View Full Version : new to lotr,need help

Daemon Dave
25-02-2010, 22:39
hi all,im a 40k and wfb gamer and want to start play lotr as i love the films.but i dont know where to start.i know i want to play the evil side.but not sure how to start.plus whats the difference between lotr stratergy game and wotr?many thanks.

Whitwort Stormbringer
25-02-2010, 23:27
For starters, the strategy game (SBG) is best played at smaller scales, and each figure has an individual statline (much like in WH40K). However, unlike in 40K, models are completely independent in their movement, so no squads or even squad cohesion, it's just one big fluid group, and you move them around as you like. You can play larger battles in SBG, but they're a bit clunky. The game is best, in my opinion, for battles ranging anywhere from 200-1,000 points, being a very small skirmish on up to a decent sized battle.

War of the Ring (WotR) is designed specifically for large-scale battles, and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to try anything smaller. Infantry are organized into "companies" of 8 models (arranged in 2 rows of 4), and cavalry come in companies of 2 models (side-by-side). Large creatures such as trolls and ents move independently. As far as I can tell (I've never actually played WotR), hero characters like Aragorn or a ringwraith can either join a standard company, or they can be arranged in a "legendary formation" with 2 other named characters (so for instance you could have Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli traveling together).

So, as far as which system to get into, it all depends on what scale of game you want to play. If you think the battle in Balin's tomb was fun, try SBG. If you want to re-enact Helm's Deep, go for WotR. Both use the same models, though, so if you're OK with shelling out for both rulebooks then there's no reason why you couldn't play both systems with one army.

As for who to play, who is it from the evil side that appeals to you? I would say the first thing you want to do is determine whether you lean towards an orc horde, or evil humans. If orcs, then picking between Mordor and Isengard will mostly come down to which heroes you like best, since you have access to a lot of the same, or very similar, troop types. If you tend to like big, strong combatants as leaders then Isengard is more your type, whereas Mordor has far more magic users (however, Isengard has Saruman in the magic department, and Mordor gets troll chieftans and Gothmog for combatants).

If you go for humans, then I think it comes down more to picking a playstyle. The Haradrim and Corsairs of Umbar tend to have lower defense, but potent shooting and some interesting hero types. Conversely, the Easterlings are more elite troops but are generally less varied. Lastly, Khand will offer you the chariots, which are unique to them.

You can also play an Angmar force, which will give you lots of undead troops, or a mirkwood force, which could consist of lots of giant bats, spiders, and wargs.

Hope that helps!