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10-03-2010, 14:48
Colour Schemes - do I need to keep 'by the book'?

I'm hoping to start Elves in the near future, mainly Galadrhim and some Wood Elves as skirmishers.

If I paint the Galad's in Green and white are most groups likely to lynch me? I'm not aiming to plonk something down that would look at home on a 40K board just a little brighter and different to the norm.

Wood Elves with be green and black, I think.

If my scheme is sympathetic to the background but different would most groups be cool with that?

Secondly, I'm a bit short on cash at the moment so I'd be limited to maybe 20 per month. What would be good montly purchases to get me towards 500 points?

Lastly, which of the Elven archers would I be best off using, Wood or Galad?

Thank you.

10-03-2010, 16:31
No there are no official color schemes. Actually there arent any in any GW games. Just keep the colors "realistic" and no one will care.

For 20 pounds a month why don't you stick with a plastic box each month for the next three months. You could get two boxes of warriors and a box of cavalry. One each month for the next three months. You could add a box of the unarmored wood elves after that and you would have a pretty nice size force. After that you will want to get some heroes and some command models. I would suggest getting all of the elven hero models eventually just because I think they really all look cool. And it will give you some diversity to what you can field.

BTW are you planning on playing War of the Ring or just the Strategy Battle Game?

10-03-2010, 16:47
War of the Ring is my aim. I just figured that 500pts was a reasonable 'starting goal'.

Thanks for your help :)

Wil Grand
10-03-2010, 18:26
If it's natural tones you want but like GW paints then look up Coat d'arms on Maelstrom games - 18ml at 1.59 or so a tub. they're pretty much the exact same and are excellent. Colour schemes can be whatever you want but I try to get the colours film right since I'm a bit of an accuracy natsi on historicals so I end up bringing that over.

Whitwort Stormbringer
10-03-2010, 23:03
As others have mentioned, there are no "official" color schemes - only whatever GW does which is in turn based on the characters' appearances in the movies (or GW-invented, if not portrayed in the movies).

So paint them however you like, and you should be fine. Green and black ought to work out just fine for your wood elves, for instance.

I'll second leadlair's advice of a box a month to get perhaps two sets of infantry and a set of cavalry, then tack on heroes. I'd start out with just a captain and a named hero of your choice.

Are you thinking of theming your army after Lothlorien or Mirkwood, specifically, or just doing more of a generic wood elf army? That will probably determine who you want to lean towards in terms of heroes.

Wil Grand
10-03-2010, 23:11
Btw, if you look at black fabric it never really is, its usually very, very, very, very dark blue. highlighting with Grey just doesn't look right. When I first started to paint LotR using citadel colour I learned it looks better to have brown the base coat and bleached bone in the highlight.

11-03-2010, 01:45
Yeah there is a official color scheme, that would be the one on the boxes.

No worries though even GW paints their armies differently. A great example, the box dwarves are a green light green or camo green I think, yet the painting up armies article on the GW website has them painted BLUE.

I would imagine it was that way for all armies. Personally I tried following the official scheme when doing my haradrim. But I look back on it now and notice I did not put enough black on the models and too much red.

As they are a Mixed rabble kind of army though I think I can fix it by simply doing the rest of the models correctly.

The drawback to doing unofficial painted armies is: if you don't know color matching well, you could end up with silly looking armies. Unless you get lucky or are a very good painter I suppose.

Whitwort Stormbringer
11-03-2010, 07:03
Yeah there is a official color scheme, that would be the one on the boxes.
Well sure, I guess those are "official" in the sense that they're the colors assigned by either GW or WETA, but they're not necessarily the colors as assigned in the books, which to me would be the real "official colors". Thing is, I don't think most factions were described in enough detail to get down to the colors of their uniforms (Sauron's forces were generally in red and black, though).

But there are no official colors in the same way that the official color scheme for Ultramarines in 40K is blue, or that the official colors for Averlanders in Warhammer are yellow and black. In GW's other games official colors exist as part of the background fluff created by GW. But in LotR, their decision on colors is just as good as yours, because they didn't create the various nations and factions.

11-03-2010, 07:11
Go for it. Just don't turn them pink or something! ;)

Actually WD etc has displayed alternative schemes for some factions like say the Easterlings. Though I'm sticking to semi official for my Easterlings. Gold and red as main colors.

16-03-2010, 03:11
Iv seen many different paint schemes for elves... Your imagination is the limit. Go on the GW website they have lots of cool wood elf schemes. Its worth a look.

17-03-2010, 18:03
Well, there actually happens to be a line somewhere in the book describing the colours of a Galadhrim guardian at Caras Galadhon (probably Guard of the Galadhrim Court in game terms) who has - I think - a white cloak and 'grey' mail. But then, that's the book, and neither Peter Jackson/WETA or GW really follows that in terms of arms and armour anyway. Do whatever you like, just don't make 'em pink. That'll be horrible.

The Marshel
22-03-2010, 11:39
people tend to favor the movie colour schemes for obvious reasons, but its really not that important. personally i feel the most important thing colour scheme wise for lotr is realism. natural, muted and dirty colours normally look better then bright overdrive fantasy colours. so ya know, don't go painting an orcs face bright green, it just looks weird here.

thats not to say the brighter colours never work, its just that they normally don't. ultimently the hobby is to be enjoyed so what ever floats ur boat is fine

22-03-2010, 20:30
To drive the point home, I would rather play against a unofficial fully painted army, than an officially unpainted army.

22-03-2010, 21:17
If everyone painted their armies the same it would get pretty boring, as long as it looks good do it.

24-03-2010, 09:02
If everyone painted their armies the same it would get pretty boring, as long as it looks good do it.

Not to mention everyone has a variation.
my Easterlings have black as a third color not brown. I feel black boots/gloves and sash give them a more insidious edge.
The back of the shield is gold too but that's just for convenience.
Personality is in the details and slight variations can already give a completely different effect.