View Full Version : Typhoon or Tornado?

15-02-2010, 00:29
planning on having a two landspeeders for a fast attack choice. But not sure which of the two options is more viable

any input?

15-02-2010, 00:55
You build an army to function as whole, grasshopper, not as individual units. One is surely better than the other, but which one that is will vary from situation to situation. If you are looking for a "This one is always better to take." sort of answer, I wouldn't trust it, as it is a blind recommendation. You ought to post an entire army list and the tactics you plan to use for it, and then ask which Land Speeder configuration fits bets into your army, and suits your overall battle plan the best.

So, there's some input. Provide some actual information and you will get an informed answer. You haven't even said what army list you are using. Is it C:SM, C: DA, C: BA, C: BT, or C: SW? You do realize there is more than one codex for Space Marine forces, yes? Throw us a frikkin' bone here. ;)

15-02-2010, 00:59
If you need AT take multimeltas, if you're lacking in mop up ability take some heavy bolters, it depends where you're deficient. Do you know what the army is struggling with yet?

15-02-2010, 01:13
It all really depends on what role the land speeder is supposed to be taking in your army.
And to give advise on this we need more information, rather than just the general question.

15-02-2010, 01:35
If in doubt, the Typhoon is probably more likely to be better by the simple virtue of being the only landspeeder weapon that can be fired as a defensive weapon (frag mode only). So a HB + Typhoon is very good AP fire and still decent AT, but there's better options for either specialisation and it's costly.

If you can't figure out what role you need it for, go by whatever looks the coolest in your eyes.

15-02-2010, 01:36
Observing my buddies White Scars Speeder fest id recommend either Tornados with Melta/Flamer (A Good all rounder build) or Typhoons with Heavy Bolters (AT from Krak, Frag is defensive so combos with the bolter).

Of course without specifics thats pretty broad advice... :chrome:

15-02-2010, 03:37
well in answer to the above, I use the basic SM codex (Hawk Lords)

I don't have a real strategy per say. If anything I try and spread my choices out as much as possible among the 17 FOC spots to deal with other players "swarm armies" (IG Orks, and tyranids) So what I want is somethign that will kill the most infantry.

double frag blast templates with the typhoon seems nice, but the relatively weak st/AP makes me wonder if I wouldn't be better off with the higher strength and rending 4 shots I get with the assault cannon

of course for the same price as two typhoons or assault cannons, I could get three speeders with tornado mounted heavy bolters. 18 heavy bolter shots sounds very nice especially when going against Tau....But I was kind of planning on which of the the other two had the best anti-tank ability as a "tie breaker"

then again, short of going up against a Land Raider or Monolith, 12 heavy bolter shots should be effective if it's feasible they can race behind and shoot at a targets rear armour

15-02-2010, 04:21
I run a heavy SM Mech list, usually consisting of 7-8 tanks and a dread or two. Recently I added two Typhoon speeders into the mix.

I've found that my opponents typically leave the Speeders alone for the first couple turns as they focus on the Land Raiders and/or Vindicators... Usually by the 3rd turn they realize that the Speeders are causing some pretty serious damage.

I've played against C:SM and knocked out Dreadnoughts, troops and transports easily. In a CSM game I played last night, my two speeders ended up taking out two transports, an obliterator and a few troops. One ended up shot down, but the other was still harassing the enemy on turn 6. And against the new Nids, the Typhoon ripped them apart. In one game, I managed to shoot up 2 10 strong Gargoyle squads enough that they fell back off the table and then followed up with knocking some Hormagaunts off an objective to tie the game.

They may be expensive at 90 points each, but they've done more for my army than any other single unit I've bought thus far.

15-02-2010, 11:46
I run a typhoon with a multi-melta, while points heavy at 100 it can cause havoc on enemy armout and generally takes out a couple of things before it gets blown out of the air. I am also very partial to tornados, possibly one of the best nuisances in the game for infantry, even if almost anything in the game can take them out as they need to rely on somewhat short range (24" with assault cannon) shooting to be effective. Still, shooting slugga boyz with them is alot of fun.

Of course, DA have Sammael which is the nastiest tornado out there with twin-linked BS5 weapons and front and side AV14.

15-02-2010, 12:40
Cheap and cheerful double HB speeders are pretty nasty units. You should be able to get behind anything and then I don't rank their chances. Vehicles go pop, whole units vanish in a puff of smoke, that kind of firepower is something to be reckoned with. They can also deepstrike, a useful tactic if you're facing an oncoming mech list.