View Full Version : Total Nubsicle Seeking Interwebs Assist

04-02-2010, 17:35
Sooo after 40k for 9 years... I've finally broken down and decided to play Fantasy.

I have a Lost and Damned army from the Eye of Terror campaign. Lots of zombie models mixed with beastmen, chaos warriors, marauders, catachans, orks.... so I'm kinda leaning towards vampire counts, or a similar army that lets me use zombies. Since this army is discontinued, I was planning on using them for a core of a fantasy army.

Now all I have to do is snip off the guns and buy 104 square bases. Eesh.

I would really appreciate if someone gave me a current tier list of the armies, or a candid opinion on which armies are on top right now in tournaments. I live quite far from a functioning game store, so I figured warseer would definitely be my best option for good advice.

Cheers guys!

04-02-2010, 17:41
The top three are Dark Elves, Daemons and Vampire Counts. Looks like your preference would more or less coincide with the situation on the ground.