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07-02-2010, 16:06
Hey all,
As I feverishly work on my Empire, i've decided to take another try at 40k. After looking over all the models, only two armies have hit me as something I would want to play; Chaos Deamons and Imperial Guard. Now, I need something that is competitve but fun to play, and easy to paint with good results. Any suggestions?


07-02-2010, 16:20
Well as far as the fun factor goes demons will win there. They are very unique as far as their setup goes. They have some very cool looking and potent units. A lot of people will say that they suck I have a feeling, but I like them. I do not own a demon army though so I am sure you can find some good tactics in the tactics section.

Guard are very popular and a very good army as far as competitiveness goes. My suggestion would be to get both codexes(rulebooks) and see which one you like best.

07-02-2010, 16:22
Both of them are competitive in my opinion (I play guard and the last 3 games were against Daemons). As for painting the IG seems a little bit easy to paint but it can take a very long time if you did not plan well the painting process. The Chaos Daemons army requires a small amount of models to paint if you decide for them, but in time you'll want to expand your daemonic range. This depends on your time and skills and money (IG is a little bit expensive).

07-02-2010, 16:24
Yeah, there's another thing, I need something thats not too costly.

07-02-2010, 16:26
i am personally a Guard player but you should go with chaos. I hat them with a fiery passion that comsumes my soul but the guard can get a bit expensive with the plattons and moving them is a hassel ,or you could do a traitor guard and just do both. It might take a little tailoring but it would work.

07-02-2010, 16:42
Question 1: Do you have an unhealthy obsession with tanks?
If yes play Guard.
If no proceed with rest of post.

Don't you have Necrons? Depending upon the number of Warriors you have, an Adeptus Mechanicus Guard army might not be too expensive if you scatter Necron Warriors throughout your infantry squads. That way you can start with the proxied Warriors until you have enough grunts, allowing you to focus upon the rest of the army, namely tanks.

However, Daemons are rather unique but do have a learning curve. There is an element of chance involved as everything must deep strike but that also opens many avenues of play. Bear in mind you will also want to figure if you have a preference for any particular god(s) or if you like them all the same and it's a free-for-all.

I play both and currently I like the Guard more but I am getting tired of only having five Leman Russ so the Daemons might very well pass them soon.

07-02-2010, 22:25
Had Necrons, sold them when I moved. Got a large amount of money for them, so that's why i'm looking for a new 40k army. But when I played them, I always liked to run Monoliths, so I do have an obsession with vehicles. Considering Deamons, can't say I like any of the gods, save for possibly Tzeench, and I can't really imagine every unit looking different...but god I want to paint that Juggernaut. I like similarity across my army, and it seems that the Guard provides that well. Also, aren't some, if not most, of the Deamons models metal? Can't say I prefer metal models over plastic ones. God, decisions are hard.


08-02-2010, 00:27
More than half of the range is still metal. My army is actually all metal with the Daemonettes being the last casting and my Bloodletters being a scattered mix of all the metal versions. You could, with a little effort, make a mostly plastic Slannesh/Khorne list with the current range and maybe bits from Lord of the Rings. Since you also play Fantasy Battle, you also have a new army for that as a side effect of playing them in 40K.

08-02-2010, 01:31
when you say competitive I guess we need to know HOW competitive.

The guard are a stronger army and are more viable for tourny play. Daemons have too high of a "luck" factor.

That is not to say that Daemons are bad. It is just due to the fact that they rely on luck they aren't reliable enough for tournament play.

Fun factor comes down to your personal preference. I think Daemons are probably the most fun army I have played. I played 3 games with borrowed models and it was enough that I am starting a full blown army.

You know its ironic though. The Daemons get a new codex and very little support. Never getting a second wave and most their models are metal. And just my luck the one unit that did get updated is the one unit I wanted. Gimme back those Diaz-nettes please!

08-02-2010, 01:38
Considering these are your options:

Typical daemon army is:
2-6 big models (daemon prince and larger)
30-60 medium ones (nurglings being small)
3-15(ish) medium/large models (juggernaughts/disks of tzeentch etc)
Will cost you about 1 box's worth per big model, for every 10 models normal ranges from 2 boxes to one box. The medium/larger ones are harder to grasp, so a cheap daemon army is 350 USD // 190 Pounds (IIRC).

Guard army typiclly is either tank heavy, mix, or guard heavy.

Guard heavy has roughly 150-200 men, thats 20 boxes total (a full daemon army right there).

Then add the few vehicles, which mind you cost as much or more then a greater daemon.

Or run 6-18 vehicles, all costing around as much as a greater daemon.

So there is your budget scale. Daemon armies are very low number when compared to guard walking forces, and cost half of what a tank army would cost you roughly.

Guard invests a lot of money and time. But if you aren't keen on painting daemon skin, or play smaller games then guard fit your bill.

Also, daemons are consistent, and their units are very direct in purpose. A mixed army has varying results, a puregod force is powerful. You don't have to make them all cannon in fluff, you can make up your own god and tell the opponent what they are before the game starts. Lots of people use skeletons, lizardmen and such to represent their daemons these days.

08-02-2010, 01:39
When it comes down to competativeness it is IG by quite a margin. They have a lot more competative builds and options than daemons can even dream of. It is no competition and anyone who tells you otherwise is just wrong.

Cost is highly dependant on what type of army you are going for. That being said the most competitive daemon list (fiends and hounds spam) is rather cheep if you use different models (even keeping to gw models) so they have to win there.

Fun is subjective both armies have very different styles. IG has more options so I would give this to them to as you are more likely to find a good army you like with them.