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14-02-2010, 23:42
Hey everyone; alright, so I realize that I've been making a number of posts lately, because I'm in the process of choosing an army--and I'm looking for a bit of help. Now, I got down to these two (Eldar and Chaos) for a few reasons:

1) A clean slate: I'm looking to build up a brand new army, from scratch, while using my brain, unlike what I did when I started this hobby at age 12 and had no clue what I was doing. I'm now 21, and have played on and off; and have a greater deal of perspective on the commitment it takes to make an army that you enjoy.

2) The smaller the better: I'm hoping to eventually enter tournament play. However, it's important to note that I have a physical disability (I walk with crutches) so, I now realize that Horde armies are out for me, because it'll take too long to move the army around the field of play... Get this though, the two armies I began when I was young were Orks and IG...Not smart, and because of my lack of speed, it tended to make games not fun.

3) My beloved aliens, or the beauty of evil I love playing evil, and I also love xenos. Chaos appeals to me because I'd love to play the evil side and "Let the Galaxy Burn", while Eldar appeals to me because they're challenging, xenos, and a fair bit poetic, in a way. Can Eldar be considered 'evil'? Is Chaos a challenging army to win with?

4) My gaming group: currently consists of players of: Tau, Necrons, Tyranids, Chaos/Chaos Daemons, Space Marines, (my) IG, (my) Orks; and another's semi-retired Dark Eldar, as well as the occasional Blood Angels player.

Now, this all said, It's come down to these two: Chaos SM or Eldar (because Dark Eldar are just out of the question until they get released again.--they'd be my idea army otherwise)

So, whatever choice I make here, will be my army for the next several years (or until the DE release, whichever comes first)

Having said this, all I'd like from you, fair Warseer, is to tell me anything you like or dislike about each army. What do you find fun about each? Do you enjoy playing as or against either, and why? so I can gain a wider perspective on which one I should settle on.

Let me hear your opinions on Eldar or Chaos, or both!

Thanks a million, Warseer.


15-02-2010, 02:35
Well, I'm an Eldar player so I'm a bit biased.

2 - Both Eldar and Chaos can both run armies with a small amount of models. Eldar can run a competitive list with tons of tanks and jetbikes. Chaos can run a competitive list with Plague Marines and Obliterators. Both armies are quite not swarmy.

3a - Eldar and Chaos are both comparable in their competitiveness. They're not even close to being bad armies.

3b - In 40k, there is no "good" or "evil". Everyone is evil to some degree. Eldar are fickle, treacherous, and genocidal. They will appear suddenly and kill millions just so a few Eldar will survive in the future. The only thing that makes them remotely "good" is that they're intelligent and controlled enough to talk and make deals and alliances. However, there is a nice bit of fluff in the Eldar codex about an interrogated Ranger talking about how, if the Eldar were stronger and didn't need humanity anymore, they would exteriminate them all out of spite. They killed off other races before just because they didn't want the competition. They they all went into a giant orgy and created a Chaos God. Eldar use humans as tools and weapons. My favorite thing about the Eldar is that many people think they are "good";tThey hate humans. They simply agree that humans are acceptable allies against enemies like Chaos, Tyranids, Necrons, and Orks who would rather kill than talk. Another thing I love about Eldar is that they're arrogant and think they're right all the time... yet they always mess up.

4 - You already have a Chaos player and no Eldar players. Go Eldar.

Eldar Likes:
- Sleek look
- Wraithguard and Wraithlords are cool
- High-tech
- Everyone pretty much agrees Eldar look cool
- Fast; if you want to be somewhere, you will get there
- Wave Serpents are arguably the best transport in the game
- Fire Dragons
- Almost every gun in the army is an assault weapon (or mounted)
- Every Eldar has a frowny-face helmet.
Eldar Dislikes:
- Everything seems to be mounted on a Falcon Chasis... kinda repetitive...
- Jetbikes and Wraithguard are old models
- Many units in the army are kinda bad in 5th edition
- Guardian Defenders are an awful concept

Chaos Likes:
- Thousand Sons look cool and have nice fluff
- Lash of Submission
- Plague Marines
- They look 'evil' but aren't really that evil; they're impulsive
- Interesting Chaos Legions such as Alpha Legion
Chaos Dislikes:
- Most of Chaos fluff cares mostly about Nurgle and Khorne
- 5thEd Codex really killed customization
- Almost every competitive Chaos army is the same
- Spiky bits get repetitive
- Defiler looks goofy

Also, in the fluff, Eldrad Ulthran beat Abaddon in one-on-one combat.

15-02-2010, 03:02
I actually play both armies, for most of the reasons already posted. Both are flexible and fun to play, Chaos can play a bit more of the hammer and a little less finness than the eldar, but I love playing eldar for that reason, that and it keeps my gaming group on their toes not knowing what I'll bring on any given week. I'd lean towards chaos myself for a couple of reasons. Most of the models are out and recently redone (with the exception of the dread) and forgeworld makes some fantastic dreads if you really want one. Chaos is a lot of fun to theme, even without legion specific rules I play night lords almost exclusively. They don't require a lot of models. I just love painting skulls. I find eldar take me a bit longer to paint. If you like dark eldar, they should be out within a year, do you think you'd finish painting an eldar army by that point? IF not, I'd paint chaos and wait for the dark eldar to come out and then you can have the fun of buying the newest and brightest toys when they come out.

15-02-2010, 10:09
I'm a very competative player and Eldar and Chaos happen to be the armies I own.

-Very strong codex and quite forgiving.
-Relative boring codex. All the builds play practicly the same, at least the good builds. It ussually comes down to Deamon Princes, troops mounted in either rhinos or land raiders and some Obliterators and Termies as support.
-Plays a bit the same as most marine armies.

-More expensive money-wise in general.
-More variation in builds and how different units play.

My advice? Eldar. More interesting in the long run.

I could tell you much more, including sample army lists, tactics and such. You could PM me for that if you are interested.

15-02-2010, 21:05
Thanks for the advice guys! Right now I'm heavily leaning Eldar at the moment, but I'll continue to do some more research :]

Any other thoughts out there?

I quite appreciate the effort given to the responses!


15-02-2010, 21:15
Could always do Chaos Eldar :D

15-02-2010, 21:34
Could always do Chaos Eldar :D

The background issues with that are too numerous to go into in this thread, but I'm not sure you were being entirely serious anyway ;).

I play Eldar and Chaos (although my Word Bearers spend most of their time in a box, due to the background, or should I say lack of it, in the Chaos Codex).

If you are at all interested in background, then the Eldar win hands down at the moment in my opinion, as the Chaos Codex is just devoid of quality background material, and makes for a bland, uninspiring, read in my opinion.

Both armies are, however, viable, and have a variety of very attractive models to choose from.

If you want more of an idea of how the Eldar work in fifth edition, then the Eldar Guide may help you (link via my signature), and I think that most units in the codex are viable, depending on the type of army list you wish to play.

That said, beware, for if you are looking at tournament play, mechanised Eldar hold the advantage by a significant margin at that level as far as I can see, so you would have to invest in a lot of Wave Serpents.

Chaos have some particularly good models. Sadly, the best ones just do not have the rules to back them up (e.g. Possessed and Spawn). Tournament style armies thus have a narrow scope, according to that which I have read, with Nurgle forces being favoured over other army types.

I hope that helps.

15-02-2010, 22:34
Well, having not played 40K for a healthy 7 or 8 years, I'm not the person to ask about rules etc. However, I was recently strolling the pages of the GW website, and thought to myself "why don't I see what's going on in the future nowadays", quite the paradox (Future and nowadays) I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, so I check out all of the online store, and find all sorts of models I hadn't seen before (it's at least 3 or 4 years since I checked out the world of 40K). There I am, brousing through, when I check out the eldar.

5 or 10 minutes later there were very serious thoughts of "I could start an eldar army...even though I don't know the rules....and don't know anyone who plays 40k....and it'll be a while before I move to a new area and stumble upon a new gaming group.

Those models are quite literally the bee's knees (if bees do in fact have knees, which is up for debate). First the farseers take your breath away, then that warlock with the double handed blade, then the banshees take hold, and before you know it, you've reached the rangers. Oh the rangers. I used to play a small alaitoc force back in the day, it might find itself built anew. Just for completeness' sake, I still love that warp-spider exarch, always have, always will.

So in conclusion, from a models (and colour schemes) point of view, my vote lies firmly with eldar.

15-02-2010, 23:31
Get both codices and read them trough and take a look at the models avialable. Do mind that you cannot choose Chaos. It chooses you.

16-02-2010, 02:06
i dont know anything about eldar as i dont play them (i have considered starting an elder army but other armys caught my eye more) but i do play chaos, i think chaos would be a gd choice as there are some decent independant characters like typhus, kharn and abbadon, the amount of variations for hq choices aswell is awesome, (i have 15 lords/sorcorers and they're only but a small amount of the varitains of lord) they also have a nice selection of troop choice, like the cc monster berzerkers, or the tough plague marines and even vanilla csms, can play quite different from each other depending on the marks and weapns given to them, they also have some decent heavy support with oblits been able to deal with any kind of unit, defilers that can shoot and are monsters in close combat if given just cc weapons, forgeworld also do some awesome models as already been mentioned, as for background the codex does lack in that section but some decent fluff can be found in the black library like the word bearers trilogy and storm of iorn, chaos also has some really interesting colour schemes and a huge amount of customize ability when it comes to colour scheme, look of the models and background, if your into converting then chaos is your thing as almost everything goes,
chaos does lack competive lists and lack a truly decent codex, but there only minor things to pay in a my opinion for a truly decent "race"

16-02-2010, 02:56
I play Exodite Eldar. Eldar aren't necessarily 'good', but 'gooder' than the other armies. My Exodites aren't as arrogant as Craftworld Eldar, but they also are more brutal and rugged, willing to slaughter any who oppose them without mercy, or any who cross them (even if unknowingly). They also are willing to slay other Eldar, so no more 'We will sacrifice humans for one Eldar!'. I personally like Eldar, as we get (prepare for flames on Exodites and seers) bike councils, fire prisms, and dark reapers (despite lots of hate for them, I personally find them to work quite well). Mobility is also pretty good, ignoring DE, and despite a lack of good offensive psychic powers (ignoring mind war), the support abilities of seers are still pretty good. Plus all of the little tricks up the sleeves, like holo-fields, star engines, divination on Eldrad, Yriel's Eye, etc. People also tend to forget that witchblades are S9, and that crappy little guardian squad marching towards their dreadnaught has 3 S9 attacks coming towards them...