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08-03-2010, 18:19
So, back again from my Sunday gaming day where I was to try out a new list for my Space Marines.

First up, it was me VS my mate Orks, and I thought Id had the upper hand with my new and shiny list. I was really looking forward to put some of the new units to use, and in general pretty pumped up for the game, the setup could have been done differently, and had I known what was in store for me I would have done it compleatly different!

To summarize the goodies and the badies heres a list.

-first turn successfully immobilized my Landraider redeemer due to a unlucky dif. terrain test.
-Second turn sees my troop rhino slamming in to the very same difficult terrain, stopping it dead in its tracks.
-By turn three all my vehicles where ether destroyed or immobilized!
-Letting one lone rokkit wielding deffkopta with one wound remaining live, thinking he would fail his LD test... but oh noes, he not only succeads with the LD test, he then continues to pop a hit (rolling a 6 on the first roll) on my vindicator tank, then continuing by rolling yet another 6 for the armour penetration roll, and then keeping it going by rolling yet another 6 for the damage chart, not only blowing my tank to bits. But also crating a .. yep... 6" blast radius so that my two speeders are caught in the explosion and are utterly destroyed!.... "Note to self... never underestimate the deffkopptas again!"
- clogging the way with immobilized vehicles, making my other vehicles unable to get through, thus having to take stupid routs around the gaming board.
-Forgetting to fire the Whirlwind on the fourth turn, which could have won me the game.
- Forgetting to move one of my troops past the diff terrain that all my vehicles had stopped in, thus most probably costing me the game there as well, all because I didn't take a moment to look over the battlefield one last time:/
- letting a lone shot up grot unit be the only unit on a objective at the end of the game, thinking "hey.. it cant already end on turn 5 can it??".

The Goodies:
- My terminators, that after letting their redeemer suffering a immobilized result, successfully footlooging the battlefield unharmed. Destroying a biker squad, a full unit of ork slugga boyz, and annihilating more than half a unit of buffed up orks nobs!
- whirlwind actually scoring two un scattered hits with its "no cover save" blasts, wounding all, for a maximum of 100% kill ratio.... the first two turns that is
-... .... thats it actually... no wait.. successfully making my mate forget about pedros +1 attack bonus, sweeping in to a unengaged regular marine unit as well as pedros small elite unit! thus giving me another 20 extra attacks that struck before his storm boyz, and made me win that fight!

All in all it was a fun game, but I just cant get around some of the horrific bad luck I had, specially making the difficult terrain tests. But more than that, letting that lone rokkit deffkoppta live to blow up my whole right flank:/

The setup was a bit dull as well, ending in the ork player huddering down in deep forest grounds, and bunkers waiting until the very last turn to advance out in the open to "snatch" a objective. And me immobilizing all my units, making my army stand around like idiots.

Gray Hunter
09-03-2010, 23:10
That Deffkopta was outrageously lucky. I think you probably made the right decision. Surely you opted not to fire at it and at something else instead? What would that unit have done to your army had you not taken it out? Was it likely to do damage without needing to roll four consecutive sixes? Probably, so it was a better target.