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07-02-2010, 10:13
Simple question, what does your usual force organisation chart look like for your armies.

Why do you implicitly prefer elite over fast, or troop over heavy?


My new marines @ 1750pts
HQ - 1 - Chaplain biker, plus as everythings so expensive anyway taking two wouldn't work well for me.
Elite - 3 - I love both dreadnoughts and terminators, they're what marines are all about for me.
Troop - 2 - As tactical squads in drop pods are so expensive, to fit everything else in I can only get 2!
Fast - 3 - Bikes and landspeeders are just cool in my eyes. I prefer a fast playstyle so taking these over heavy support slots makes sense. Especially as they can have missiles/melta/plasma anyway.
Heavy - 3 - Sounds odd but I don't really like the looks of the tanks or even rhinos. Drop pods all the way!


07-02-2010, 10:20
I play with both Necrons and Chaos Marines, With both, it's very very rare that i don't use all the heavy support, and 3-4 troops choices. Elites arn't too big for me. THe Necron ones arn't all that good, only usually field Immortals. The chaos ones, i'll sometimes field a dread, or a terminator squad.

07-02-2010, 10:27
Hmm. Looking at this it's odd.

With the Tyranids I find myself wanting -more- Troops. I can easily fill the chart if I wanted, the only reason I don't is that I like to have some sort of symmetry going (i.e. 2 units in similar roles to mirror or support eachother) else you end up ragtag.

With my Death Guard I find my Elites are crowded while troops are kept at about 2 or 3 units as I love my Terminators as well as other things.

My Eldar are likely to be Elite crowded as well as Fire Dragons, Harlequins, Banshees and Scorpions all vie for that spot.

07-02-2010, 10:33
With my Orks, since the Nobs and Meganobs can have battlewagons as dedicated transports that don't take up FOC slots and my 5 small boyz mobs can have trukks in the same manner, the only other slots that I usually fill are fast attack for Deffkoptas and the obligatory Warboss/KFF Big Mek tag team.

07-02-2010, 10:34
My current list is actually pretty balanced:
HQ 2: Yriel, Avatar
EL 2: Scorpions, Dragons
Tr 4: Bikes, Rangers, Avengers, Guardians
FA 2: Spiders, Hawks
HS 2: Wraithlord, Reapers

07-02-2010, 10:41
Well at the moment i do mostly orks and marines.

For them the least common denominator is 1 HQ and 3 Heavy other then that the Marines usually get full fast attack and the Orks full troops.

The Marshel
07-02-2010, 10:45
Almost always

Hq 1: 90% of the time, pedro
Elite: Sternguard vet squad
Elite: sternguard vet squad Both are aways in when pedro is in
Elite suicide drop dread
Troop: tactical squad
Troop sniper scouts (more for the ability to sit on an objective, fire and have a 3+ cover than anything else)
Fast attack: 2 landspeeders, very very frequently
Heavy support: land raider redeemer

shuffling in and out
Elite: assualt termies (when 2nd sternguard isn't in play)
Troops: tactical squad (when 2nd sternguard isn't in play)
Fast attack: Bike squad
Fast attack: assault squad
Heavy support: vindicator
Heavy support: predator

and i have been experimenting with a librarian as a second Hq, and also starting to sub in an iron clad over suicide dread

07-02-2010, 10:50
I like the big guns and I like tanks :D

So all my armies have their HS filled up.

FA varies a lot, it's probably overall out of all the 40k armies, the weakest selection if all the armies were averaged together. There's cool stuff here in a lot of armies, but this slot also tends to have the greatest proportion of just crap.

HQ's I tend to rarely, if ever, take the 2nd slot up. I find one well designed and competently used HQ almost never requires the use of a 2nd HQ, and more often than not end up as points sinks.

Troops are...odd. Older armies tend to have crap troops, the guys you'd take the minimum of just to get the army legal and then take a buttload of HS and Elites. Newer armies have amazing troops that are critical to the armies success. Most of my armies generally have about~40% of their points in troops.

I typically rely on Elites as my 3rd favorite slot, after HS and Troops. Good for specialist tank hunters or elite CC units, although I actually don't field any with my IG (IG elites are kinda naff)

My IG typically run as follows

2 Troop (2 mechanized platoons, so they usually have more stuff than many other armies max'd troops selections)
3 FA (Vendetta's)
3 HS (LRBT's)

for my other IG army it's

1 HQ (CCS)
6 Troop (vets)
2-3 FA (Hellhounds)
3 HS (LRBT's/Demolisher)

CSM's use

1 HQ (DP)
2 Elites (2 6man Terminator units)
3-4 Troops (10strong CSM's)
3 HS (3x2 Oblits)


1 HQ (Autarch)
2 Elite (fire dragons)
3 Troops (Dire Avengers)
3 HS (War Walkers)


1 HQ (Crisis HQ)
3 Elite (Crisis Suits)
4 Troops (Fire Warriors)
3 HS (Hammerheads)

07-02-2010, 11:03
I've been collecting at least one of every plastic Ork unit since the current Codex came out. At the moment it's pretty even, but I'll have more Heavy Support when the new Deff Dread and Killa Kans come out with Battle Missions.

So far I have the following to choose from:

2 HQ: AoBR Warboss, Weirdboy (using the FW Ork Pilot - not plastic, but I love the model)
2/3 Elite: 10 Nobz with Truk (Elite or Troops), 15 Lootaz, 10 Burna Boyz
3/4 Troops: 10 Nobz with Truk (Elite or Troops), 30 Slugga Boyz, 30 Shoota Boyz, 20 Grotz
3 Fast Attack: 15 Stormboyz, 12 Warbikes, 3 Deff Koptaz
3 Heavy Support: Battlewagon, 2 Looted Wagons (from Rhinos)
1 Super Heavy: Stompa

I've got large/max-sized mobs of most things, so that I can use several smaller mobs if I want to. Quite often I'll split my Grotz into 2 mobs of 10, and sometimes split up one of my Boyz mobs into 20 (to put in the Battlewagon) and 10 (to camp on a home objective).


07-02-2010, 11:09
Mech Eldar:
HQ: 2
Elites: 3
Troops: 3
Fast Attack: 1
Heavy Support: 2

Eldar Iyanden:
HQ: 2
Elites: 0
Troops: 3
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 3

07-02-2010, 11:14
1. eldar:

hq - 2 - avatar eldrad
troop - 4 - 2x def.guardians, 2x stormguardians
elite - 2 - 2x firedragons
fast - 0
heavy - 3 - 2x prism, 3x walkers

heavy slot is almost always filled first.

07-02-2010, 11:15
My own Chapter SM Army

2 HQ (Chaplain and Master of the Forge)
6 Troops (all Scouts)
2 Elite (Sternguard and Dread)
2 Fast attack (Scout Bikes)
1 Heavy support (Devastator Squad and Razorback)

07-02-2010, 11:21
my 1500 tzeentch daemon army is

H/Q fateweaver
TROOP: 11 horrors (1 with bolt of tzeentch & changelling)
TROOP: 10 horrors (1 with bolt of tzeentch)
TROOP: 10 horrors (1 with bolt of tzeentch)
TROOP: 10 horrors (1 with bolt of tzeentch)
ELITE: 3 flamers
HEAVY: soul grinder with phelgm
HEAVY: soul grinder with phelgm

I never take less than 3 troop choices, i cant win a game if my only 2 troops die, when i see opponents with just 2 troops i always kill them 1st because then the minimum i will get is a draw in objectivve missions (which is 2/3 of games played)

Lord Damocles
07-02-2010, 11:32
My usual 1500pt Necrons:
HQ: 1
HEAVY SUPPORT: 2 (4 units)

My Eldar:
HQ: 1

My Guard:
HQ: 1 (2 units)
TROOPS: 2 (12 units)

07-02-2010, 14:36
Thousand Sons:-

1-2 HQ
Chaos HQs are extremely expensive, so second one is usually a bare Daemon Prince with Wings, a steal for 130, or a Greater Daemon, also a steal
2-3 Elites
Yeah, I use Dreadnoughts, sometimes, and Terminators rule
3-4 Troops
3 Marines Squads/Thousand Sons, and a squad of Lesser Daemons is enough objective takers
0/2 Fast Attack
Even Raptors are mediocre, but if I take them, it's 2 5-man squads, one assaulty with a IoK and Power Fist Champ, the other with Meltaguns.
3 Heavy Support
Almost always a Land Raider and Obliterator, then a Defiler, Predator, Missile Havocs or another Obliterator.

07-02-2010, 14:57
Dark Angels:
HQ - company master and chaplain
ELITE - between 5 and 10 company veterans + rhino
TROOPS - 3 tactical squads + rhinos.
HEAVY - mix of vindicators and predators

HQ - Belial
TROOPS - 3 to 5 DW

HQ - hive Tyrant (misplaced my Guards, oops) or 2 Primes
ELITES - Doom + Spore, 2 Zoans + Spore
TROOPS - 2 x 20 Termagants, 2 x 10 to 15 Stealers
HEAVY - Trygon Prime and Mawloc

HQ - 2 Warbosses
ELITE - Lootas and/or Burna Boyz
TROOPS - 2 x Nobs, 3 x Boys (20+ per mob)
FAST - Stormboyz + Zagstruk
HEAVY - Deff Dreads and kans.

07-02-2010, 14:59
Dark Eldar:

HQ: 1 (Archon)

Elite: 2 (Wyches)

Troops: 5-6 (Warriors and Raider Squads)

FA: -

HS: 3 (Ravagers)


HQ: 1-3 (Sorcerer, DP, Greater Daemon)

Elites: -

Troops: 4-6 (3-4x Plague Marines plus XxDaemons)

FA: -

3 - Vindicator and 2x2 Obis.


HQ: 1 (CCS or Primaris Psyker)

Elites: mostly 0, unless I field my Abhuman force.

Troops: 4+

FA: usually 0

HS: 3
(Artillery mostly)

07-02-2010, 15:03
Currently I have 3 I use at 2000pts.

IG 1 (Krieg):
HQ: 1 (command squad)
Elites: 0
Troops: 4 (3 vets in chimera, 1 platoon in chimeras)
Fast Attack: 3 (2 hellhounds, 1 sentinel squadron)
Heavy Support: 3 (2 demolishers, 1 executioner)

IG 2 (Cadian):
HQ: 1 (command squad)
Elite: 3 (marbo, 2 storm trooper squads)
Troops: 5 (2 platoons, 3 veterans)
Fast Attack: 3 (2 hellhounds, sentinel squadron)
Heavy Support: 2 (2 demolishers)

HQ: 2 (Shas'el)
Elite: 3 (XV8)
Troops: 4 (2 Fire Warrior squads, 2 Kroot kindred)
Fast Attack: 3 (2 pathfinders, piranha squadron)
Heavy Support: 3 (hammerheads)

07-02-2010, 15:06
I always usually fill up all three heavy support slots, but then again I should, I play Guard the most.
I tend to use about 2-3 Troops choices and this can be quite alot of models sometimes with Infantry Platoons.
Elites- I usually field two, my rattlings and my psykers.
Finally fast attack usully goes on a Valkyrie and some sentinels, so I tend to use all three.

07-02-2010, 16:39
Right now, my chaos is:


07-02-2010, 16:48
My Necrons at 2000:

HQ: 2
Troops: 2
Elites: 1
Hvy: 3
Fast: 2

Necron players typically fill out one area or another. Since we work well with like units (due to WBB, in large part) we need to spam units more than other armies.

07-02-2010, 16:57
It really depends on the mood I'm in or what kind of list I'm taking. For example, with my Orks it may go something like this:

HQ: 2 (Big Meks w/ KFF)
Elite: 3 (1-2 Groups of Nobz, Burna Boyz and/or Lootas)
Troops: 6 (I max my troops out, especially w/ Big Meks so I can take Deff Dreads as a Troop Choice)
Fast: 1 (not big on Fast Attack usually, I sometimes use a unit of 3 Deff Koptas, but I'm building about 20 Bikes)
Heavy: 3 (either Battle Wagons or 9 Killa Kans w/ Grotzookas)

However, with my Death Guard it's very different:

HQ: 1 (Chaos Lord)
Elite: 2 (2 groups of 7 Terminators, sometimes a Dreadnought)
Troops: 4-6 if points allow (all Plague Marines)
Fast: 0 (doesn't fit the fluff, IMO)
Heavy: 1-2 (Defiler and/or Vindicator)

Daemons look something like:
HQ: 2 (Bloodthirster and GUO, all the time)
Elite: 1 (single group of 4 Bloodcrushers)
Troop: 4-6 (Depends if I want to take huge groups of Bloodletters or split them up. Always 2 groups of 10 Plaguebearers)
Fast: 0-1 (I've been known to take Flesh Hounds on occasion)
Heavy: 3 (ALWAYS max out my Heavy slot, either 3 Daemon Princes, or 2 w/ a Soul Grinder)

I always try to focus on the Troop slot in my list. After all, the grunts win the day.

Creeping Dementia
07-02-2010, 17:01
With Tau:

With Sisters:

Seems I tend to use more fast slots than most people.

07-02-2010, 17:07
My tau always pack two HQ's and three elites.

07-02-2010, 17:16
With Red Scorpions i generally run:

Head Quarters - 2
Elites - 2
Troops - 4
Fast Attack - 1
Heavy Support - 3

I find that my tactical squads with the apothecaries in them (forgeworld rules) really make up the main stay and strength of the army, the list is fairly static though, especially when i'm not fielding rhinos.
I almost always try to squeeze a Land Raider Helios in if i can, i have found it invaluable and always worth its cost!

07-02-2010, 20:21
A post I have never seen before, how quaint!

Anyways, my main armies are:

Dark Eldar - 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 5 Troops, 0 FA, 3 HS
Sallies - 2 HQ, 3 Elites, 2 Troops, 0 FA, 1 HS

07-02-2010, 20:33
With my chaos its pretty full;
2 HQ - Terminator Lord and Terminator Sorcerer
3 Elites - Dreadnought, 6 Chosen, 10 Terminator
4 Troops - 4 Chaos marine squads
1 Fast Attack - Raptors
3 Hevy Support - Havocs, Obliterators and a Predator

My marines will be
2 HQ - Captain and Librarian
2 Elites - Terminators and Vanguard
4 Troops - 3 Tactical and a Scout Squad
1 Heavy Support - Devastators

My Orks, never notice until now but is 2's all across the board;
2 HQ - Big Mek and Weirdboy
2 Elites - Kommando and Meganobs
2 Troops - 2 Boys mobs
2 Fast Attack - Deathkoptas and Stormboys
2 Heavy Support - 2 Battlewagon

and finally (for now...) my new nids are;
1 HQ - Warrior Prime
4 Troops - 3 Genestealer units and 1 of warriors!

Now just to get everything painted...

Insane Psychopath
07-02-2010, 20:42
Depend the army & unit that work for me in games, usely end up going Mech/tank heavy as I preffer mobilty warfare. As well as what I can do for conversion side of thing.

Iron Warriors - 1500pts
HQ - 1
Elites - 2
Troops - 3
Fast Attack - 0
Heavy Support - 3

Daemons - 1500pts
HQ - 1
Elites - 2
Troops - 4
Fast Attack - 0
Heavy Support - 3

Iron Hands - 1500pts
HQ - 1
Elites - 3
Troops - 2
Fast Attack - 0
Heavy Support 2

Imperial (chaos) Guards - 1500pts
HQ - 1
Elites - 1
Troops - 3
Fast Attack - 3
Heavy Support - 3

Orks - 1750
HQ - 2
Elites - 1
Troops - 4
Fast - 3
Heavy Support - 3

Space Wolves Mech - 1500pts
HQ - 2
Elites - 3 (two if your count the pack leader rule, since there a unit of three Wolf Guards that go into my Grey Hunter units, other two Elites are Dreadnought)
Troops - 3
Fast Attack - 0
Heavy Support - 0

Soon to be Raven Wing - 1500pts
HQ - 1
Elites - 0
Troops - 2 (six if your single out the Attack Bikes & Land Speeder)
Fast Attack - 3

07-02-2010, 20:56
SM drop army 1850

HQ: 1
Troop: 3
Elite: 3

which in details is

3x Tacticals in Drop
2x Terminator Squad
1x Sternguard in Drop

07-02-2010, 21:41
HQ - 1-2 (Daemon Prince, Wings, MoK) Greater Daemon
Elites 0-2 Sometimes Terminators (MoT or MoN)
Troops - 2-5 Alot, usually 'zerkers and plague marines, but also regular marines and lesser daemons
FA - 0
HS - 3 I pretty much always fill my HS slots, but what I fill them with differs. I use tri-las Predator, Defiler, LR and Havocs.

07-02-2010, 22:01
My CSM List:
HQ:1:Lash Prince
ELITES:2: 2squads of Termies
TROOPS:4: 1squad Plague Marines, 2squads CSM in Rhino, 1squad Deamons
HEAVY:3: 3squads of 2 Olbiterators

07-02-2010, 22:05

1 HQ. I don't need the second very often at all.

Elites. 1, on average. Always cheap though. Ratlings, psyker battle squads, or DH inquisitors all pop up here.

Troops 3-6. Always 60+ men, but platoons mean the number of slots they fill varies rather.

Fast. 1 on average. I either max it out, or more often, take none. Anything but the silly chicken walkers

Heavy. I once heard this myth about a Guard player with spare heavy slots. Don't believe it though...

The codex has so many options, most of which are useful, five are really excellent, and some you have to take once in a while for fun. Deathstrikes may not be competitive, but for relaxed, beer and pretzels game, they add a nice dramatic tone. Adding FW units here can also be fun.

07-02-2010, 22:05
Most of my points is mostly troops (2 platoons with 5 infantry squads), followed by a very expensive HQ (Creed/Kell+all advisors) with elites (2 full stormtroopers squads, love those Airborne Rangers) and HS tied.

07-02-2010, 22:24
Deathwing 1750

HQ: 2
Elites: 0
Troops: 3
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 3

07-02-2010, 22:34
My marines are usualy:


sterngaurd close quaters dakka in rhino (with khan),
diouble heavy plasma cannon stern gaurd in razorback

combat squaded scouts, one shotguns and fist, other snipers, bolters and heavy bolter,
tac squad in rhino with heavy bolter and flamer,
tac squad in rhino with melta and multimelta,
tac squad in rhino with plasma and heavy bolter

Fast attack:1-
landspeeder storm (shotgun scouts hitch a ride in here)

Heavy suport:3-
autocannon and heavy bolter pred,
devs with 3xmissiles and razorback

My nids is:

Parasite of mortrex,
tyrannid prime

2 hive gaurd,
2 zoans in a pod,

2xwarriors (prime joins the smaller of the two units),
genestealers and a broodlord,
devil gaunts (or bog standard gaunts if im down on points)

Fast attack:3-
gargoyles (parasite hangs here),

Heavy suport:2-
venom cannon and twin dev carnifex,

My double wing dark angels:


ven dread

2x full ravenwing squads

Finaly my sisters of battle:

St celestine,
Cannoness (and celestine retinue) in imolator

inquisitor of plasma doom

3x battle sisters with heavy flamer and melta in rhino,
arbites with double plasma in chimera(/represor) along with the inquisitor

Fast attack:3-
seraphim who buddy up with the saint,
2x dominions in melta imolators

Heavy suport:3-
retributers with heavy bolters in heavy bolter imolator,
2x exorcists

These are all at about the 2000pt mark and I love having lots of troops and a lot of big guns but also some speed which is why I try and have a balanced heavy suport/ fast attack mix.

07-02-2010, 22:51

INF Platoon, (Inc 2 HWS and 2 SWS)
Veteran Squad
Veteran Squad

Fast Attack
Drop Sentinels
Tauros Venator?

Heavy Support

08-02-2010, 00:51
With my WH I am all over the place.

1-2 HQ
2-5 Troops
1-3 elites
2-3 fast attack
2-3 Heavy.

I really don't have a "single list" that I field. And there are units for all the slots that I regularly take.

Usually when making a list about the only FoC "guideline" I follow is for every 500 points add another troop choice. And even that is just a guideline. If I am upgrading a well balanced 1500 point list I might just add two big 250 point units for example.

08-02-2010, 03:18
I tend to steer away from Heavy actually, but tend to be wanting an extra elite or fast spot and get around it often with Elites that can end up in the Troop slots. Going over my armies they look like this ranging from 1500-2000 points:

Black Templar
HQ = 2-3
Troop = 2-3
Elite = 1-2
Fast = 1-1
Heavy = 2-2

HQ = 1-2
Troop = 4-5
Elite = 0-0 (2 Nobz end up as Troops)
Fast = 1-2
Heavy = 1-1

Imperial Guard
HQ = 1-1
Troop = 6-6
Elite = 0-0 (6 Vet Squads are Troop)
Fast = 2-3
Heavy = 1-3

Chaos Space Marine
HQ = 2-2
Troop = 3-3
Elite = 1-1
Fast = 0-1
Heavy = 1-2

HQ = 1-1
Troop = 2-4
Elite = 2-3
Fast = 3-3
Heavy = 1-1

Proposed Space Marine Army
HQ = 1-1
Troop = 3-3
Elite = 3-3
Fast = 1-1
Heavy = 0-0

08-02-2010, 03:34
Why do you implicitly prefer elite over fast, or troop over heavy?
It really depends on the codex I am using, and possibly the theme I am going for.

For my Raven Guard, for example, I tend to focus on Troops and Fast Attack, as those fit the theme I have in my mind for RG. While I do bring along Elite and Heavy Support sometimes, I even more often leave those slots completely empty.

For my Tau on the other hand, I tend to focus more on Elites (Crisis Suits) and Heavy (Hammerheads or Broadsides) when blocking out my list, with Fast Attack and Troops playing a secondary(altough still important) role.

08-02-2010, 04:00
For my Eldar it is

1 HQ - Autarch
2 Elites - 2 squads of Fire Dragons
3 Troops - 2 squads of Dire Avengers in serpants and 1 squad of Jetbikes
2 Fast Attack - 2 Vipers
3 Heavy Support - 2 Falcons and a prism.

My Kroot are uses the Tau codex and is.

1 HQ - Master shaper, cheap sute commander.
0 Elite
6 Troops - 1 Squad of Kroot Hunters (Fire Warriers), 4 squads of Kroot 1 with Kroootox 1 with hounds and 1 baguage knarloc.
2 Fast Attack - 1 squad of kroot stingwings and 1 squad of knarloc riders.
1 Heavy Support - 3 mounted knarlocs


08-02-2010, 05:30
at just over 2.5k
Prime and flyrant - nuff said
6 Troops
hormies, warriors, tergements, rippers and stealers - Diversity to overcome all obsticals
3 FA
Raveners, gargoils and shrikes - cause I like lots of attacks with rending
2 Elites
Zoans and lictors - Zoans = Win and lictors are fun
2 HS
Biovores and a carnie. - Pinning template ahoy

Friedrich von Offenbach
08-02-2010, 05:34
As guard i usally use just troops and heavy support, so something similar to this:
2 HQ, command squad, lord commissar
3 Troops, 3 infantry platoons
3 Heavy support, leman russes and basilisks

08-02-2010, 10:27
HQ - 1 - Rune Preist
Elites - 3 - 2x Wolf Guard, 1x Lone Wolf
Troops - 3 - 2x Grey Hunters, 1x Blood Claws
Fast - 2 - 2x Land Speeders
Heavy - 2 - Long Fangs, Vindicator

Fairly balanced I feel.

08-02-2010, 15:04
All my armies usually fill my heavy support and are troops heavy, with as few poitns possible spent on HQ.

My nids are bucking this trend somewhat.

1 HQ Tervigon. I try to spend as few points as possible on HQ options, the Tervigon is basically a troops choice hiding in the HQ section. He'd be troops if I didn't have to fill the slot. My twin MoN, Winged Warptime Princes in my Deathguard army are the only HQ heavy force I have.

3 Elites. Hive Guard and Zoanthropes are total anti tank win.

4 Troops. I usually find myself wanting more troops slots, but two units of counter attacking stealers and a Gaunts + Tervigon selection mean I can produce my fodder in game.

0 Fast Attack. What's this? I've started a Flesh tearers army specifically so I use fast attack slots, I never use them otherwise. Oh, apart form my Vendettas...

2 Heavy Support. Trygons <3. I usually max out Heavy Support but my list didn't balance out with three Trygons. Every other army I have brings the full three slots worth.

Rick Blaine
08-02-2010, 15:36
I'm usually a bit heavy on the Troops and Heavy Support, but on the whole pretty balanced. Except HQ, I hate HQ and wish it would die, it's a horrible pointless points sink.

08-02-2010, 15:59
For guard I have:

HQ: 1
Elites: 3 (1 ogryns, 1 ratlings, 1 stormtroopers)
Troops: 8 (3 vets, 1 penal legion and 4 platoons)
Fast: 6 (1 hellhound, 1 valkyrie, 1 rough rider, 3 sentinel squads
Heavy: 3 (leman russ squadron, demolisher, tank hunter)
Plus the ubiquitous shadowsword.

I find with guard that there aren't enough elite and fast slots, when your platoons consist of 40 blokes those stormtroopers start to look a lot thinner on the ground.

08-02-2010, 16:36
My armies consist mostly of HQ's, Troops and Heavy Support with the occasional smattering of Elites, fast attack isn't often used at all.

I play Chaos and Imperial Guard.

08-02-2010, 21:22
I play both Orks and Chaos Daemons, and the recurring theme is a lot of heavy choices, and a lack of fast attack.

With Orks I usually have (depending on the point level):

1 HQ
5-6 Troops
1-3 Elites (lootas, meganobz, or kommandos)
0-1 Fast Attack (warbuggies or warbikes)
2-3 Heavy (Killa Kans, Big gunz, or battlewagons)

For Chaos Daemons:

1-2 HQ (Greater Daemons or Tzeentch Heralds on chariots)
4-5 Troops
1-3 Elites (anything besides Beasts of Nurgle)
0-2 Fast (I occasionally use Seekers)
3 Heavy (I always either take 3 Daemon Princes, or 3 Soul Grinders, no less)

08-02-2010, 21:57
I'm usually quite heavy on Elites and Troops. Currently for my Tau I have:

HQ: 1
Elites: 3
Troops: 4
Fast: 1
Heavy: 3

08-02-2010, 22:53
I almost always try to have at least 4 troop choice. Usually only 1 HQ. Then 5-6 units combined from the Fast Attack/Elite/Heavy Support.

I normally don't take any more than 1 unit from FA. Elite and Heavy fill out the other 4-5 units.

08-02-2010, 23:15
In my Ork army that I'm building:

2 HQ
2 Elite
3 Troops
2 Fast Attack
2 Heavy Support

I'm not 100% that it's going to end up as that but have think it's going to be close to that anyways...

09-02-2010, 00:07
Of course it varies somewhat, since I like to try different lists..

But when going for shooty SM:

1 HQ
4 - 6 Troops
1-2 Elite
1-2 Fast Attack
3 Heavy Support

More up and personal marines:

1 HQ
2-4 Troops
2-3 Elites
3 Fast Attack
1-2 Heavy Support

11-02-2010, 18:23
I like to have fewer units on the field so I like to fill out my elites first, usually with transport or deep striked. I also really love fast attack. I love moving quickly and responding to enemy surprises quickly.

I used to play BA so Id have
3 ellite
2-3troop choices
3 fast attack usually 2 squads of bikes and 1 squad of assault troops.
1-2 heavy support

I'm really looking at Eldar or Dark Eldar for my next armies.

11-02-2010, 21:40
2 HQ: Tyranid Primes
2-3 Elite: Zoans, Hiveguard, Either another set of Zoans or the DoM or maybe Deathleaper
4-6 Troops: Tervigon (maybe), Devgants, Horms, Warrior, Warrior
0-2 Fast Attack: Any; Skyslasher, Ravaners, Shrike, Gargs (I RARELY Use the FA Slot. . . )
1-2 Heavy Support: Biovores, and either a Mawloc or a Trygon Prime

11-02-2010, 22:08
At 2K, my Sisters Immy Spam Army (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=233722)could fill everything except one HQ and one Troop slot.

Same for my Tau 2K list (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=229955).

11-02-2010, 23:59
I play Chaos Marines, usually in games of 1500 - 2000 points. Typically:

HQ - Only ever one
Elites - Usually no more than one. Often none
Troops - three to five. Four is usually about right to give you enough for objective control
Fast Attack - Never more than one. Usually none
Heavy Support - Usually at least two. Often three.

But everyone's different!

12-02-2010, 00:16
1750 Space Wolves
1 HQ
4 Troops
3 Heavies

11KP, 3 troop choices in Rhinos, 1 in LRC, Rune Priest, 2 Vindicators.

12-02-2010, 05:15
My 1500 Eldar
HQ: 1
Elites: 2
Troops: 3
Fast Attack: 0
Heavy Support: 0

11KP's. Though my army is lacking in variety i admit -.-"
Dire Avengers, Wave Serpents, Fire Dragons, Farseer
My whole army is in Serpents so i don't need fast attack TBH. And most heavy choices don't fit my theme.

12-02-2010, 09:59
at 1500/1750/2000 points:


HQ 1 (Tyrant + Guard)
ELITES 3 (The Doom, Hive Guard)
TROOPS 2/3/4 (Devourer Gaunts, Tervigon, Genestealers)


HQ 2 (Wazdakka, Warboss)
TROOPS 5/6/- (Nob Bikers, Warbikers)
FAST ATTACK 3 (Warbuggies)


HQ 2 (Necron Lords)
ELITES 0/-/1 (Immortals)
TROOPS 2/3 (Warriors)
FAST ATTACK 3 (Scarabs, Destroyers)
HEAVY SUPPORT 3 (Heavy Destroyers, Monolith)

So mostly, (barring the orks) i am quite light on troops at 1500 (though with the nids, i have the option to create more), with increasing amounts as the points go up. The way i seem to build lists is put the specialist stuff in first, and then add troops as needed to bulk out.


Bran Dawri
12-02-2010, 10:38
HQ: 2 (rune priest and wold priest
Troops: 3
elites: 2-3
fast attack: 0
heavy support: 2

Eldar (still trying to get to a list i like, so subject to large variances):
HQ: 1-2
Elites: 1-3
Troops: 3+
FA: 1-2
HS: 3

12-02-2010, 14:16
It would seem I have a fairly even spread, with a tendency to go for all 3 slots in HS or none at all.

12-02-2010, 15:14
My Chaos in warpcon was
1 HQ
4 Troop
3 HS

I love HS, I play Empire and Skaven in WFB and HS the 40k equivalent.
That and the FA in Chaos isn't up to much and the Elites are only half okay.

Nexus Trimean
12-02-2010, 20:33
1 HQ- Company Command (only cause i have too. they tend to die first after jumping out of the valk)
3 Troops- vetrans in Chimera's (Objective takers, and Heavy infantry killers)
3 Fast Attack (There is nothing better at harrasment.)
A: 2 Helhounds + 1 Valk
B: 3 Helhounds
3 Heavy Support - 2 Leman Russ's, 1 Basilisk. (Boom, lots of it, and you cant even hide from it.)

This is my guard list for the current edition, and option B was the list for the previous.

12-02-2010, 21:46
Space Marines (1000 pts)

1 HQ
2 Elite
2 Troops w/ transports
1 Fast Attack
1 Heavy Support

12-02-2010, 22:28

Keeper of Secrets or Lord of Change
Herald of Slaanesh




DP and/or Soul Grinders

16-02-2010, 19:45

INF Platoon, (Inc 2 HWS and 2 SWS)
Veteran Squad
Veteran Squad

Fast Attack
Drop Sentinels
Tauros Venator?

Heavy Support

You might have to rework that, Imperial Armour Apocalypse II has made the Vulture a Fast Attack choice, otherwise the rules are as per the IA1 PDF update.

16-02-2010, 20:20
HQ - 2 runepriests (usually, sometimes a wolf priest)
troops 2
elites 3
heavy 2
fast.... maybe 1 or 2

Hq - greater daemon, a herald or two
troops - as many as possible
elites - 2-3 spots (because I dont have enough models for more
heavy - 2-3
fast - havent ever tried any.