View Full Version : what is up with the GW Site???

21-02-2010, 05:17
it's screwy... anyone else have a problem with it?

21-02-2010, 05:26
No, but "screwy" doesn't lead me to look for any specific problem.

21-02-2010, 05:27
I'm trying to get to the online store so I can price some stuff. Just Irked that it failed while I was browsing.

just wondering if it is an 'Carl's Computer Sucks!' problem or if it is a GW problem.

21-02-2010, 06:23
Sounds like your computer sucks.

21-02-2010, 06:27
I've just been using it and have had no problems

21-02-2010, 06:28
Why is this in 40k general discussion?

21-02-2010, 06:46
im not having any problems with the gw site idk what ur problem is mb u need to get a new browser

The Marshel
21-02-2010, 06:59
yeah, having issues with it myself. certain tabs arn't loading. I suspect just some update errors

21-02-2010, 07:18
Just went myself, no army lists or anything

Lord of Worms
21-02-2010, 07:22
Right now it's worse than usual. You can't access anything. It's been a poorly designed site for about six years now, very bloated and counter intuitive with lots of technical problems. I liked the way it was before.

Marshal Argos
21-02-2010, 07:30
yup, works just fine for me. Everything loads, and I can access everything to... Sounds to me like it's OHSAT, or the internet connections.

21-02-2010, 07:39
Fine for me too.

Lord of Worms
21-02-2010, 07:41
It could be a North American server issue.

21-02-2010, 07:46
Its running fine on my laptop (which is probably very close to breaking, exploding or similar). Have you tried clicking the big hyperlink back to the homepage. You know, the GW logo. That usually sorts stuff out for me.

The Ginger Ninja
21-02-2010, 07:57
The top half of the (Australian) main page is fine,
The bottom half...

Yes I tried refreshing it

21-02-2010, 11:24
I'm moving this thread to Other GW.


Chaos and Evil
21-02-2010, 13:19
I was getting oddities yesterday, haven't checked today.

My laptop could load it, but my desktop could not.

21-02-2010, 13:57
Been having the same problems as Ginger Ninja for a few days now. And it's not my computer that's the problem.

21-02-2010, 14:29
It was alright for me as far as I know this morning but now I have the same problem as the Ginger Ninja.

21-02-2010, 14:32
I cant access it either

22-02-2010, 04:05
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing myself.

The Custodian
22-02-2010, 04:23

I think its my connection...

Was at home yesterday and my Ipod had no problem loading the site... Didnt get a chance to try it on my laptop

However just got back to my room for school and its acting all wierd for me now on both Ipod and laptop... >.<

22-02-2010, 04:36
I can get to the site, but there are no links for the online store. The usual links for finding stores, "What's new Today", etc. are there, but no links for the online store at all. (I'm using firefox, by the way).

22-02-2010, 13:12
nevermind - it is back up