View Full Version : Battle Wagon Bitz

18-02-2010, 22:57
Has anyone sold bits to BWB? I've bought stuff from them, and the Warstore in general, plenty of times, but never actually sold them anything. I'm wondering how good the return is. Specifically what I'm thinking is getting a hold of some assault on black reach boxes and sell BWB everything but the dreadnought and def koptas. Would this actually net me any profit, or would I even break even for the price of the boxes?

I've never sold anything on ebay, and have exactly no spare time to try and figure out how to do it...so I'm looking to avoid that option...though worse comes to absolute worst I can get intouch with someone who has sold stuff. Not warhammer stuff...but stuff.

19-02-2010, 15:44
BWB has a list right on their site that will tell you not only what they actually want, but how much you get for it.

Trust me, you're probably not going to be able to sell that stuff to them since the set is pretty common, and even if you could you wouldn't make anything resembling a profit.