View Full Version : Looking for some info about Nordland

16-02-2010, 20:06
Hello all, I am trying to find some details about Nordland. In the fluff it states that many Nordland state troops serve on warships of the Empire. Where do these ships dock in Nordland? Seeing that the relation between Nordland and Marienburg isn't super, I figure Nordland must have some docks of its own?

I know in Warhammer Online, Nueu Emskrank has a dock and their is a fort Nordenwatch somewhere... but there has to be more places

Crazy Ivan
16-02-2010, 20:30
Try this link (http://www.warhammer-empire.com/library/guide/nordland.php), it has some good info on Nordland. There's a link to a good map of Nordland at the bottom of that page too.

16-02-2010, 20:35
I always thought the main part of the Empires fleet was up the Reik and paid tolls to Marienburg to put to sea? Anyway I think Nordland has its own state fleet dosnt it?

16-02-2010, 21:35
The ocean-going fleet of the Empire has its anchorage at Dietershafen and Norden within Nordland. Neue Emskrank on the other hand failed miserably in establishing itself as a major port.