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18-02-2010, 19:39
Hey everyone

im trying to pick between 3 different armies in fantasy and its my first army i've just played 40k for 2 years and now want to start fantasy, and im kinda at a impasse I love elves but fantasy has 3 elf armies unlike 40k which is just the 2 good or bad. now im leaning away from Dark Elves but not to much i just here people don't like to play against them cause they are broken apparently. but my big toss up is between High Elves and Wood elves. I have read the army books and the first thread on this forum and still kinda at a loss if anyone plays them are two or all three any advise or anything would be great thanks everyone.

The SkaerKrow
18-02-2010, 19:42
Dark Elves aren't inherently broken, they just have some tough builds available to them that can beat WAAC players at their own game.

Between your "safe" choices, I'd lean towards High Elves. They're more well rounded, and should come through the 8th Edition change this summer in a better fashion than Wood Elves.

18-02-2010, 19:58
Dark Elves aren't broken, many people just complain about some combos/items/war hydras they can take.

I'm a fanatic Elf lover so I would suggest you to go all 3 of them just like me:p

High Elves - Love them most & a nice allrounder army. Do not start with W. Elves in my opinion.

18-02-2010, 20:18
lol knowing me i probley would go all 3 eventually but for now where do i start i like the high elves dragon such a nice model

Desert Rain
18-02-2010, 20:18
Dark Elves are fun to play against if you stay away from some of the overpowered options they have.

High Elves are a good all around army and will be included in the 8th edition starter set released this summer, with new models in it.

18-02-2010, 20:40
High Elves are a good all around army and will be included in the 8th edition starter set released this summer, with new models in it.

Really? Tell me more! Will it be HE versus Gobbos? Or what?

18-02-2010, 20:50
Niiiice I really hope you're right Desert Rain, about High Elves in the starter set! (& ofc the reease date)

Desert Rain
18-02-2010, 21:01
High Elves and Skaven in the starter set is a fairly solid rumour, but don't take it for granted ;)

18-02-2010, 21:14
I think it depends on your personality; High Elves are the good guys, Dark Elves are the bad ones, and Wood Elves are the tree huggers.

High Elves have disciplined forces, Dark Elves aggressive ones and Wood Elves like to play hide and seek.

High Elves are likely to concentrate on destroying your weak point, Dark Elves try to overwhelm you, and Wood Elves will attempt to isolate your units and destroy them piecemeal.

18-02-2010, 21:18
High Elves & Skaven... even better! as long as the H. Elves will be included in the starter pack I'm glad:D

i like the high elves dragon such a nice model

You can always convert the dragon into a Forest/Black dragon.:)

18-02-2010, 21:18
High Elves and Skaven in the starter set is a fairly solid rumour, but don't take it for granted ;)

High Elves and SKAVEN?!!
I'm not buying the new starter set thats for sure. :(

Which is good for my wallet I guess, since being a student and not living with my parents leaves me with very little money to spare.

18-02-2010, 21:33
Me on the contrary will be buying TWO--if the rumour's true.

Thus, I will be making my Skaven horde even bigger and after WHFB's 26 years of existence will finally be making a High Elves' army.

I just hope the new spearmen are as good as they are rumoured to be, if not... ther's always trades and that means more Skaven!

P.S.: Dark Elves are not broken, but if someone pull all the leverage they've got, they are quite hard to beat. So, if your group is friendly and has the ability to LEARN and ADJUST, don't write off the Dark Elves just yet. It's a great and rewarding army to collect, paint and play with.

Invisible Sun
19-02-2010, 04:09
High Elves and Skaven in the starter set is a fairly solid rumour, but don't take it for granted ;)

That would be perfect.

For the OP, I'd say High Elves. Though they have low toughness, they look great and have access to some pretty awsome units. Three varieties of dragons man!

19-02-2010, 04:45
the high elves seem to be winning but i didnt even know they where coming out with a new stater set and 8th edition i might wait till then and see what happens.

Desert Rain
19-02-2010, 11:42
I would recommend that since there are rumours of at least new spearmen models, and the current ones are pretty crappy. I guess that we might get some other new units as well so if you decide to go for the high elves I recommend that you wait about 6 months or so until the new starter set is out. If you want the new models of course.

19-02-2010, 17:55
Here's what I'm doing to start a High Elf army at the moment, with new mini's potentially looming..
I bought the sprues for 10 spearmen on ebay, and am building them as Sea Guard. Sea Guard are a core choice that are essentially both spearmen and archers. These will nicely count as either spearmen, archers, or sea guard. As you only need one core choice in a High Elf army, these will do for now. I am then buying the newer models, that will not get replaced, to fill out my army - pheonix guard, lion chariots, dragon etc etc.
Then, when the new mini's are released, I will buy 42 spearmen (2 units of 7x3) and maybe 20-40 archers. By this point, I will be looking at having sideboard miniatures. That is, more points than I will play with, so that I can pick an army depending on what I am facing.

tl;dr.. buy a few sea guard and some new specials, and fill out your core choices later.

19-02-2010, 18:17
They all wear dresses, tights or lingerie. Drop the pointy ponces...GO ORCS!!!!

Seriously though, if you really have to pick just one of the Elven races, get the army books, make a few lists and proxy the buggers until you decide on a style you like more.

Wood Elves for example tend to use more hit and run/ distraction tactics than the other two.

High/ Dark Elves are pretty good opposites, both good at combat with elite troops, both have access to powerful magic. Dark Elves are probably the better of the two at shooting due to their repeater cross-bows. One strikes first, the other hates everyone.

The biggest choice between those to is do you want to play good or emo, sorry, evil...

19-02-2010, 18:35
they are all three glass hammers.... i find dark elves to be more effective in close combat high elves with magic and wood elves with shooting naturally hehe pun i think... any ways it really comes down to what you like try them all out. I play dark elves and love them Tried high elves eh just didnt feel right and owned the wood elves awhile back there tactics didnt make for many fun games with my opponents and dont like todo that to em :) so its going to come down to your style of play

Lord Malorne
19-02-2010, 18:52
OP: If you do indeed like all three the same, roll a D3.

19-02-2010, 20:15
Roll D6 - you have selected:

6. The army your girlfriend recommends; you get lucky
5. Daemons
4. Dark Elves
3. High Elves
2. Wood Elves
1. Goblins

19-02-2010, 20:27
High Elves attack first, always, period - what's more to talk about? :)

Lord Malorne
19-02-2010, 20:52
Only in combat :p.

19-02-2010, 21:53
I don't play Wood Elves personally but my brother does; they're probably a more challenging army to use effectively than the High Elves or Dark Elves who have more traditional units. Wood Elves don't have many units with ranks, and only really one true rank and file unit (the Eternal Guard), the rest are all skirmishers.

Dryads however are extremely capable combat units, war-dancers are too but with strength 3 they are a little bit more limited depending on the targets available. Wild-riders are pretty vicious, and of course the glade-guard are good bowmen (though good use of cover or diversions is necessary as they have no armour).

The main thing going for Wood Elves is that a lot of their models are new, and the basic regiments (Dryads and Glade Guard) have some awesome models. A couple of boxes of Dryads also gives you enough spare twiggy bits to build your own treeman if you're not a fan of the GW model (my brother wasn't).

Dunno if any of this will change your mind, but just saying! I personally think more challenging to use armies are more fun.

I do actually have a High Elf army, but it is all-mounted, which I'm not sure is allowed in the edition 7 army-book (Silver Helms are a special choice now?), haven't used them much. Found Silver Helms to be a fairly good cavalry unit though, and Ellyrian Reavers are pretty nifty fast cavalry.

The Red Scourge
19-02-2010, 22:30
As a wood elf player I can only recommend them, they're a great army with good internal balance - something that can't be said for the other elves. They demand a lot of the player using them, which means you'll have to be good with tactics, but also that its hard to attribute your victory to a broken army list or cheesy build. Besides that woodies are the only elven army not wearing silly helmets ;)

I've played quite a few battles vs. the prissies and ze darkies, and from that experience I'd advise you to shun the the prissy high elves, as its a rather boring army due to the ASF and limited options for viable builds. Darkies on the other hand are a much more wellrounded force with the capacity to play the game any way you could dream of. Sure they have a couple of 'broken' builds, but the army isn't broken per se.

20-02-2010, 07:41
High Elves and Skaven in the starter set is a fairly solid rumour, but don't take it for granted ;)

Sweet, already collect skaven, and i do like high elves

However i went wood elves and dark elves, and have never looked back ^^

21-02-2010, 06:23
this is great info, see I kinda like the look of the wood elves but some of the high elves models appeal to me too and dryads are nice i used them a few times in the games I have played with them at GW hmmm choices choices choices

The Red Scourge
21-02-2010, 08:26
Then consider the playstyles.

High elves will offer you a big dragon or a mage shooting fireballs out his ass, so if you're into herohammering go that way.

Woodies will offer you an army, where characters are secondary and the army itself will need to work to get the job done.