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17-02-2010, 20:18
...or, perhaps more fittingly, help me get into 5th Ed.

Seriously, since 2nd was replaced, I don't think I've been having much fun with the game itself. Converting up and painting Chaos armies has been (and might always be) a source of enjoyment for me, but I just can't seem to get back into the game as it were.

It has to be said though, I went through the whole twin Lash army, Mechanised Guard, even a Marine army and I just didn't enjoy it. Wins and losses are not important to me, so any thoughts? I could just sell off my 40k stuff and get Fantasy, Warmachine or some such but I think I would rather find some fresh inspiration to play the game again.

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17-02-2010, 21:26
It all depends on what you find fun. Like tanks? Then use a lot of tanks. Like lots of guys? Then use a lot of guys. Like freaky monsters? Then use a lot of monstrous creatures. It all comes down to doing what you like.

Personally, I love the Orks, simply because I like all the conversions. If you like Chaos, but want to try something different, you could always give Chaos Daemons a try.

If nothing else is really working for you, then give Fantasy a try.

Above all, try to focus on doing what's fun! ^_^

17-02-2010, 22:22
I think you are approaching the game play with the wrong attitude.
Most people will get bored of the game if they do twin lash armies or mech IG or any of the "IWIN" type armies.
Fun for a weekend tournament, but in the long run it will rob the game if its main selling point, the fluff.

Convert up and paint a really nice looking army, and think about some background for it, and make an armylist from it. Don't try and make an army with just the rules in mind, focus more on your favorite models.

Play objective based scenarios, and make up missions from scratch with your opponents.

The three standard missions are all kinda meh, maybe except the one with D3+2 objectives.

A new Missions book is coming out in a while, try it out before selling your stuff.

17-02-2010, 22:48
I say, just ignore the meta-game. Build an army that you want to do, purely for the fun of it. No matter what. You like Chaos armies? Build a completely true-to-flavor 1k Sons, or World Eaters. None of that Lash nonsense, stick purely to the theme of the list. Or go even a step further, and build a Legion-themed army focused purely on how they would run... Say for instance, an Alpha Legion army using the Imperial Guard codex (as it's currently the only way without going to Lost and the Damned). Or do a Word bearers army with as many summoned daemons as you think you can get away with. Or build an Iron Warrior army that focuses completely on standard Chaos Marines and tanks, and does little to nothing in the way of 'god-based', daemon, or posessed stuff.

I've found that once you ignore the Meta Game, and begin to just build whatever you want... the game seems to become a lot more enjoyable. In my case, I went with a bike themed Ork army consisting of 5 mobs of warbikes, 3 deathkoptas (divided into 2 squads, usually), a Warboss, Captain Fail (a.k.a. Wazzdakka), and a modest unit of 5 non-WAC abuse Nob Bikes. It's certainly not a meta-army in the least. Really what it boils down to, is certain army-types it can't handle (i.e. lots of Land Raider spam, Monsters, Dread-spam), but it steam-rolls other types (gun-lines, drop-pod, normal mechanized). It's been a blast to play, but it's certainly not competitive and definitely has issues when someone decides to be a total ****** and tailor their list to specifically obliterate it.

17-02-2010, 22:55
What I do is make a themed list, and follow the story of that list, and it's minor alterations, building up the background for my own characters. It's what keeps in interesting, seeing as how Aspiring Champion Kallis kills yet another HQ character in combat, and Aspiring Sorcerer Aquita manages to get killed by Perils again...

Once you see each game as simply a part of your narrative, I think it becomes much more exciting as it's a bit more personal also, it's not just win-lose, it's your men climbing up the victory ladder, which I personally, write down in my force's own little story-booklet.

17-02-2010, 23:32
Thanks for the replies guys.

@ totgeboren: I went through the whole storyline thing in 4th Ed. It seemed appropriate with the 3.5 chaos book to upgrade characters rules-wise as they progressed, but then it also seemed so...filthy when my army designed for a story took on and destroyed GT army lists. As I said wins/losses don't bother me, but I can't help felling that something is amiss. Maybe when I get into the swing of things it won't be so bad.

Still, it has to be said that I think I have found the answer. I have been approaching the game with the wrong sort of attitude, that attitude being that the rules making more sense=more enjoyment of the game. Yes I have misgivings with things such as Wound Allocation (man, why did they not simply say wounds are allocated to the foremost members of the squad?) and the way that cover works now but, I suppose you gotta move with the times, as it were.

I'll even try writing a few new Chaos Marine lists, maybe a new Guard one too and see where that gets me. I'll let you know how it goes in the week.

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17-02-2010, 23:40
hi dan,
i know how you feel, dont worry there will be a good chaos codex one day. i have just started a EC CSM warband, which will be inspired from my 2nd ed days. Im even going to make my own retro rhinos.
I would say maybe start with the models that first got you interested?

17-02-2010, 23:44
Ha! It wouldn't be too bad but I think I still have my first Chaos Marine somewhere. Must have got that some 15 years ago...

Anyway, I will give a combat patrol list a bash as a start. We'll see how it goes.

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18-02-2010, 00:26
I know the feeling, I've had ups and downs. Sometimes you're really excited, other times you feel like selling your stuff.

One thing that always gets me inspired is by making some new thought-through good looking terrain with a theme that is eventful to the game (man-eating plants, geysers spewing out bursts of hot water, volcanos erupting sending smoke trails scattering along the board etc.) A full new set of terrain makes all the difference. It doesn't matter the armies on the board all pro converted and painted if the only terrain on the board is the old standard 4 gw building kits and some scrap heaps.

Then you mix things up with playing with your new terrain using only weird old special missions from early codices and previous editions of the game, and remember to spice freely with houserulings on top :)

I recently constructed buildings, where I did a version of each in different stages, so buildings where replaced during the game (when shot up) degrading more and more. Also some detachable pieces from them to randomly scatter and fall down on units below (or make for new cover if they don't get hit) =)

18-02-2010, 00:43
I really like the idea of making a "true to Chaos" list... I play word bearers, and although I don't have tons of daemons, I do have a religious flair to mine that makes the game fun... I don't have a "competitive" list, b/c I got into the game just to make models I like. So if a cheesy list comes along, it will almost always beat me... but I enjoy painting/constructing, and seeing my models on the field is entertaining.

I watched a video of a guy playing a true Khorne army, that was completely hilarious and awesome looking... A defiler or two, Kharne, and TONS of berzerkers in rhinos... Fun stuff. (Plus, zerkers are cheap relative to the other groups.)

18-02-2010, 16:06
Don't know about you, but the thing I most enjoy about 40k is epicness of situation, like underestimated HQ (sorcer usually :) my friends dont believe in him) killing off Carnifex in CC. I play for moments like that and I often laugh when my Daemon prince dies fighting with dark eldar bikes :D.

18-02-2010, 16:42
Also, I just want to point out that the current CSM codex have made quite a few players quit the game, or atleast change their armies. Since you play IG too, that might not be the main problem, but since it seems to be chaos you like the most, I can see how the game has lost its flair.

It did for me too. Had about a one year break that started a month after the latest chaos codex came out. GG GW... :rolleyes:

Anyway, I have come back to my Chaos dudes after reading the Word Bearer BL books, and now i'm focusing more on the models, and less on the rules.

It works for me atleast.