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07-02-2010, 05:32
Hey guys i'm a long time 40k player looking to get into fantasy. I hear a new rule book is supposed to come out later this year(june?) but in the meantime i'm thinking of starting an army up. I am looking mostly at 3 different forces and am wondering if some people could give me some feedback on them.

First off are the wood elves! wood elves are possibly my favorite fantasy race, not just warhammer fantasy, but in all fantasy. I love most of the models and the lore behind them. I don't like most of the tree spirits and would probably be against fielding them. so keeping that in mind can they still be effective? if making an army i'd have to take a squad of waywatchers, and a couple units of wardancers. These are my favorite models/units in the army. Other then that i don't know how i would fill out the force.

Second are the beastmen! I love the new models in the beastmen range and think it would be a joy to work with them. I honestly don't know much of the lore behind them except they live in the dark forests of the old world and are constantly at odds with basically everyone it seems. The thing i don't like about them is that i've been reading up and apparently they have some rare choices that don't have models. This could be a great conversion opportunity but idk about it in my first fantasy army. Fielding a beastmen army would see me having at least a unit of 20 beastigors, these guys look awesome, hopefully they are good too. i would have 2 units of 15-20 gors, and a 2 units of ungor raiders. i would also like to put in 4-5 minotaurs. I don't know what kind of lords/heroes i would take at the moment though.

Third would be lizardmen! I also love the models in the range. lizards are one of my favorite animals and when i was a kid i loved dinosaurs with a passion. Lizardmen i sadly know the least about lorewise. Fielding an army of them i would prefer to be skink heavy, with a couple of the different hunting packs and a stegadon. some chameleons are a must as they are my favorite animals. i absolutely would never take one of the toads. That is without a doubt the ugliest thing i have ever seen and will not suffer it in my army. No matter how good it is.

so i tried to give you some reasons why i like the armies and how i would field them. Any and all comments are welcome, just try and stay positive. Don't just come on and say elves are garbage because they have pointy ears. also try and give reasoning behind your choices, i'm trying to find out what i can play that would be fun for me while still being effective. Thanks to all in advance!

Penitent Engine
07-02-2010, 05:48
Firstly: Welcome to the fold! And please ignore any derogatory comments about 40K players-they just aren't true!

As for which race to choose....hmmmm...
Wood elf models are awesome, and they offer you a huge range of tactical flexibility, even without the Forest Spirits, although they are a major part of the army. They can be a bit hard to use for a beginner, though, so maybe catch the hype-wave and play Beastmen? They appear to be good all-rounders, especially with the units you seem to be looking at. Probably the best choice to get a deeper understanding of the rules.

Lizardmen are good, but...well, I just don't like them :p In all seriousness though, I think that an all-Skink army would be a great force to play with, especially with the inclusion of Stegadons and hunting packs. If I'm honest, this is where I'd go, purely because this sounds like a fun force.

07-02-2010, 06:22
all three sound like good choices I would pick the army that you feel will be the most fun to paint and model since that is a good portion of the hobby.

07-02-2010, 06:30
To be honest you should choose the army you think looks coolest and you think has a good background.
Unless you're going to play really competitively you should choose an army that you like, so you are going to enjoy playing.
Talk to some people in your local store.:)

07-02-2010, 06:38
thanks for the input so far guys! the thing is i like all the armies! so im trying to get some outside opinion to help me pick just one! the other thing is at the moment i dont have a local store :( i recently moved, and the area i moved to doesnt have a store nearby. you may think me crazy for wanting to start something like this without a store nearby but its what i want to do. I'm hoping to have an army assembled and painted so that i can bring it when i move again in a year or two and go to the store nearby ready to play.

07-02-2010, 07:10
How about if you just do small armies of all three. :D

Seriously if you can't choose, sort out paint schemes (and background if you're that kind of person) and find out which would be easier.

Personally I would take the Wood Elves because I love all Elves. Intensely. But Lizards are call too. I would probably do a Chotec army (Old Ones are the Lizardmen Gods roughly and Chotec is their equivilent of a Sun God) so I could use that Red and White scheme I wanted to have. I wouldn't take Beasts because of negativity towards people who "jump on the bandwagon" with regards to new armies. This isn't true with all clubs I hope but I have seen this with people who have just grabbed a quick army from the newest book for an upcoming tournament. That and I have a Khuresh army (tigermen) who use the same minis with conversions.

But that's my opinion and shouldn't really affect your thinking because I am me and you are, well, you. :)

Always good to see a new Fantasy player. Even if I will probably never play against you. :cries: Hey I know, come to Australia! :D

The Red Scourge
07-02-2010, 07:17
You can play woodies without using any forest spirits at all, some all elven tactics are quite common among wood elf players. Also should you want to include forest spirits in your army at some point, then there is nothing keeping you from doing your own 'elfier' versions :)

I'd suggest heading over to asrai.org for all your wood elf needs. Its filled with people quite passionate about their elves and great tactical advice.

07-02-2010, 08:07
Outside the aesthetics, find out if the fluff of each race really packs your interest; and since you have 40K models, use them as ad hoc proxies and find out if the the playing style is compatible.

07-02-2010, 16:36
I you have an experienced opponent try goig with proxies with your armies and see how they feel on the tabletop. There is nothing worse than building and painting a large army and then finding out you don't like how it plays. Personal experience. :(

07-02-2010, 16:52
Well, try and think which army you would be most disappointed with not having. Strangely it usually works for me.

Jack of Blades
07-02-2010, 17:16
Well I can speak for myself, out of those three only Beastmen are dirty and rough enough for me. Lizardmen and Wood Elves both have a too ''clean'' feel to them which makes them unappealing to me. If I was you I'd would base my choice on my gut feeling about the army, like I just did.

07-02-2010, 20:21
thanks again for all the input guys, i actually do want to visit australia at some point in the future. It's one of the places i want to go before i die haha. I'm gonna check out that website about the elves and see if that helps at all. Right now i'm leaning towards beasts but for a funny reason. I watched prince caspian last night and realized that the whole movie is based around a beastman army.... hahahaha there were minotaurs beating the crap out of people, ninja goatmen jumping off walls and stuff, and centaurs trampling people. I enjoyed it thoroughly haha. Was thinking it might make for some fun conversions but idk.

07-02-2010, 20:35
I like the wood elves, they're now probably the only army which doesn't rely on blocks of troops and static CR to win games... (except eternal guard)

They're also right up there with Dark Elves as having the best range of miniatures in the game IMO

just make sure you don't have to take a treeman ancient in every game... it either elicits groans from your friends, or if you're facing skaven usually gets riddled with glowing jezzail-bullet holes.....

07-02-2010, 21:00
Don't watch avatar then, you'll be wanting wood elves then!

07-02-2010, 21:08
i'ce seen avatar and it is awesome! but i'm still undecided on an army... this is hard...

07-02-2010, 22:32
i am watching this thread with interest.

i myself am also just getting started into fantasy and through process of elimination worked my way down to those very three armies, so the stuff people say here is very helpful to me as well. thank you.

i liked the advice on picking the army you would be most dissappointed *not* having, never thought of it that way...

still leaning towards beastmen? they're only new to my list due to the additions and changes in the most recent codex (i have a thing for what lurks in the dark places of the forests... big monsters are my favourite part of fantasy, indeed warhammer in general {thinking of starting a 'nid army})

still i reckon i will go with a wood elf forest sprite army myself... i would be most dissappointed by not fielding an army of trees...

gah so undecided, i share your pain

07-02-2010, 23:03
beasts do look fun, but looking at what i would be most dissapointed with i think i am leaning towards wood elves, although i will be the opposite of the above and go all elves. As i stated at the beginning i love wood elves in all things fantasy related. One of my first major forays into a fantasy setting was as a wood elf druid (everquest!) so i think thats the way i'm going to go. On a side note, i haven't looked at the rulebook for fantasy yet, im getting some of the basics from reading things and seeing battle reports. The one thing i don't get is army set up. Is there a force organization chart as in 40k? if so how does it work? thanks again guys

08-02-2010, 01:38
Wood elf is a good choice, the models are nice and decent and it is the army closest to how a 40k army would function in a fantasy world. But most importantly, the models are good. Have fun with them.

Beastman is decent but I wouldn't recommand a new fantasy player to collect it just yet if gaming is the more important aspect of his hobby. Its a tough army to play.

08-02-2010, 01:53
also as for army set up

there isn't a force org chart like in 40k, its a number of selection you can make based on points limit

so like in 2000 point games, you can have 4 heroes (max. 1 lord), you MUST have 3 core choices and you may have up to 4 choices from the special units and 2 choices from the rares... oh and you MUST have a hero or lord to be your general (basically that part is just like the 1 HQ and two troop choices from 40k... or due to fantasy being first, 40k's version is the derivation from that)

so for wood elves, you gotta have an elf hero or something leading them, then at least 2 or 3 units of archers (this is just as an example, in my tree army i would use branchwraithes and dryads), then you can flesh out with the fancy stuff

war dancers are really cool.
also entirely elf armies do work quite well with wood elves, especially if you themed them to be like a winter style army (the forest sprites go to sleep for the winter so the forest must rely on its elven allies to defend it alone)

08-02-2010, 04:37
yea i plan to make it winter themed, yea i know i want a wardancer as one of my heroes. my core will prolly consist of 2 blocks of archers and 2 glade rider units. and I'll go from there, thanks again for the input guys!

08-02-2010, 05:04
Waywatchers and Eternal Guard both work extremely well with a winter theme. My own Wood Elf army is mainly Elves (roughly 4000 points) and a small spirit contingent (maybe 1000 points if I use a Treeman Ancient). The Elves work very well on their own but struggle against high armour &/or toughness armies. So dwarves are a pain.


09-02-2010, 00:09
All-skink armies are very cool and a lot of fun. It allows you to take level 2 wizards at least one of which should be on a Stegadon with Engine of the Gods. This is a potent magical engine that has some fun spells. Skink Skirmishers are awesome. They have blowpipes that shoot poisoned darts and get 2x multiple shots. They are a core choice, so you could take as many ten+ skink units as you want. My opponents already cringe when they see me looking for 40 or more dice to roll for a shooting phase knowing that any sixes I get are auto-wounds.

On top of this you can take a skink chief on a Stegadon with a nice magic weapon called the Stegadon Warspear. It adds d6 impact hits to the already potent impact hits in place for Stegs. Chameleons are great models and very effective as war machine hunters. Terradons are ridden by skinks so you can take them as well. Skink Cohorts can also get a Kroxigor upgrade. That would add some strength to your already formidable army.

Really, all you'd be missing from the Lizardmen list with a true all skink army is Saurus, Temple Guard (which you wouldn't need anyway with no Slann), and Cold One Cavalry as well as a couple of hero and Lord choices (Saurus Oldblood or Saurus Scar-Veteran). The real limitation is that there is only One Skink Lord choice and that is a named character.

Anyway, as a big fan of Lizardmen and their versatility as well as vast amount of fluff options (like all skink armies!) I suggest you investigate them a bit further. Oh, and I'll throw in, Lizardmen are one of the cheaper armies to collect and nearly all of your core units are plastic. Stegadons are a plastic kit as well which will generate a ton of extra bits for you too!

09-02-2010, 01:35
My first thought was, "DO NOT foray. CHAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGE!!!!"

09-02-2010, 01:52
HAHA that made me laugh... the carnosaur is also looking pretty sweet at the moment but i still think im holding for the elves.