View Full Version : Wie beliebt ist Warhammer in Deutschland?

vinny t
28-02-2010, 17:32
Ich mochte Deutchland gehen, und ich war wundern, wie beliebt ist Warhammer in Deutschland.

Note: I'm a 3rd year student, so please excuse the abominable grammar :)

28-02-2010, 17:35
You should be able to find gaming circles in every major city. Have a look at GW's website to see an overview of GW stores in Germany. Also check 40k-fanworld.de (big messageboard) and the T3 platform which is a portal for tournaments.

01-03-2010, 18:30
Oh, its definately popular. Just look at the amount of news annd rumors you get from Germany (thats a "warseer" you)... As long as you move to a semilarge city, youre bound to find something. Where will you be going? If you know at the moment, that is...