View Full Version : Conversions ideas with the new Beastmen range

14-02-2010, 22:06
Alright, lets get started,

First of all; I aint a fan, like a lot of people out there, of the new Minotaurs design. So much flaws : the horns are way too small for their giant head, the shaggy patches of fur are too much Austin Power's like and the feets are kind of wrong (even if I get what they were trying to do). But the whole mess is redeemed by the fact of it being a plastic kit, wich means easier to convert than metal.

So most of the weapons and props from the minotaur plastic kit could be added to the Ogres range, to add diversity or to convert them into chaos Ogres.

Staying with the Ogres : take a Minotaur body, change the feet, shave (or not) the fur patches, add an Ogre's head and you now have a wicked plastic Gorger.

For the skaven : take a Minotaur body, change (or not) the feet, add a tail and a Rat Ogre's head and we finally have a trully menacing Rat Ogre.

Also, for the Beastmen, when I first heard of the Ghorgon, I tough about some kind of gigantic and obese Minotaur gone feral and walking on all four, like some Rhinox-size bull on steroids... It could be dome by using the old metal bull, but without the wings, from the chaos dwarf range. Then just add some Minos head and youre done !!

Other ideas ??

15-02-2010, 11:50
i am using the minotors to make dragon ogres...

15-02-2010, 17:26
All gor and bestigor weapons work well on orcs, hardly a big conversion but one easy to do and one that allows blackorcs to use uniform weaponry (beastigor greatweapons) when their sprue doesn't have enough.

A razogor with a fighting platform could work as a pumpwagon, random movement representing it trying to throw them off, could work as a great cave squig as well.

A razogor with added tentacles would work well as a spawn.

Both Ghorros weapon and Malagors staff would fit right in with a horde of greenskins, Ghorros weapon is really cool used like that.

Some minotaur weapons could give variety to your trolls but be careful not to use advanced weaponry (such as anything except clubs) or they might look to civilised.