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Red Beard
13-03-2010, 01:52

the lack of ork players where I live has got me considering them as my new army. I would like to throw an idea out there and let you ork vets point me in the right direction.

First of all, Assault on Black Reach is something that I plan to use while building my army. However, I dont plan on buying it because I can get the stuff I need from ebay, friends, ect...

My idea is really just a fun army. Not too competitive, not really a tournament list. Just a break from Necrons and Marines.

I already have the warboss from AoBR so I plan on picking up 60-70 orks from AoBR, 10-20 Nobz from AoBR, 15 Deffkoptas from AoBR and then buying 2 ork trukks, 2 rhinos and 2 chimeras.

With that I will kit bash all the transports and make them very "orky". I will place 10-12 ork boys in each trukk and replace the big shoota model with a Nob model. My warboss will ride with a unit of nobz in another trukk or a battlewagon. I will use all the defkoptas to outflank.

I dont have a ork codex but this seems like a very in your face, fun list and its not too expensive because the transports would be the only expensive buys.

Do you think this could turn out to be a fun project and a interesting ork army?


13-03-2010, 02:14
You seem to have a very firm grasp on what type of army you want and let me just say that with all those trukks, it is pretty competative, even if you don't get te first turn a few of them should be shooting off 19" (red paint job's always good to take) toward the enemy before they blow up, lol. I might recommend a box of Nobz for the power klaws, you can't go wrong with them and convert a nob into a painboy.

Remember that alot of boys works well and try to tone down on the special stuff unless you're taking a mek or speed freekz army, but since you're not taking thouse, lots of boyz are your friend. My typical green tide fits around 20 Nobz and 100+ boys into 1500 points.

Lootas are good to add also, so convert those big shootas you're not using into some of them. They are one of the best units in the codex and add some very much needed long range firepower. If you think they don't look so good, I always field at least 1 mob of 8 and they cause no end of problems for my opponents and they usually target them with something they'd be better off firing at what's coming at them.

Basically, a few more pointer:

Warbosses - give them 'eavy armour, bosspoles and cybork bodies, a kombi-skorcha is also a great choice.

Nobz - mix the weaponry up for wound allocation, also give them all 'eavy armour and a painboy.

Boyz - I prefer sluggas over shootas, but that won't effect you since you're going for AoBR models and they're slugga boyz.

Boyz - nobs with power klaws and bosspoles are a must for when they start suffering heavy casualties those bosspoles can keep them in the game. I never bother with 'eavy armour on a Boyz nob unless I have a few points I have nothing else to spend elsewhere.

Trukk - I give them red paint job and stikkbomb chukkas, with furious charge it can make a difference when assault large units that are I3 and like to lurk in cover. others will likely disagree with my upgrades on these, but they're my preferred taking. Also take at least 3 trukks, they're AV10 all round and very easy to blow up.

Battlewagons - regardless of its purpose, take at least 1 big shoota so a weapon destroyed result doesn't leave it stranded. Deff rollas are great fun (d6 S10 hits on units and tanks it tank shocks) as well. I only have 1 in my reagular army at the moment and find it somewhat vulnerable, so adding a second very soon. Grot Riggers are also useful in case you get immobilised, that way you can get moving again :)

In case you're interest:

Kans - believe it or not these mini-dreads are great and with grotzookas they can pike on 2 blast shots each. I always take grotzookas. The new models are also quite wonderful to.

In all, a AoBR based army is quite basic, but with trukks and battlewagons added it can become very formidable. You have the basics of a good force there without adding to (apart form the converted lootas I recommended, take some, trust me). In time you might want to do what I did and expand in other directions. I'm not branching out into speed freekz and nob biker lists after alreadt assembling the trukk, tide and mek variants.

13-03-2010, 02:20
Ork advice? Well lemme see....

well first ya need to git yerself some dakka. Dakka's always a gud un ta have. it murderlates tings frum far away an dat stops ya from gittin shanked. next maybe git some bikes because fast is always bettah than slo. paint em red too for moar fast. ya shuld 'ave some choppin by nao so might as well git some moar. finish tings out wiff some flash and fiddly bits (dem flashgits, tankbustas, maybe a wyrd boy). den u'll 'ave a good waagh ready ta git yer crump on.

13-03-2010, 02:21
Do you think this could turn out to be a fun project and a interesting ork army?

In short, yes.

Trukks are only AV10, so any rhino/chimera conversion will need to be suitably ramshackle. You have a solid starting base there, and there is plenty of scope to add more cool stuff. I started collecting Orks after I'd lost some interest in 40k, and they got me hooked again.

13-03-2010, 02:36
Well, let's see... I'd suggest buying Shoota Boy arms in bulk. While they may not get that extra attack in CC, even a squad of Trukk Boyz w/ Shootas is a challenge for any infantry unit. Give most of your Nobz Big Choppas. They may allow your enemy to still take an armor save, but they hit hard and they can even destroy tanks.

Deffkoptas. 15 can be fun, I've run it, and it's nasty. Give them Big Shootas and skip out on the Rokkit Launchas unless you're really hard up for anti-tank (Power Klaws are still the best anti-tank weapon we have, barring the Deff Rolla). 15 Deffkoptas scouting 24" before the game even begins is ludicrous, but only do it if you have first turn. You can start cutting down the foe before they even get a chance to roll the dice against you, and it'll become their priority target at that point, leaving your Boyz and whatnot free to move up into assault range.

Lootas and Burnas. Lootyas are perfect for sitting in cover and picking off pretty much anything from one side of the board to the other. Burnas are absolutely brutal if loaded up into a Battle Wagon and sent into the enemy lines. I've taken down squads of 7+ Terminators with Burnas, only from the sheer amount of templates hitting them.

I'll echo the Killa Kan sentiment, esepcially with Grotzookas. Look into a Dread Bash list if you want to have some fun. 2 Deff Dreads and 9 Killa Kans. This means you need to take two Big Meks as HQs, but they also have the ability to take a moving 4+ cover save for your vehicles, and with such soft targets as Trukks, you need any help you can get! Don't overlook Deff Dreads in any case, a Dread with 4 X DCCW is scary.

The main idea behind Orks is super aggressive tactics and priority is the number one issue you want your opponent to have. 15 Deffkoptas, 9 Kans, 2 Dreads, and multiple Boyz all on the same board equals an opponent with too many scary targets and not enough guns.

The end.

30-03-2010, 14:24
I play nids at the moment but if i were to change i would change to orcs just for fun because they seem to always have a laugh and seems less serious and more fun!

01-04-2010, 12:16
1. Buy a box of Nobs for power claws, wargear, and of course more Nobs.

2. Lootas are great, I highly recomend them.

3. Looted Wagon may look like crap on paper, but it can come in very handy.

4. Numbers. Manuverability. Resilience. Pick two.

5. For some dedicated Ork army discussions I recomend http://www.the-waaagh.com/home.htm

01-04-2010, 13:40
Powerclaws are your friends.
Rokkits are better than big shootas, because they give you a chance to hurt armor from a distance.
Kans are mandatory.
Koptas can do lots of tricks you wouldn't expect from orks.

01-04-2010, 13:56
SHOOTING with Orks is actually quite good, Orks can assault well, but don't focus too hard on this to leave out their shooting