Night Goblin boxes and come equipped with Spears. If that doesn't bother you (there is no WYSIWYG in Fantasy), then go ahead.

03-02-2010, 23:20
I picked up the skull pass goblins on ebay on a whim recently and I reckon with 2 sets, a few war machines (there was a really good article on here a while back showing how to make goblin bolt throwers for a dollar....) a chariot or two, and a box of wolf riders you can make a solid 2k army.... I'm a noob with goblins though so you may want to make a few lists, post them up and absorb the knowledge and advice thrown your way.....

03-02-2010, 23:28
I liked it alot better before the price hike on it, meh.

04-02-2010, 00:05
there is no WYSIWYG in Fantasy

Yes there is, it's in the first pages, half the unit must be equipped with the correct gear. That you choose to disregard it or not is up to you, but claiming the rule doesn't exist is wrong.

04-02-2010, 00:19
It is worth noting however that the Night Goblins from Skull Pass look different from their counterparts in the Night Goblin boxes

No they don't. Night Goblin regiment is identical in style and scale as they were released at the same time.

and come equipped with Spears. If that doesn't bother you (there is no WYSIWYG in Fantasy), then go ahead.

Why would it bother, Night Goblins do have an option for spear? Admitted, it may not the optimal choice of equipment, but it's still no reason not to pay points for spears if the models have them. Who knows, maybe spears become better (or hand weapons worse) in 8th edition? As far as I can see, the most reasonable option at the moment is the balanced approach, take unit of each. It also looks better, when not all the units are equipped the same.

I would (and indeed did) buy two Skull Passes to make 3 units of Night Goblins with Spears two units of NGs with Bows. In addition, I bought 3 or 4 Night Goblin regiments, which gave me hand weapon armed NGobbos, handful of netters and alternative command group bits. To increase variety in units, I converted some Skull Pass gobbos to wield hand weapon and assembled some regiment ngobbos as speargobbos and archers.

Armies made of purely Skull Pass gobbos look absolutely boring. I can recommend adding in some Night Goblin regiments.

04-02-2010, 01:16
thanks for the comments, just wanted to hear what people out there are doing, or see if i got a hundred "Don't do that!!!1" posts because of some terrible flaw of the list I didn't know. Thanks all.



04-02-2010, 01:26
It's a good deal and the models fit well with most the range. The squig herders and riders are the old scale and obviousy the forest goblins in the box set are a bit different from night goblins (though easy to convert with one box of the current night goblins). The fanatics in the current box set are great, and with the metals available on the classics range they all fit well. I would also add that the current scale night goblins fit well with many early 90's models which have great character and fit in most units really well (and can be found floating about on ebay).

The only disadvantage is that spears and bows are a little less than optimum in some peoples eyes, but it has never bothered me and with a bit of practice they can be used almost effectively.

One thing I would emphasise that Night Goblins (or just Goblins in general) are very hard to play and due to animosity and fanatics (and magic, and...), can be very much down the whim of the dice which can frustrate a lot of people. Avians sig has some great snekay tactics for night gobbos and it is highly recommended reading.

That said, I love the little buggers and they have helped me laugh my way to more victories than many other armies that I have played. Also, the dwarves in the box set make a good army to balance in terms of play style so I wouldn't sell them off immediately until you've had a chance to try them out just in case gobbos don't work out for you.

Welcome to the greatest, most unreliable, but most amusing army in Warhammer ;)

04-02-2010, 11:01
The skull pass models are actually quite good, perhaps a shade less detailed than the regiment set but still good none the less.

I have a fully fledged goblin army, made for 2 skull pass sets and bits from ebay, i managed to get about 40 gobbos for about 20.

if you are running a goblin only force, make sure you get some squig hoppers! they are awesome!

herds although I have one, are expensive and not so effective. my squig herd unit cost nearly 40 and I hardly use it.

I have 2 units of 6 hoppers and they are a force to be feared. fact better than chariots IMO.

to date I have something like 200 goblins for cores. all from Ebay and BFSP sets.
Playing goblins only is great fun, just dont expect to win too often.