View Full Version : Did anybody save the online Warhammer Skirmish scenarios?

20-02-2010, 04:31
I was interested in starting up Warhammer Skirmish. I found the book, but I remember that there were more scenarios on the old GW site. I can't find them now, so I was hoping somebody had saved them. Or maybe there's another place you can find them?

20-02-2010, 04:58
You can find them here (http://web.archive.org/web/20080424112846/uk.games-workshop.com/warhammerskirmish/) :)

Be advised, however, that half the pictures don't work and the formatting's gone to hell. So if you get some blank images, (chances are it will be the deployment map :p) or get lost navigating, it's normal

EDIT: Also, remember that in the Getting Started section for each army there is a skirmish scenario intended for use with only one or two boxes, for example the lizardmen scenario needs something like 5 Saurus and 8 Skinks