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Sons of Alaitoc v.2
10-02-2010, 19:25
I have eight players in my group, and I want to start a campaign, how would you recommend I do it?

Linear campaign with one game after another, helping towards a singular plot

A campaign such as Planetary Empires where you choose what to do

Or anything else?

Darklord Yorke
17-02-2010, 22:12
Super Psycho Mash Up of Hysterical Proportions!!!! would be good. :)

17-02-2010, 22:15
Id recomend a campaign of smallish games, mabey a maximum of 2000 points. Then use results from the previous games to influence events and give bonuses and negatives to the players in one huge apocalypse game at the end.

17-02-2010, 22:18
I'd recommend the Planetary Empires approach, because it's very open ended, and can lead to a lot of interesting scenarios. It's kind of like scaling 40k back to a Risk kind of "over-map" and the potential for alliances (or not) makes it more intriguing. Also, if you can make it so that various hexes (or sections) of the overmap allow one to gain resources (equivalent to growing their army) then it'd be even more intriguing

ex: Let's say one hex is a Hiveworld...Capturing this would allow an extra heavy support selection.

To me, especially with 8 players, a simple galatic map is the way to go.

(If you've ever played Dawn of War: Dark Crusade or Soulstorm for the PC, you'll know what I mean in terms of the way that campaign is set up :) )

This would be great fun...long, but great fun

17-02-2010, 22:42
Does the campaign have a specific story your trying to create or is it simply 8 guys looking for an organized way to vaporize each others plastic men? Both good but each is better represented differently. The story one should be a set of stringed scenarios with little bonuses for victories and such while the bash fest should be Planetary Empires.

17-02-2010, 23:26
Tempus Fugitives (http://www.tempusfugitives.co.uk/) have some campaigns in their download area that would be worth a look.

Bugbait out

17-02-2010, 23:51
I would probably try either a league (I'm currently running one for Necromunda) or a narrative campaign. In my experience, map-based campaigns or anything too complex tend to fizzle out. With either of these suggestions, there is a little more work spread out throughout the campaign, but you have greater control over what happens.

With regards,

18-02-2010, 04:16
The only campaign I played in was map based, kinda like DoW Dark Crusade, but before it came out. Each player started at an edge location, and had to control a central location for a certain number of turns. Some locations gave special stuff to whoever held them, or had special rules when you fought there.

18-02-2010, 10:44
- No Terrain
- No Objectives
- No Special Characters
- Only HQs and Heavy Support

18-02-2010, 15:03
I recommend Planetary Empires as well. Also, get a Mighty Empires set and mix the two. The tiles are very cool, and paint up fast.

Logarithm Udgaur
18-02-2010, 18:38
I always liked the idea of a rolling campaign. Give each player a points limit of like 10000 or so, and have them draw what is needed for each game from this total. If they lose a unit that unit is gone (maybe a 4+ save for characters). You could also check out the campaign rules in the 4th edition rulebook, they are mighty cool.

The idea of controlling zones on a map is also good, with each territory granting some kind of bonus (just be sure it is not too overpowered). Have some kind of central objective unless you want the campaign to be open ended. It is also a good idea to match those that lose and those that win as opponents, so that one player cannot steamroll through the campaign by collecting all the bonuses first.

Just some of my thoughts on it.

Sons of Alaitoc v.2
21-02-2010, 18:55
I would like a narrative story, but I can't see how I can make a linear story with so many different armies, and wouldn't it be too hectic for planetary empires?

Lord Damocles
21-02-2010, 19:59
I would like a narrative story, but I can't see how I can make a linear story with so many different armies, and wouldn't it be too hectic for planetary empires?
What armies do the various people in your group play?

Do they lend themselves to sensible alliances?

Sons of Alaitoc v.2
22-02-2010, 17:40
I have found out I could do it so that it is Orks vs Imperium.

How about the orks all start on different planets, fighting the local imperial force in a linear story (maybe three games) however well you do on that planet affects how you do on a planetary empire campaign on a single, larger planet.

22-02-2010, 19:21
I tend to prefer a focused campaign of a few battles. I usualy sugest starting big and ending big so I'd go for something like a large Planetstrike game to kick the campaign off. I'd then go for a mix of missions and senarios of differing sizes then end the whole thing off with a bang (probably a very large game/Apocalypse).

I'd also sugest working in some narrative to make things more interesting rather than just people playing standard 1,500 point games. The main things I'd avoid is map based games because people who don't do well at the start quickly lose motivation to play. I'd also avoid handing out bonuses to winning teams as well. I remember a campaign where the winning race got an extra points boost for being top. They were already romping away with the most wins so why give them even bigger benefits?

My advice is to keep it short, keep it simple and keep the focus on having fun.