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05-02-2010, 11:00
Hey all,
I'm sure that some of you have used your existing 40k Terminators to play Space Hulk, but I'm just wondering how many people are using alternative Chapters to play the missions.

My gaming group have put together a couple of mission packs (for Ultramarines and Dark Angels) – which can be found on this site ;) – but I really enjoy making 'em, so I'm looking for popular (or just cool!) chapters to build campaign packs around.

Perhaps you've converted and painted some models specially for your Chapter's assaults on space hulks? If so, let's see some piccies! :)

05-02-2010, 14:46
While I havn't had the time to get around to it yet I've got plans for some Deathwatch Termniators to go a hulking, they seem like the perfect choice to exterminate a brood of stealers from a drifting Space labyrinth!

Something like the Scythes of the Emperor or similar Nid hating chapter could also be fun.


05-02-2010, 14:59
red scoprions!!!!

you make up the mission i'll do a battle report with pictures!

05-02-2010, 15:10
Hi my Marines who will brave the Hulk...

Will be the Imperial Fist.
All I’ve done so far is to scrape, assemble and magnetize 2 x 5 Man Squads of Termniators. (FW Sholder Pads)

Heavy Weapon Specialist
Marine Trooper
And as far as the rest of the army is concerned its

• 1 Commander still in the box
• 1 Command Squad (10 man) still in the box
• 1 Vet Squad (10 man) scraped & put together
• 4 Tack squads (10 man) scraped & put together
• 2 Scout squads (5 man) still in the box
• 2 Devastator (10 man) squads still in the box
• 1 Assault Squad (10 man) still in the boxes
• 2 Dreadnoughts still in the box
• 5 Rhinos still in the box
• 2 Razorbacks still in the box
• 1 Predator still in the box
• 1 Whirlwind still in the box

All plastic Army with only 1 Metal figure “Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists”
It might be strange idea but I like to wait to paint them until I have everything all together.

Then I start with 1 HQ and 2 Troup choices :shifty: