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11-02-2006, 19:42
Because it is half term i will know set to work on my board which I have been planning. I will post updates al least every day to keep you all up to date with lots of pictures - Sorry, you will have to wait till tommorow for the firat lot.

Here was the idea:

A ruined city left abandoned by the imperium because of a crashed cargo plane carrying experimental fertillisers - turning out to be far to strong - as the plane crashed the fertilliser was spread all over the city, within a year nature had gone mad. The city was soon overrun by orks who had decided to take up place here.

The imperium is beginning to set a foot in it to purge the xenos but soon it won't just be orks they are fighting.

Over the years nature has over taken and reduced most of this evacuated city to rubble. Grass among the buildings, lots of trees are growing up, moss and hedges.

Now each army must aclimatise to these new conditions.

It can also be used for fantasy and LoTR but I haven't thought up suitable fluff for these systems yet - Somehow i don't think they had fertilliesers, let alone this strong.

I have got the grass mat down on the boards and is stuck on but to my slight annoyance it is a bit too short in places - doesn't matter too much, You don't really notice it. I will post pictures of the boards tommorow and the WIP ruins. I aim for this project to be finished by Monday the 20th of feb.

12-02-2006, 08:03
A small update: Pictures in the afternoon (though not because of batteries charging - the camera has lasted nearly 2 months and is only on its second lot of 2 standard rechargeables). I have finished 3 buildings and have aquired 35+ trees from my dads old hornby railway - got rid of because of taking up to much room - which were bagged up in our loft. Some are a bit to scrawney to look like trees but will be fine for hedges.

12-02-2006, 14:20
Pictures! This is the stuff done so far:





Comments? Crit? Motivation? I don't mind - hopefully more comments than crit though *insert big grin smiley here*

Sorry for the poor pictures - i should have turned on flash in this case. Maybe better ones tommorow - along with lots of trees and rubble!

12-02-2006, 17:45
big question here.

are you trying to make these ruins to fit any type of board, or are you wanting them just for your lost jungle theme?

it will make a huge difference, i can understand making them fit any board, then you dont want to base any building outside of the walls and floors of the building, and you cant embellish much habitat weathering. which is apparently the route your going, or looks like your going.

but your initial post this is supposed to represent a jungle cityfight board.

you need to base your city then and on the bases add folliage ext. you need vines crawling up the walls. small brown twine drybrushed green here and there and alot of glue added and dipped in flock, prefferably a little darker green flock would be good vineage.

you also need to have overgrowth encroaching on your ruins as well as mossy patches in the darker areas.

overgrowth would be greatly represented with Lichen, and colored lichen would add needed color and a little bit of an alien touch.
moss would be represented by dark colored flock, the finre the better.

and when you would flock your terrain edges you really need to use static grass. not GW's crap, neon, radioactive looking static grass.
Woodland scenics makes 3 shades of green - light, med and dark. i use a blend of the 3. and they are $8.00 US each (bout a year ago when i bought mine) and you get a large spice shaker sized container full of it.

even some trees sprouting up in the middle of some of your building.

bananna trees and rubber trees would be good inspiration, both are large tall and leafy, and bananna trees grow fast so would look good with heights of 2-4 stories to the tops.

brush piles, Idols and so on would be good individual pieces as well, you could create pieces roughly the size of minefileds 4"x8" and use them as vine patches of overgrowth for diffucult terrain.

some good razorwire pieces and minefileds would look good as well since both are used in cityfight. also 1 or 2 bunkers would be good additions.

my 3 or 4 cents for now.

12-02-2006, 22:02
There are some rather nice plant things on www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk that might come in handy- look at the etched brass. There's also razor wire and other nice bits and bobs :)

13-02-2006, 07:08
big question here.

are you trying to make these ruins to fit any type of board, or are you wanting them just for your lost jungle theme?


Jungle probably wasn't the right term to use but rather a temperate deciduous forest landscape. So no jungle type plants. About the craters - I'm not to sure, I haven't decided how long the fightings been going on for yet. I do have a really heavy 12" X 8" crater - I'm not sure by boards will support it - I'll show you how the underside was done at some point - a rectangle of slats and one in the middle to support the wood (cheap) Its the way (supposedly) GW BW make theirs.

I'll have a look into making some more craters at some point.