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18-02-2010, 14:04
does ork players know if there has been new choppas on the recent Ork Boyz sprue (the one from 2008) in comparison to the one from 1999? I think the bodies are the same and most of the guns are the same but they added some bits, do you know which ones (specially for the choppas)?

Many thanks for answering :)

18-02-2010, 14:09
There's a new torso, a new shoota and a new slugga, but I can't remember a new choppa.

18-02-2010, 14:30
yes, these are the new bits (excluding the ones on the nob / heavy weapon sprue);


iirc theres two duplicate sprues to the new one, along with the nob / heavy weapon sprue and the shootas used to be seperate from the trigger arm in the 1999 kit.

Hope this helps :)

18-02-2010, 14:41
Ah, yeah, that choppa. Forgot about that.

18-02-2010, 15:44
Many thanks for the accurate answer and the pic. I also thought this choppa was a new bitz but I wasn't entirely sure since the old sprue is...well...old :D