View Full Version : What minor changes would you make

20-02-2010, 14:41
The question is a rather simple one. If you could make a minor change, not point costs, to a codex, what would you change. And please explain what such a change would be good for.

I'll kick this off with two examples

1. Space Marines
Any squad that can take a Razorback and is able to use the combat squad rule may take two razorbacks if the squad is 10 strong.
How did the squad get to the battlefield in the first place? Hitchhike with the 10 man units in rhinos (transport capacity 12)

2. Chaos SM
Include some pictures of complete armies with count-as units. For example an Iron Warriors list with near-android marines, counts-as Plague Marines.
Might at the same time make more people convert borderline-unfluffy units to fit better with the rest of the army and make us whiners not jump on anyone who uses unusual combos.