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07-02-2010, 14:10
Hey there!

I hope this is the correct sub-forum. If not, do tell and I'll relocate. :)

So, I don't play beastmen myself, but having seen the recent model releases, I feel really bad for them, and thought we should compile a list of decent non-GW models they could look out for to try get decent-looking models on the table for the worst of their new choices.

I'll try and keep this post updated, dragging suggestions to this first post as people make them.

Harpies: New models may be coming out soon (TM), but for those who do not like the current ones:

- Really expensive but, what do you know, they look like harpies. Yay.

Reaper: Has one harpy model - and it's not too GWesque - if there was a harpy character option, this one might be awesome. Including it for completeness anyway:

Minotaurs: My personal worst gripe with this list.

Confrontation (if you can find them):
- I apologise for the strange links, but finding any "official" place for these is difficult - the line is discontinued. Ludikbazar, I believe, has the largest remaining stock in the world from this line - and they're just about out of minos, too.

Reaper: A few options, but watch out for model sizes: Here (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/minotaur)