View Full Version : Leman Russ upgrades.

09-03-2010, 11:53
Why are they more expensive than space marines tank upgrades?
for example: Dozer blade is 5 points more expensive, I really have needs on 5 points, atleast in mini games.


Lord Damocles
09-03-2010, 12:21
1) Russ is more resiliant
2) Russ can pack more firepower on the move
3) Cruddace

09-03-2010, 13:06
Russ is bigger so needs a larger, thus more expensive, dozer blade? :rolleyes:

09-03-2010, 14:11
Same reason that a lascannon costs more for a space marine than it does for a guardsman (or two, strictly speaking).

Generally the 'better' something is the more its upgrades cost compared to other stuff. While you could argue that the space marine tanks are BS4 which makes them better than the russ, it is generally held that survivablility of the thing is more important that most other factors.

The dozer blade magnifies the russ's AV 14 survivability even more and opens up more movement options for the player, both of which are useful on the space marine tank too, but the fact that the russ is tougher to start with means it is doubly useful on the russ, hence the higher price.

09-03-2010, 14:24

Errr, need more characters...

As the codex author failed to fully consider the variable impact of the various upgrades on shooty and transport vehicles, and the interaction of the main vehicle rules and the purpose and special rules of the Guard vehicles, and additionally felt incapable of making upgrades different prices on different vehicles, or varying from the 'multiple of 5' pricing much.

09-03-2010, 16:44
There is probably no real reason for it. In my opinion with the high points, dozer blades arent worth the points.