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09-03-2010, 01:44
WotR is sufficiently different from other wargames I have played that I find myself kind of floundering when it comes to building armies. And since I am the one who is trying to get people to play in my area, I figure I should know some of these things.

How many companies in a formation is a good balance between durability and maneuverability?

How many epic heroes does a typical army have?

How many monsters?

Not looking for anything concrete or specific here, just general guidelines and ballpark figures I can use as a base.

Also, I have heard people mention in other threads how the rules have some problems and some grey areas, but no one mentioned what they are.

So, what parts of the rules should I be especially familiar with when teaching people so that I can answer tricky questions?

Nu Fenix
09-03-2010, 02:20
I find that depending on the role of the formation, 4-6 companies works well for melee-based infantry, although this can be reduced for more edlite formations [such as Half Trolls that I use only 2 strong]. For shooting based infantry, 2-3 is better, since any more is unlikely to get LOS and so you will be paying only for supporting fire.

For cavalry, I would go on a similar set of numbers to infantry, except that for some cavalry, going all the way up to 9 strong is viable, as it ensure you can get a maximum frontage for as long as possible. That is only 18 modes afterall...

For Epic Heroes, it depends on the number of normal heroes I have. I believe that every formation that can have a hero, should, whether it be a Captain [or equivalent] or an Epic Hero. However, you also need to make sure you have a reasonable amount of Might, as it can make or break the game. Decide how much you think Might is worth to you, as it can influence Hero choices. It also means every formation can At the Double!, which keeps you maneauverable.
On a related note, be careful of taking Epic Heroes who have a handy ability [Merry and Pippin for example], but also have a very low Fight and as such can be a liability to their formation if they are the target of a Heroic Duel.

Monsters I find depends on the size, but I would advise a minimum of 1 per 1k. Once again, personally I try to take a Heroic Monster if I can, as they're often very good at Heroic Duels, but Heroic Fight is extremely powerful with them.

As for rules problems, have you checked the entire history of this section of the site? WOTR is only a year old, so it has been mentioned many times.
The big two that come to mind however, are the pricing of Legendary Formations and does Epic Strike, as well as other Fight modifications, apply to Heroic Duels?

darkened sun
09-03-2010, 07:00
You want your units in the middle to be as big as possible and on the flanks small size. Some infantry anvils in the middle with cavalry on the side and minor CC units and archers (who can also deploy back on a hill or suchlike).

Any major CC unit you want to be maximum company size which usually means 6 companies, though sometimes 9 for Mordor Orcs and others like Riders of Rohan. Give them a Captain. No Banner. Stuff like archers you should take in small units of 2 or 3.

About 3-4 Epic Heroes is good for 1500 points. 5-6 for 2000 points. That includes spellcasters which you should always include 1 or 2 of if you want a competitive army. I would spend around 30-40% of your points on heroes. But that doesn't include monster Epic Heroes like Troll Chieftains and Balrogs.

The number of monsters shouldn't be too many. Something like a Balrog is going to take a huge chunk of your army in points. Stuff like Trolls and Ents are best taken in pairs so that you team them against a single company of infantry so they get killed less easily. So I would usually recommend about 2 troll-size monsters per army.