View Full Version : Lack of confirmation email from GW & FW?

15-02-2010, 16:14
I just ordered a few things from FW and from GW. Last time I did this I promptly got a confirmation email from both. It will have been a week this Wednesday. A friend told me that FW was notorious for not notifying you that stuff is shipped or the order went through. I am still a little worried though.

Has anyone ever had similar happen? did the order still arrive or did you eventually get an email?

15-02-2010, 16:27
Are you on Aol or some other email service.

They can be quite draconic on their junk policies.

15-02-2010, 16:30
nope, my email only blocks what I tell it to. plus I regularly browse my junk for the occasional accidental block.

My work email blocks everything and anything though... I despise it.

Oh snap, just got the FW one, nothing from GW though. now I await the tracking number....

16-02-2010, 06:00
I was wondering this too, I placed my first order from them last night and didn't get a confirmation either.

16-02-2010, 20:18
Phone/e-mail them and tell them. You may have found a problem with the site and rather than tell us, tell them so they can fix it :)