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07-02-2006, 23:59
I do like these motivational threads.I just hope they work.
I have a problem.I cant play 40k with an unpainted army.Its a me thing I just dont like doing it.Now I have a Salamanders army which is complete as its ever going to be but you get bored dont you and you get sucked into buying more stuff.
I have too many projects and its any excuse to start a new one.Right now I have a Tau army which is half finished, and the beginnings of 3 more armies all of which Id rather finish before the Tau army (dont ask cos I dont know why that is).The other armies are Guard ,Dark Eldar and Blood Ravens.The Guard are on hold cos I only went and visited the Forgeworld site and fell in love with the Tallarn and the Elysians didnt I.The Dark Elar are on hold cos I just dont have the bits, I need right now, and the Blood Ravens are the closest I have to a project Im interested in finishing, but dont have all the right parts yet.
Im afraid I dont have a point just too many unfinished things to paint.Soooooo the purpose of this thread is to get me motivated to finish stuff before I buy more stuff.
Comments and Criticisms are most welcome at this point before I commit to a long term idea.

so samples of what my armies actualy look like right now.
This is my Tau colour scheme.
I have the blue/grey colour on the armour of my fire warriors with a black undersuit, no komando khaki on them yet tho or pics but I`ll get some done soon
Some Guard stuff
I have 3 sentinels a couple of russes and chimeras and around 50 guys all to finish.The camo Im ok with but I think it needs a little bit extra to complete it.

08-02-2006, 00:01
Some Blood Raven Stuff

I want to add some paint chips and scratches as I did on the Tau battlesuit, not sure tho right now

08-02-2006, 00:03
Not much to show you of my DE cos I havent started the troops yet.I wanna do them as pirates so a mix of DE and Eldar stuff aong with some wood Elf bits thrown in is kinda what Im aiming for. But heres a WIP shot of what my Raiders will look like.

So Im off to finish 7 more Blood Ravens.Then I havent got the foggiest what Ill paint next.

08-02-2006, 00:09
i recognise that librarian, were you on B&C?

tau are the next army to be released, so if you can have a fully painted army as they come out, you can show the little ppl what a real tau army should look like!

the tau suit looks reallyu good, go with them!

08-02-2006, 07:48
I do like the Bone on the Blood Raven medic.

08-02-2006, 10:07
Those Blood Ravens look awesome, like that LIbrarian very very much, but yeah I would say go with either the Blood Ravens or the Tau, both look like they are going to be very nice armies.

10-02-2006, 17:09
Thanks for the comments so far.
I was on the BandC and yes that Librarian is from quite a while back(now you know how slow I paint and why I need the motivation)
Not much progress in the last few days tho as I have been working 12 hour night shifts , which kinda drains you.
Heres the current Blood Ravens Im working on tho.
Last Night shift tonight woo hoo.I get to sleep all day Saturday.

11-02-2006, 19:18
I thought I recognised that Librarian! I really like those Blood Raven WIPs, particularly the top right one. Fantastic pose - nice! Also, your Guard Standard Bearer deserves special mention for the work on the banner. I love the effects. Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you'll end up with a fantastically painted army.

11-02-2006, 19:29
Keep them coming! Those blood ravens look really cool, nicely painted. I'm not a huge fan of the tau colour scheme but its well painted and i can't argue with that, the chiped paint looks really well done as well. 12 hour nightly shifts?!? No wonder you don't get much done.

11-02-2006, 19:32
Those blood ravens are nice. More please!

11-02-2006, 19:44
nice work man.. keep it up

12-02-2006, 22:57
No more painting has been done.But I havent been doing sod all but I have given my self 2 more models to paint.
I had a few spare bits n pieces so I decided I neded a Chaplain(who doesnt)

Mold lines have still to be removed as has the gun barrel to be drilled

I also did another basic marine.The reason hes firing a bolt pistol and not his plasma gun is cos I invariably roll 1s (just my little homage to 1s)

22-07-2009, 09:28
Is it threadomancy to revive long deceased Plogs?

Im guilty as charged if it is but since its mine I apply for leniency.

If nothing else it shows me just how long a break I took from the hobby..... which admitedly is quite a while.

I have jumped back in with both feet though and will be up to my neck shortly , when the year long army painting tales kick off in about 9 days time.

I have opted to do 3 armies in a year 2 2000 point monsters and an itsy bitsy 1000 pointer. However it doesnt really stop there as I have 3 other armies which are at varying stages of completedness(is that even a word?).

For the tale of Fantasy painters I will (no hopefulys about it ) be doing a 2k Wood Elf army and a 1k Empire army.

These are a couple of test minis I did last night for the empire.


I usually prime everything Black, but in this case it would take far too long, and to be honest I really quite like the white base and may have to look at using it more often.

For the 40k tale thing I will be doing 2k worth of Eldar. Im still not 100% about how Im going to do this army as I had opted for an Ulthwe scheme but.... I dunno theres something not quite right about everything . And the thought of doing an Ulthwe Falcon is quite frankly terrifying me, with all the black spaces and black being a pain to highlight well.

A challenge I guess.

As you can see above though I am also about halfway through a Blood Ravens army and a Tau army. On top of that I have an all but complete Vampire counts army which lacks Skele power.

This plog will be where I can stick everything in that I have done recently and you never know ,maybe I`ll actually finish an army.

22-07-2009, 09:37
REcently I have done these whilst waiting for the year long challenges to begin.

Tau are about 50% complete to this standard.


All will have squad markings, there are 2 diferent ones here on the left shoulders

My Kroot are finished!! I have I think about 43 of these bad boys and 2 kroot ox.


The kroot are basicly the reason I started a tau army. I love these models to bits.

Blood raven wise, well I finished the Chaplain. It only took 3 years so thats not bad.....


Also been messing around with the new (to me anyway) foundation red and washes in the hope of speeding up painting times. I got this effect on the missile guy in about a tenth of the time I usually take on my Blood ravens.


Still needs a highlight and a finally wash with a brown but its almost there already. I have hopes for this method.

23-07-2009, 00:25
That is one hell of a long space between posts!!!! crikey!

I like the colour scheme on those Tau, looks very nice.
Good work on the Chaplain aswell, they are always described as gaving greusome Skull Masks, and that one certainly looks like what I envision one to look like!


23-07-2009, 08:59
I really like those Kroot. It will be very interesting to follow your Ulthwe Eldar (and your fantasy stuff as well). For highlighting black, I find that a certain colour has made wonders for me. Vallejo Model Colours - Black Grey.


23-07-2009, 18:46
I`ve been using Shadow Grey to highlight, its ok I guess. Trial and error should iron out the kinks.
Hoping to have at least one guardian finished tonight for an idea on how they will look.

The Blue grey colour on the Tau is straight out of a Tamiya spray can (AS 19 Intermediate blue US Navy). The Cans are smallish though but the coverage is good if a little shiny, not gloss but not totally matt either.

23-07-2009, 23:28
M kay , I finished a whole guardian.....

Well its a start. And no it didnt take me all night but it did take a while, did some Blood Ravens too but they aint finished, so no pics yet.

Still unsure about this scheme . Its a little .... dull.Short of painting every bump as a gem though I dunno how to liven it up.

9 days to find an alternative scheme Im happy with.





24-07-2009, 22:36
Tried a purple highlight on the Guardians tonight. It looks better so I reckon this will be the way Im going with them all.



Overall Im happy with it, its a little messy but, Im putting it down to being away from painting for too long...... and old age......

24-07-2009, 23:05
Couple of Pics of Elmer, my Wraithlord , who I`ll be painting for the first month of the Tale of 40k painters.

Sshhh he`s hunting wabbits...



25-07-2009, 20:18
I love the posing of the Wraithlord. Very nice job.

28-07-2009, 17:38
Thank you.

They really are very easy to reposition though, its almost a crime not to.

First 10 guardians are done. Next 10 are halfway done. Then either the Wraithlord or some Banshees for the Eldar. In between doing the other stuff that is...



Thanks for looking in.