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17-02-2010, 19:31
Hey Warseers,
I want to start a new army that is really unique and fun to build, play and paint. I initially thought Adeptus Mechanicus, but recently I have seen quite a few of these armies springing up.

I am now torn between the choice of an Adeptus Mechanicus army or a fully mounted Rough Rider Regiment.

Which do you guys think I should go for?

(mods: I hope this is the correct section, I wasnt 100% sure where to put it)

17-02-2010, 19:45
Rough Riders. I've never seen a complete RR army. It's something I have always considered doing.

17-02-2010, 19:47
Adeptus. Because, let's face it, unless you do some sweet converting for every single unit of 'riders, those models are horrible. Just awful.

Also, I can barely see the appeal of Brettonians in Fantasy, let alone their equivalent in 40k.

17-02-2010, 19:50
Well, for the rough riders, I was planning to buy some Empire Pistoliers, and use Cadian torsos, arms and heads on them. I cant afford a load of the actual rough rider models.

17-02-2010, 19:54
I think both would be a massive undertaking both in time and efffort and money spent on conversion parts

AdMech is fairly common though, many have tried to do the army using heavily converted vehicles and those old steel brotherhood models (think thats the right name, im sure sombody out there knows what im talking about)

so what do you think of doing an imperial guard recon company? you still get your rough riders and take things like sentinels and salamanders? come to think of it it would probably be a lightweight army that moved fast but hits like a tonne of bricks once it gets in close (think Tallarn)

17-02-2010, 20:30
I would go AdMech, mainly because I do not see a chance to create a RR-company that has any chance of winning anything. Its a modelling project, not a feasable 40k army.

17-02-2010, 20:39
Go Rough Riders. I saw somebody use one back in 2nd ED. And he won with it.

Agree with Desalbert, the models are bad (or at least horribly outdated). HINT GW: make some new plastic Rough Riders. Please? :D

17-02-2010, 20:43
Im not too bothered about winning, but knowing my luck, I will finnish a rough rider army, just as GW announce plastic rough riders.
If I do go rough riders, then I will make the whole army fast moving, so mabey hellhound varients, sentinels, salamanders. Im not sure if valkyries would fit in.

17-02-2010, 20:48
I've got a full platoon of Pistolllers + Cadians rough riders, and can recommend them. Use thin steel or brass rod (from FLGS) for lances, and you're set. PM me for details.

They're great. The reaction 30 mounted men get, as opposed to Air cav AGAIN...
They also make a right mess of any heavy infantry that don't have silly unbalanced 3++ saves....

17-02-2010, 20:55
Im not sure if valkyries would fit in.

Well, it would be amusing to figure out how they would get the horses inside? Then how do you coax them out? Then of course there is going to be the mess the horses leave inside the transport. Who cleans that out? :D

Perfect Organism
17-02-2010, 21:10
Are there even rules for fielding a full army of cavalry? (I know that there aren't any rules for AM either, but it's significantly easier to fit to find something which 'counts as' skitarri, praetorians, etc. than cavalry).

I'd only recommend a rough rider force if you can afford to use the gorgeous Forge World models.

Col. Tartleton
17-02-2010, 21:32
If you don't like the common image of Admech change it up. Make them a post civil war steam punk guard list. Death Korp Grenadier veterans in union blue great coat for your infantry, You can get your death riders cavalry in, loads of siege guns, tech priests with top hats suits and twirled mustaches with augmented cyber monocles and servo arms holding their carpet bags, all sorts of officers in half lavish frilly medal covered dress uniforn half cast iron cyborg with a boiler on their back and a smoke stack coming out of their shoulder.

18-02-2010, 01:11
No, I do like the current image of Ad Mech. They look great which is why I considered them as an army. My main problem with them is they really should be based more around tanks than infantry, and I already have a huge amount of tanks, so I wanted to do something different, away from tanks.
I think Im pretty much decided on the Rough Rider Regiment now. Thanks for all the advise and suggestoins Warseers.

18-02-2010, 01:25
Admech all the way. Far more interesting and the imagery and idea of horse cavalry (cavalry in general) in a futuristic universe with prolific automatic weapons availability has never jived with me. Don't like the visual or the thematic idea really.

EDIT: Admech have a lot more to them than tanks. They have Skitarii soldiers, legions of servitor gun platforms and troops, etc.

18-02-2010, 01:31
im just thinking: can a recon company even be done through a standard FOC?

you have your compulsory hq so they can have a chimera, thats them sorted, 2 troops can go in chimeras/valks but all the main recon elements (riders/salamanders/sentinels) are fast attack are they not?

18-02-2010, 01:35
im just thinking: can a recon company even be done through a standard FOC?

you have your compulsory hq so they can have a chimera, thats them sorted, 2 troops can go in chimeras/valks but all the main recon elements (riders/salamanders/sentinels) are fast attack are they not?

I will be writing some sort of rules with my friends for use in games, obviously not to take to tournaments. They will allow all models in the army to be mounted on a horse. Actually I am currently writing them, in their first stages.

18-02-2010, 01:40
ah ok cool, lot of people will be interested in this project, if you get the chance try to put up some pics and the house rules

18-02-2010, 02:11
Yes, I may do a project log, and when the rules are up and running (and tested a fair bit) I will probably post them in the rules development section as a PDF.

18-02-2010, 19:22
I am currently building test models for both armies. They are both looking great, which really isnt helping with the decision. Also, the poll is currently neck and neck so, that isnt making me sway one way or another either.

19-02-2010, 04:58
Vote for the Rough Rider Company. Would look fantastic. Might even work OK.... that almost all bike White Scars list did alright in that recent battle report....

19-02-2010, 05:06
The Rough Rider idea is cool, but there's just so little to them and the standard models are very sad.

Adeptus just has so many possibilties you could even get cavalry in there.

19-02-2010, 09:54
I would go for the AdMech. Several reasons, really. Firstly, the AdMech are far cooler. They have a great variety of units and lots of things you could do with them, especially with the guard codex. Sentinels represented by praetorian battle servitors, servitor mobs as penal legion, tech-guard as stormtroopers maybe even psyker battle squad as electro-priests. You could even include mechanical rough riders.

Another thing to consider is availability of bits. Forgeworld do some cool admech models. There are bionic bits in the guard range already. There is hope that forgeworld will get around to doing things like knight titans eventually. Wheras the rough riders are either expensive, ancient models or kitbashing, with little variety.

I guess the other reason is that some of us have fingers crossed for new rough rider models at some point, and it would be a shame to do your army now and miss out!

19-02-2010, 10:00
Ad Mech, but of course! Need any inspiration? Check out the Ad Mech board.

Oh, and I believe an earlier posting was referencing the Iron Brotherhood models from MicroArt Studios. New ones coming soon, a STALKER tank... good time to play Ad Mech...

19-02-2010, 17:07
I'm probably too late, but I would absolutely vote for Adeptus Mechanicus. By far my favorite army from a flavor, look, and feel.

19-02-2010, 17:13
cool I made it a draw. I say roughriders, but that'll be a tough job converting everything.

Jo Bennett
19-02-2010, 17:51
Go for the rough riders, and model some basilisk up as giant wheeled cannon. Cavalry +artillery is a fun combination and very traditional with regard to things like the charge of the light brigade and the battle of waterloo.

Magos Explorator
19-02-2010, 18:48
Rough Riders. I've never seen a complete RR army.

I concur, for the same reason. Lots of conversions would be the way to go, though!

19-02-2010, 23:35
Voted roughriders, for the same reason as Magos E. & Jack5

It'll be tough, but very cool.

20-02-2010, 11:52
Well, thankyou to everyone who has voted suggested and pesuaded. I am decided now. I will be making a few Ad Mech models to go in my guard army, probably as veterans and one day I may start converting my Guardsmen to Ad Mech.

For now though I am going to make an entire army of mounted cavalry, with some fast tanks and long range artillery in support. I will be writing some rules of my own and play testing them with friends. I will more than likely post them on the rules development forum here at warseer.
I am also thinking of starting a project log to tell you all how Im getting along. I shall post a link for it on here when I start it.
So thanks again to everyone for their advise and opinions, and let the cavalry charge.

21-02-2010, 18:00
Interesting idea, I'd like to follow your progress so when you have a thread started could you put a linky to it here please?


Wing Commander
21-02-2010, 18:09
I did a Praetorian Rough Rider guard army a few years back. I absolutely loved it, took me about 3 years to finish but I had fully mounted HQ's, limber guns on all heavy weapons and even an insane Basilisk gun carriage with about 12 horses pulling it. It was a beautiful army to look at but was a lot of work.
I'd say, it was definitely worth doing the Rough Riders - even though you can't use many of them under the codex, you get your 3 choices of Lancers and that's pretty much it. I always regretted ebaying them....
The look on a Marine players face when your lancers charge their Termies is always worth all the work!

21-02-2010, 18:20
@ Slaaaaaaaanesh- I will post a link soon as I have started work but need to take a few pictures before I start the log.

@Wing Commander- I would love to see some pictures of this army, have you got any? If you have, please PM them to me or post them on this thread. Funnyly enough I was discussing an idea about a Medusa pulled by horses earlier with a friend.

Kind of an advert- Im looking for a few bits to carry on with the Riders. Here is a link to what I need.

Wing Commander
21-02-2010, 18:44
I can't recall having any pictures still, but I won Best of Show at Cartagena 2005 with em! I may have some photos on a disc, if so I'll post em up. Praetorians really suit being made cavalry and the buglers, standards, etc convert across very easily, but having said that it took me forever (and an obscene amount of cash) to get that many Praetorian guard.
The Basilisk yoke (?) was essentially 2 horses side by side on each side of the yoke in 3 rows - I looked at old pictures of coach'n'horses, etc for inspiration. The limber teams were easily done, back in the day you could buy the needed components of the Warhammer Fantasy Galloper guns easily from Direct Mail but you'd struggle to get those now. I used combinations of Imperial Knights & Guard to make a totally mounted HQ and there was a Ltd Edition mounted Commissar floating round the show circuit a few years back, but he was a very simple conversion and would be easily replaced. WFRP Imperial Priests on horse, etc convert across with little or no work but the HQ only really looked mounted, the rules meant I counted them as regular foot.
I think I used the guardsmen as Dragoons, essentially infantry who used horses for movement as opposed to cavalry who fought from horseback. Overall, I loved it, I still kick myself for being stupid enough to sell em...