View Full Version : Some More Warbands Advice (Bretonnians)

Krom The Eternal
21-02-2010, 06:50
So my Little Brother has hopped on board for a Warbands Campaign Using Brets With Me and My friend. I will be playing VC my Friend Wood elves and My brother will be Bringing the Brets. My question is what should i have him bring? I'm not sure what I'm gonna bring yet and we have no clue what my friend is bringing. My brother has access to everything the brets can offer except mounted yeomen. I want to have his army be pretty tough but well balanced to be able to fight off VC and Woodies. I was thinking he could bring something like this., keep in mind i haven't added the points up yet as I'm just brain storming.

Questing Vow
birth sword of carcassonne

6x Kotr

5x M@A

10x M@A

3x Skirmishing Bowmen

3x Skirmishing Bowmen

4x Questing Knights

What do you Warbanders think?