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12-02-2010, 22:37
Hello there!
I'm a Warhammer Fantasy player, I play with Vampire Counts, Dark Elves and Daemons; but my gaming group is starting to play 40k, and I want to start my 40k army.
I have NO idea about 40k, but I've seen the models and I LOVE the Imperial Guard, specially the tanks. That Baneblade model has made me fall in love.
I don't know how old is the IG codex, I know Tyranids have just got their codex, but I know nothing about IG.

I would like to know if you could help me, please, by describing briefly the pros and cons of each army. I would highly appreciate this.

By the way, what is Apocalypse? Is it a separate game? Or is it a 40k expansion? Can I play Apocalypse models in normal 40k games?

Thank you!

12-02-2010, 22:47
First of all: Welcome to 40k Atropos!
Down to buisness now:
IG Codex is very recent. It came out in May 2009.

Pros of Imperial Guard:
Huge variety of builds (Mechanized, Horde,AirCav, etc...)
Cheap and Expendable Troops
Easy to play
Very Diverse Looking

I hope you have a lot of money and spare time. You have a lot of models to build and paint. For reference, I've started 2 years ago and still haven't finished painting my roughly 4000pts army.
Fragile troops
Horrible in CC

That's what I know. Since I don't play Tyranids I can't help. I know however both codexes have been written by the same guy. From what my good buddy tells me, it is a very fun codex to play except for the fail that is the Pyrovore.

Apocalypse is an expansion that enables you to play epic games and field special models and armies (formations). Special models include the Baneblade and you cannot use them outside of Apocalypse. It would be wise to start away from Apocalypse and slowly learn your way up.

So Good Luck mate

12-02-2010, 22:48
Imperial Guard was released in may 2009 so its kind of new and have lots of Pros

Apocalypse is a 40k expansion where you play large battles with lots of troops
You cant use apocalypse models(like a baneblade) in a normal battle

EDIT NinjaŽd

12-02-2010, 23:17
You can only play any non-codex unit with opponent's permission, and only codex units are allowed in tournaments, usually.

12-02-2010, 23:19
Thank you for your answers.

Apart from the Codex, which IG unit would you recommend me as my first choice? I also want either a Leman Russ Demolisher or a Leman Russ Battle Tank. I don't know what they do, but they look SOOO cool, I must field them!


12-02-2010, 23:30
Thank you for your answers.

Apart from the Codex, which IG unit would you recommend me as my first choice? I also want either a Leman Russ Demolisher or a Leman Russ Battle Tank. I don't know what they do, but they look SOOO cool, I must field them!


They both happen to be rather good choices.

However what wins you battles is infantry. Boots on the ground, toting special weapons.

In 40k 2/3rds of games are decided on objectives, which you can only hold with troops ( not heavy support , HQs, fast attack or elite choices)
Like in fantasy, you have core, special, rare. In 40k, troops, are the equivalent of core units.

You therefore need troops to win you games. Guard has good troops, and can put them in excellent, cheap, transports.

I recommend you look at the IG tactica thread. we're a freindly bunch, and can give you lots of help.

13-02-2010, 00:43
Hello there!
I'm a Warhammer Fantasy player, I play with Vampire Counts, Dark Elves and Daemons; but my gaming group is starting to play 40k, and I want to start my 40k army.

"TEE HEE" VC, DE and DOC:D;)

Seriously though, hmmmmm all of your amries have 40k counter parts.

VC is like Necrons if you like whole undead rising and evil nightmarish creatures. Just imagine skeletons and zombies but metal and shooting green gauss weapons.

Luckky you, you can play Daemons in 40k so you dont have to buy many models and unless people have a problem with you using square bases your all set with an army.
Though this might be boring.

Even Dark Eldar are basicaly 40k's dark elves with almost completely identical characteristics.
Shame the minio range is so terrible.

Good luck with 40k, Im a fantasy person myself, I thinkt eh game system is better but rest assured 40k is not only fun but also has a terrific choice of armies and models.

13-02-2010, 00:57
Hello there!
I'm a Warhammer Fantasy player, I play with Vampire Counts, Dark Elves and Daemons; but my gaming group is starting to play 40k, and I want to start my 40k army.

LMAO! The gaming group is moving to 40k from Fantasy BECAUSE you have VC, DE, and DoC!! :P

Seriously welcome to this side of the Jungle - I just made the jump myself from WFB (I have DoC, O & G, OK, and Empire, just starting Skaven).

Well don't worry about what tank you need - in a typical 1750 pt game (thats about as big as you'll need to get for 40K, it would be the equivlant of 2250pt fantasy game) you can have

2-4 tanks
3 Valkarie flier transports (wicked models hey!)
maybe about 100 troops?

So just go ahead and buy yourself a battleforce or 2 (ideally 2), and get working on them.

Imperial guard rely on solid numbers, HUGE squad sizes, and support - so when you build your platoons include the heavy weapons teams (i'd go anti-tank like lascannon, or anti-infantary like heavy bolters).

Just buy a battaltion to start off wiith - either Cadian or Catachans depending on which ones look cooler to you, assemble them, and play some 500pt 'jungle patrols' were your getting the hang of the game.

Another cool way to start learning 40k instantly and cheaply is Assualt on black reach - $90 gets you rule book, templates - which you need anyway, and plus you get 2 500pt forces. Learn to play 40k with them, and then either keep them (for e.g the space marines make good allies for the IG in larger games) or sell them/trade them.

Have fun with it!

13-02-2010, 00:57
The first choice with the IG is what minis to use. GW do both Cadians and Catachans in plastic and there are a couple of metal regiments as well (Mordians, Valhallans, Steel Legion, Tallarn and Vostoyans). And thereŽs FW with Elysians and Krieg (and some more Tallarns). The army boxes are good deals for the infantry if you go with GWs plastic.

13-02-2010, 01:09
This is basically what I explain to all new players about each army. Ok here I go

Space Marines - Superhuman super soldiers. These are the posterboys of GW and have the largest following. Small numbers of Elite troops with supporting vehicles and a large assortment of characters to lead the force.

Orks-Lots of ramshackled vehicles and melee troops with the biggest baddest one leading the rest. Tends to play as a horde army with strengths in close combat but also has some shootyness.

Necrons- Terminator like robots. Very plain jane and seems like almost every army looks the same.

Eldar- lots of psykers (wizards to you) and very specialized troops. Tend to be pretty mobile forces with lots of skimmers for tanks and etc.

Dark eldar- the redheaded stepchild of GW. very mobile forces with a very Dark air about them

Chaos Marines- the evil space marines, have some interesting units representing the specific cults of chaos they worship but also undivided.

Imperial Guard- Regular dudes with guns fighting everything forever. This is my army and you tend to have heavy tanks supporting the infantry.

Tyranids- Alien menace with lots of monsterous creatures instead of tanks and a horde of disposable infantry. Some very interesting mechanics with psykers and unit generation. Tend to lean towards close combat.

Tau- The alien empire of 40k with lots of different races leaning towards shooty, and supporting Mechanized suits

Chaos Daemons- you know em, pretty much the same.

13-02-2010, 01:26
Well, I'll briefly describe the pros/ cons of each army

IG: Lots of troops, tanks, heavy support in general. In my opinion, they have the best firepower of any army. Unfortunately, the troops by themselves suck and will die in swarms from pistols unless you know how to use them. On the other hand, in the hands of an expert, they are one of the more deadly armies. They are one of the worst armies in close combat.

Space Marines: They are (including chaos) the toughest troops available. They are also the most versatile, because you can outfit them with most weapons, from the humble boltgun, to the deadly missile launcher, to the crushing power fist. They are my favorite army, and they are beginner friendly.

Eldar: You really have to kow how to use them, as they can be deadly, or completely useless. They have many awrsome rules.

Daemons: a horrible army, the only pros are the invulnerable saves.

Orks: My second favorite army, these guys are easy (AND VERY< VERY FUN) to use. They are amazing in CC, and have some dead shooty units too.

Inquisition: dont get them, you can use them well, but their 4 years outdated.

Tyranids: a true CC force, these guys are very usefull, and their numbers are endless. They have hundreds of small gaunts and a few monstorous creatures that can rip bunkers to shreds.

Necrons; they are very resilient. Like the marines, they have a 3+ save, and also a "we'll be back" rule that lets them get back up after dieing on a 4+. they are deadly, but easily outmanouvered. They do, however, have some units that are some of the best in the game (Ctan and the indestructible monoliths).

Tau: arguably another good long ranged army, they have incredible firepower, but are even worse at CC than the IG.

I wont even mention the DE (no offense to DE players, but I've never even seen a single DE player or model, I dont see them as worthy)

Now, If you wanna play the guard, here's some tips: Your vehicles are your ace. For smaller games, I recommend a demolisher for its more powerful weapon, but for larger games, the russ for its long range. The men can also be a force to be reconed with. Keep a command squad near your troops at all times. They can give orders such as "first rank fire, second rank fire", which will increase your army's firepower significantly, or "incoming!" which will make your troops nigh unkillable to anything but flamethrowers. (the only thing more anoying than dozens of cheap troops that block your aim are dozens of cheap troops that wont die). With the guard, either adopt a very quick and desisive attack with lots of firepower upgrades or a defense with lots of troops and few upgrades.

13-02-2010, 04:55
The biggest pro for guard is the you like the models. It will make painting them all seem like much less of a chore.