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High speed low drag
10-02-2010, 14:09
Hi guys and gals, I am currently looking for a new army to build, paint and play hopefully at the gt in 2011/2012, I have reduced the armies i like down to just 2

Vampire counts

each of these armies has its perks, for instance dwarfs are very resistant to magic heavy armies and the vamires can create/resurect units and I am looking for a few tips/tricks with the armies and a general summing up of them so I can make an informed decision on the army I choose for the GT

thanks people

10-02-2010, 14:23
No magic or no shooting...i`d go with no shooting personally, magic is a ton of fun, and I prefer undead models to stunties with beards.

10-02-2010, 14:30
Both can make strong GT lists.

Dwarf gunlines with the 'uber-anvil-of-doom-character' will slow enemies down and shoot them to hell and back. This army wil however suffer if you need to take objectives as is relies on being static.

Vampire ghoul bunkers are horrible to play against and almost impossible to take points from. Again i'm not sure on how well they work in games where you cannot stay static.

These two lists will let you win games but people do not like playing against them. Its up to you on these whether you want to win at all costs or whether you want to have a fun game...

Of course with both Dwarfs and VC's is is possible to build armies that will be fun to play with and against that still give you a very decent chance of winning a game.

I have alot of sucess with my VC army which relies on two big units of black knights running through units and a core of ghouls to add rank bonus to difficult combats. It suffers against daemons and other undead as the knights are weaker in protracted combats where the enemy doesn't flee in the first round.
While I have been responsible for tabling a few opponents in my time using them I don't think my army is a garaunteed win and on occasions where things have seemed really one sided luck (both good for me and bad for oppnent) has played a big part.

10-02-2010, 15:05
Dwarves have the best characterfull fluff, great miniatures and many people will agree to that. Their rules however are boring because they dont work, in a game that revolves around mobility they are the least mobile. They depend on defensive, gunline-style tactics that will bore both your opponent and yourself in no-time. Yes there are always people that disagree but this is my opinion and experience. If you like to just sit back and roll dice then this is the army for you, in GT-like games that is what you will end up with.

VC have characterfull fluff, great miniatures and as an army can be build to be strong or be middle of the road. The army is versatile and fun to use if you dont go for the "standing around making my units bigger every turn"-style armies. It has infantry, cavalry, skirmishers, monsters and characters both capable of being strong casters or strong fighters. While the army is still considered top-tier lately the results with it in non-comped tournaments are not that great, they are not quite as powerfull vs the other top-tier books.

VC would be my army of choice between these two.


10-02-2010, 15:30
Scrap those choices and buy your self a big pot of green paint and prepare for soem fun with OnG's! Grom the Paunch would go well vs your existing poncy High Elf army! :D

10-02-2010, 15:54
In my my experience, dwarfs are extremely boring to play with and against. It's a shame really because they have great miniatures and fluff. Dwarfs are one of my favorite races in fantasy literature and other games, not so much in WFB. :(

10-02-2010, 16:32
Which models do you find more attractive? Each army has it own strengths and weaknesses, though having a large number of spellcasters by the VCs tends to ensure they have a substantial Magic defense as well.