View Full Version : Thinking about picking up a Wood Elf army any suggestions

Sons of Blight
22-02-2010, 13:56
I'm pretty sure im going to start a woold elf army - not sure what to start with- thoughts? - Im' going to get 2250

Lord Malorne
22-02-2010, 13:59
Battalion, its great, you can make wild riders out of glade riders easily, treeman are great, treekin not so much, you will want at least one spellshaper and and the standard alter noble (basicaly a noble, the one with the horns is good) after that you have a lot of options, I myself tend to take a lord on forest dragon.

Have a look in the army lists section for examples of 2250 lists :).

22-02-2010, 14:04
The battalion box is pretty good :)

ninja'd... that'll teach me to open loads of tabs to read!

22-02-2010, 17:28
'Nother vote for the battalion.

TKin are good, except that they handle differently than anything else in the list. If you're learning the army you're probably getting used to moving skirmishers, single models and fast cav, adding an Ogre unit into the mix could split your attentions in a nonconstructive way. Using TKin in a WE list is a matter of serious adjusting, especially since their M5, which is slower than a regular Ogre base so any previous experience you have with those types isn't really easy to translate.

But I take 4 in every list and I love them.

Wardancers are great, but you should always take 2 units, probably 2 x 7 with command. They are very effective and agile, but they don't cover a lot of the board. If you only take one unit it can be neutralized very easily. But two units can impose themselves on the enemy very effectively.

Wardancers are also skirmishers, so as you're learning to use Dryads you can apply those techniques to the Wardancers as well. The real difference is that WD are so much more expensive than Dryads, so you want to be more careful with them. I try to treat them as a second wave unit, coming into the battle late, usually from behind cover.

The Red Scourge
22-02-2010, 17:31
Everything is good about woodies :)

The SkaerKrow
22-02-2010, 18:31
Keep in mind that you may find yourself compelled to run Core Infantry with Standards by the end of the year, depending on how 8e shakes out.

22-02-2010, 18:35
Good point.

TBH, I've heard some rather compelling arguments for standards on Glade Guard. Particularly on a hill, for higher ground, rank and standard you've got static 3 against fliers and fast cav.

That's pretty optimistic of course, and obviously full of holes. But if 8th ed. turns out that way, its at least a consolation.

The SkaerKrow
22-02-2010, 18:55
Well, if you run a Highborn, don't Eternal Guard become Core?

Lord Malorne
22-02-2010, 18:56
Yes, who knows though, 8th ed may make eternal guard a staple.