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09-02-2010, 19:34
Anybody know a good place to buy 10mm terrain? Me and a bud are getting into the game, we've already obtained a huge amount of stuff, but we are a little too lazy to make our own terrain.

Cpt. Drill
09-02-2010, 22:25
Off the top of my head i cant really think of any sites to order from...

But home made terrain is super easy!

I recently stumbled accross the power of those little resin houses you get from nick-nack stores. There are the perfect scale and can be really suitable for empire villages. A bag of about 20 cost me 3 at a car boot sale (I think they are from a tetleys tea promotion).

Other wise starting out you only really need woods. A thick base and then a few scatter trees work really well. In turn terrain that doesnt block line of sight like a marsh or lake are really easy to get together, thick pieces of card or some wood painted the relevant colour are super effective. They also provide more interesting tactical oppertunities.

12-02-2010, 07:45
Copied from my blog:

Warmaster Scale Scenery

Eureka (also produce 10mm fantasy miniatures)

Miniature World Maker

JR Miniatures

Magister Militum (also produce 10mm miniatures)

Kallistra Limited

Kerr and King

19-03-2010, 15:35
Old Glory sells 10mm terrain as well.

Baueda sells some neat 15mm middle eastern castle stuff that works well with Araby. They also do a series of tents which make nice additions to the table. Scale wise they look finer imo.

There is also a decent amount of paper castle running around out there. I saw a paper castle and wizrds compound based on Terry Pratchets books at half price books the other day. It was about $8 US for the book. I have seen some other paper castles at bookstores and gift shops and a lot of them scale out well at a good price.

Woodland scenics makes nice pre-made trees, The small 1-1.5" size wwork nicely in 10mm as older trees.

19-03-2010, 16:57
They have some really nice stuff there.
I was all set to build my barbarian fort, now I don't think I will bother :)
The egyptian stuff is also really cool.