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13-03-2010, 05:10
Been crawling this site for a long time, but really haven't posted much. Hope to be posting more as time goes on.

As the title says, from your games what was the most epic shot you have ever had using a warmachine or other ballistic type weapon?

I haven't played since 6th ed so not much for me, but in one of my early games I was Skaven up against an OnG player with a Black Orc Warboss on a Wyvern fully tricked out. On the 2nd turn, I fired my warp lightning cannon at the warboss, missfired, had it spin right back on target and it passed through the warboss (randomized on him from the wyvern), a group of 5 ranked up big uns behind, and finally a catapult. A couple of rolls later and down they all went.

Maybe not as epic as some of your stories, but it was really fun when it happened.

13-03-2010, 05:16
Recently, I killed a chameleon skink with one sharp stuff shot, rolled 3 6's in a row! well... maybe not epic... but a pretty nice shot.

13-03-2010, 05:20
killed i greater demon of tzeench from across the board with a skaven warp lightning cannon... hit him from 42 inches away! got str 10, and did 6 wounds! dead chicken, turned a loss to a draw.

13-03-2010, 06:00
Not only an epic kill, but an epic failure, in 6th edition, a Chaos Lord of doom on dragon landed only 5 inckes from my Hellblaster, which promptly mis-fired on the first barrel, rolled a 6, and 900 or so points of character vanished in a 30 shot kaboom. It is the one time that thing truly made me happy.

13-03-2010, 06:05
Hmm best shot. It's not Fantasy but Lord of the Rings. I shot my friend's Mumakil with one ranger. He hit, wounded, the Oliphaunt failed its courage test and crushed the better part of his army. God I love that ranger. He was promoted. :D

13-03-2010, 06:11
I saw this on a forum called The Herdstone a few months ago and it's just epic!
Two YouTube vidoes from Crossroads 2009 of a guy using a 1001 model Gnoblar Army:
First is 71 gnoblars using Multishot Sharpstuff against 13 Elves:
2nd is the same unit vs a Beastmen Giant
Just so epicly funny :D

As for me personally, I'm currently waiting for my Goblin Hewer to find something really squishy:evilgrin:

13-03-2010, 06:15
Probably a shot I made at a daemon prince. He was WAAAY away and on top of a hill. I said it was a complete pot shot as he was at the limit of my range and due to being on the cusp on a hill I had to land ON TOP of him to hit him. Guessed 72", hit, die, wooooo!

The Red Scourge
13-03-2010, 06:40
Most beautiful shot witnessed in a 1.5K match of HE vs. Empire

The high elf had been a bit surprised, that his hero mage couldn't be the general, because of the eagle riding hero he was testing out (the Ld thing had just slipped his mind).

Turn one goes to the Empire, and a cannon blows the eagle riders head off with a perfect shot :D

13-03-2010, 07:54
My "best...shot...ever!" was when I managed to blast an ancient stegadon with priest and all to smithereens on turn one with my Hellcannon.

13-03-2010, 08:19
1. Leadbelchers fire into some executioners, getting 10 shots each (art. dice shots/belcher) and causing at total of 21 wounds, there were only 20 executioners.

2. SSC fires on turn one and does one wound to a brettonian knight unit, it fails its panic test and flees oof the board, it has 2 units of knight right beside it, and it flees through some peasent bowmen. The bowmen fail the susequent test and flee off the board. One of the two units of knights panics too but doess not flee off the board. However it does inspire some panicing in another unit which also panics, but does not leave the table. :(

3. SSC fires at a huge unit of gors (including 1 bray shaman and a wargor) does 2 wounds and causes it to panic. Seconds later about 700pts are removed form the table :)

13-03-2010, 08:23
Stand-and-shoot reaction from a High Elf Captain leading his spearelves caused the last wound needed on a charging Stegadon - that was awesome. I felt like that guy in 300.

13-03-2010, 08:31
For me, it was with my O&Gs against a 6th ed HE army.

My opponent rolled his "intrigue at court" to find that his archmage is the general of his army, carefully hidden in a unit of archers ...

First turn I launch a Doom Diver at the archers, guess a bit short but the scatter die was kind, I smash 3 archers ... during his turn he moves the archmage out of the unit and just behind it ... second turn, Doom Diver launched at the archers, scatter goes straight on the archmage ... SPLAT !

13-03-2010, 08:47
Playing against khornate demons with a goblin army. In the turn right before the bloodthirster would slam into my army I do what I can to kill it but it refuses to die.

In desperation I was peering over my battleline looking for options when I noticed a lone wolf chariot, barely in range of the bloodthirster. Some nameless heroic little goblin, his little arms trembling with the effort, nocks an arrow into his shortbow. Closes his eyes against the horrific sight, let's lose and promptly slays the bloodthirster by taking it's last remaining wound.

Incidentally, I have no idea who this little hero was, but his chariot went on to decimate a unit of fleshhounds before turning around, making a glory pass along the length of my battleline and slamming into the flank of a bloodletter vs goblin melee to decide that one as well.

Sometimes life is grand when you're green. Must have been a little orc in that one.

Not as amazing but still very satisfying. Having some poncy high elf player scoff at the merits of goblin archery. Only to realize that when I climb the multitiered hill i was hiding behind halfway up the battefield, 40 goblin shortbows would be in range of his stationary battleline. The first volley decimated his expensive swordsmen. That's where he stopped guffawing and grim faced moved up his Phoenix guard realizing he was in trouble. Second volley decimated the phoenix guard. The next turn the goblins decided that one rank worth of elves isn't nearly as scary and they charged.

Goblin armies rarely perform well, but when they do it's the stuff of legends.

13-03-2010, 09:29
Not really a best shot, but a series of shots, from the same unit, in one battle: a lil unit of wolf riders (mine tend to run around with bows and shoot randomly at things while redirecting and blockmarching stuff). First target of opportunity, this time, a couple dragon ogres with 4 or 5 woulds left. Gobs aim, shoot, and a couple ogres are down. Nyark. Second target of opportunity, a chaos aspirant champion, with all his stupid saves gifts and whatnot, quits his unit to do I don't remember what. One round of shooting later, the aspirant is dead, bwahahaha! I got to say I wasn't so surprised with the ogres (my friend's ogres are cursed), but the aspirant, awesome :D
I often have that kind of luck with my wolves, too. They try to make up for the rest of my army, I suppose, unfortunately, there's only so much ten dudes can do :p

13-03-2010, 09:31
Technically the best shot I've had against me, but it deserves a honourable mention. My heavy armour, enchanted shield, 5+ ward black orc warboss previously had his wyvern removed from underneath him while behind enemy lines (only 1 wound remaining). The enemy had 5 bowmen holding a table quarter within charge range of my warboss. I charged the bowmen wanting to take them down to < US 5, gaining me atleast 100 VPs (hopefully having my general pursue off the table so my opponent couldn't target him with magic in his last turn). The archers being archers stand and shoot.

The bowmen need 6s to hit, 6s to wound, 1,2 to beat armour, 1,2,3,4 to beat ward. Expected wounds caused with 5 shots = 0.030864. Actual wounds caused = 1 (i.e. he did 32 time better than expected).

I was hoping to deny the opponent of a table quarter and have my general safely off the table.... I didn't want him off the table in THIS way!

13-03-2010, 09:41
My best shot is from a single rock lobber crushing a unit of 60 ironbreakers over 4 turns.
Never made so many of those 4+ rolls before :D

The Clairvoyant
13-03-2010, 09:50
4th edition - 5 skeletons with bows (BS2) shoot at long range (-1) at some Waywatchers in a wood (-1) having been shot at by the elves in the previous turn. Needed 7s to hit, but killed 3 waywatchers and the rest then broke and ran away!

13-03-2010, 09:54
Rolled the fabled triple 6 for the old blue fire of tzeentch and vaped a steamtank (old rules) in one shot.

13-03-2010, 10:09
I suffer from the most disgusting luck when using rock lobbers and doom divers (from my opponents point of view), my range guesses are on target 99% of the time, and I roll hits or useful scatters more than anyone I know.

I played in a tournament back in 3/4th edition and faced a Khorne Army. Rather pleasingly he placed his Lord on a Dragon in full view of my rock lobber.

First turn- perfect guess, perfect hit, Lord down to 1 wound, dragon down to 2. His first turn, moves the model out of sight behind a forest. My second turn- aim lobber at a chariot. It scatters, lands on the lord and his dragon. After a few moments of shocked contemplation even he joined in my maniacal laughter...

13-03-2010, 10:26
no my shot, but once saw a guy target a unit of grave guard with his cannon aiming at the vamp genral, who rolled 3 1s (look out sir, wardsave and regerate) and then took 6 wounds

that was the 1st turn, of the 1st game of the 1st round of a knock out compatition and the vamp player was the favorate to win

lets just say he then spent the rest of the weekend playing kids and watching the rest of us play

my most epic shot- hell storm rocket battery landing in the right slap bang in the middle of combat- 10 dead greatswords, a wounded warrior pries and 7 dead saurus later?

my most epic 'magic' shot
hitting 4 dwarf units with plauge squal (the guy had put 2 10 man warrior units in front of his blocks to stop my sniping the hero's out of the blocks)

result- 10 dead warrior, 7 dead iron breakers and 3 dead hammers- all 4 units then panicked and ran!- sadly they rallied the turn after :(:(

13-03-2010, 10:31
My last Dragon Prince charged my opponents HE archers. They stand & shoot. Guess what happened? 100 points - poff!
This didn't happen to me, was just watching. My buddy played (with his WE) a Beastman player who had been unbeatable.
Turn one: WE shoot a Gor/Ungor unit. Panic. Run off. Other units run off. Dominoeffect. General runs off table. Ambushing units can't come on table.
The look on his face was priceless.

Desert Rain
13-03-2010, 11:09
In a game vs. Dogs of War i fire a repeater bolt thrower at the opponent's unit of Voland's Venators (something like that) in turn 1. All 6 shots hits, wounds and he fails all his armour saves, bye bye for the only heavy hitter in the enemy army :)

13-03-2010, 15:17
Turn 1, first shot with my SSC, hit an EotG with a direct hit. Roll 6 to wound, EotG fails ward. Remove EotG!

Along the same vein, I've had my Casket of Souls wipe out half of another Lizardman and a High Elf army in back to back games. Allowing me to roll for the Light of Death is generally a bad idea. I guess this just makes up for the fact that my actual combat units (characters aside) usually can't hit the broad side of a barn.

13-03-2010, 15:31
Sniping a high elf lord off the top of a star dragon at the limit of my bolt throwers range.
Hits, hits the rider, wounds, he fails his ward, 3 wounds.
Dead Elf lord :D

That's one of the few times I've ever hit anything with a single bolt as well.
The irony of it being on my armies hated kin wasn't lost on me.

13-03-2010, 15:45
Magic shot, but...

Slann with Bane head and lore of metal had been playing chicken with a 3+ armour bloodthirster. It really didn't want to get hit by Spirit of the Forge, so 2nd turn spent his only scroll on it, then hid 3rd turn. Comes out 4th turn, at the very limit of my range. Fire off a Rule of Burning Iron to check range, opponent fails dispel, in by half an inch but fail to wound. Down to 2 dice, but eat a power stone and lob 5 dice at Spirit, rolling around a 20 which my opponent fails to irresistable dispel (only had 3 dice left including MR).
8 hits, 4 wounds. Bloodthirster fails 3 wards, takes 6 wounds and explodes.

Mental image of the Slann tossing the spell out rugby ball style as it flaps out (had an eye towards eating by EotG).

vinny t
13-03-2010, 16:18
Best shot against me would be a Bretonnian Trebuchet trying to shoot my unit of 5 CoR. Instead, it scatters 10 inches right over my engine that was hiding behind a forest. Some dice rolling later and both my Stegadon and my priest were dead. Turn 1 shot...

The SkaerKrow
13-03-2010, 16:26
There have been a couple of occasions where I've lured cavalry units into the path of one of my Reaper Bolt Throwers, setting up enfilading shots that have skewered the entire unit.

During Round One of Buckeye Battle last year we used a blind deployment system, and when the curtain was raised my opponent's Wood Elf Highborn on Dragon ended up across the field from my Bolt Throwers. First turn I fired a single shot at the Dragon, and ended up hitting the Highborn, putting two wounds on him. I then used scatter-shot with the second Bolt Thrower and finished the Highborn off before my opponent even got a turn.

Commodus Leitdorf
13-03-2010, 16:32
Last game at a 5 game tournament. Playing against a Slaanesh quasi Leadership bomb army (wasn't fully Slaanesh, had 2 units of 10 horrors and a unit of plaguebearers w/ Herald of nurgle....though he had the -2 leadership banner)

He deploys his greater Demon of Slaanesh in plain sight to rush me first turn and terror bomb me (he had the Forge World Greater demon model to so I was impressed)

First cannon shot of the game hits it right on the head, he fails his ward and I cause 6 wounds killing it outright and nerfing his magic (my Captain on a pegasus flew out with the casket of Sorcery and stole the Flickering fire from a unit of Horrors also aiding in hurting his magic).

I then managed to Cannon ball his Herald of Slaanesh

I THEN manage to Cannon ball his Herald of Nurgle...in his Unit of Plaguebearers (rolled 1 for lookout sir).

That was probably them most epic shot/shots I have ever made...all in one game.

13-03-2010, 16:54

Did the Daemon players head explode after all that?

13-03-2010, 17:04
I was there (eh Commodus, you don't call often your warhammer friends)

He didn't tell that he also got a big part of Kholek in the same tourney...

That guy can aim his cannons... I'm telling you all!

My great shot of all time: Same tourney... I'm playing my tomb Kings against a 100% Tzeetch force

Swarms are deployed with - It came from below rules.

I end up coming in the back of the lord of change with 5 little swarmies... so 20 poisoned attacks...

Did 4 wounds, he did 1... and then the master deamon just fell down... stinged to death with my precious little swarms. Got pretty proud of that one

Commodus Leitdorf
13-03-2010, 17:27

Did the Daemon players head explode after all that?

That wasn't the worst of it...the game was over by turn 3 and He didn't kill a single model in my whole army He almost assasinated one of my Mages with his Fiends of Slaanesh...but rolled nothing but 1's to wound.

I was there (eh Commodus, you don't call often your warhammer friends)

I have no time! I'll try! I will!

He didn't tell that he also got a big part of Kholek in the same tourney...

That guy can aim his cannons... I'm telling you all!

And his Hellcannon...one shot kill (rolled 6 wounds as well...and 6 wounds on Kholek who he proceeded to hide all game for fear of getting shot again)

I was on fire at that tournament!

My great shot of all time: Same tourney... I'm playing my tomb Kings against a 100% Tzeetch force

Swarms are deployed with - It came from below rules.

I end up coming in the back of the lord of change with 5 little swarmies... so 20 poisoned attacks...

Did 4 wounds, he did 1... and then the master deamon just fell down... stinged to death with my precious little swarms. Got pretty proud of that one

THAT was epic...along with you rolling 14 with the Casket of Souls on him :D

13-03-2010, 17:34
I once fired a stone thrower. It scattered into my own troops, causing them to panic and flee through two fanatics. The fanatics destroy the unit, causing several units to take and fail their panic tests.

When it's all said and done I'd lost 15 black orcs, 25 night goblins with a hero, 5 spider riders, 2 fanatics and my entire flank.

13-03-2010, 19:05
5 empire archers shoot at the Wood Elf alter hero in the woods needing 8's to hit... 4 hits... 2 failed wounds and a dead hero :)

13-03-2010, 19:21
I once fired a stone thrower. It scattered into my own troops, causing them to panic and flee through two fanatics. The fanatics destroy the unit, causing several units to take and fail their panic tests.

When it's all said and done I'd lost 15 black orcs, 25 night goblins with a hero, 5 spider riders, 2 fanatics and my entire flank.

5th ed, I play first, after a catastrophic series of failed animosity tests, my shaman proceeds to blow up, kill of lot of this and that, including my general, army-wide panic test, everybody off the board, game over, my opponent didn't even get to pick up a die. Beat that :p
Most lethal shot ever, and it was a dud :p

13-03-2010, 19:33
Skaven first turn. Doom rocket miss fire into the plague furnance. 18 out of 30 monks
KO. Treachery everywhere. Stupid warlock.

13-03-2010, 19:42
5th ed, I play first, after a catastrophic series of failed animosity tests, my shaman proceeds to blow up, kill of lot of this and that, including my general, army-wide panic test, everybody off the board, game over, my opponent didn't even get to pick up a die. Beat that :p
Most lethal shot ever, and it was a dud :p

Hahaha, every O&G player should know the day is coming when they table themselves 1st turn, it's just a matter of time :cries:

Whitwort Stormbringer
13-03-2010, 19:51
I was actually on the recieving end of this one, but it was still pretty epic. I was running one third of a huge Chaos Warriors force (sidenote, this was way back in 5th ed.), a Nurgle army, with my cousins running the other two thirds - an Undivided and Tzeentch army. We were facing off against my brothers, who were running a massive Empire force that had a few dwarven allies.

Anyways, one of my brothers had a halfling archer unit with a champion, and the champion was carrying a magic arrow (one shot per game, but something crazy like str 8, d6 wounds). He took a shot at my general, whose unit had at this point been beaten back so he was going solo (also only had 1 wound left). Needed a 2 to hit, rolled a 1. So there goes his magic arrow, whizzing past my chaos lord's head and planting itself in the dirt somewhere. Well, next Empire turn rolls around and he's like "we've still gotta take that guy down, he's gonna rampage through bla bla bla (can't remember what he was up to at the time, but apparently it looked threatening)", to the halflings let loose on him again. All the regular shots either missed or bounced off his armor (a 2+ save). Then he rolls the champion's shot - hit, wound. I get all aloof and laugh as I roll my one 2+ armor save, which of course turns up a 1. So my big bad Nurgle Chaos Lord was brought down by a single, normal arrow from a halfling champion.

EDIT: reading some of the others reminded me of another game we had! My brother's skaven warpfire thrower, placed next to a 30-man stormvermin unit, missfired and got the result which led the barrel-carrier to run in a random direction and explode. The direction was right into the middle of the Stormvermin, and I think there were 10 left after he blew himself up. This was during a siege against my dwarfs, and probably made the game for me.

13-03-2010, 20:03
Not bad at cannon sniping; most memorable would have to be the Fay Enchantress, cannon ball landed in the middle of the Grail Knight bus and got stuck, I wounded, and rolled a five, my opponent rolled a one.

Game halted for ten minutes until I managed to stop laughing.

Bran Dawri
13-03-2010, 20:15
The problem with playing for a long time is that so many memorable moments accumulate.

The best ones would have to be taking the last wound off a charging black orc warboss with a thunderer champion (last suriviving member of his unit) using stand and shoot with his brace of pistols.

The very best one would be in a very closely fought game against Dogs of War. Last turn of the game, my opponent charges my thunderers with a unit Voland's Venators including the paymaster. It being the last turn, I figure there's no point in running and just stand and shoot. I kill two knights, enough to cause a panic test... which they fail. They run off the board. The paymaster being in the unit, the rest of his army is now forced to take a panic test. In a flurry of 5s and 6s, the only things in his army left standing are a lone mage on horseback, and a unit fast cavalry...

13-03-2010, 20:27
My best single shot was my doom diver that shot at some cold one knights scattered and landed right on the level 4 sorceress hiding behind some scenery and killed her.

My best series of shots was from 5th, when my Night Goblin Boss on Cockatrice killed 2 Stegadons and a Slann twice with its gaze.(Escape card + healing potion on Slanns was annoying!)

13-03-2010, 20:36
My most epic shot was quite recently against Skaven:

Last turn of the game, Storm banner up. My single crewman High Elf bolt thrower took a shot at the Grey Seer on his Screaming Bell. Take mind, this is at long range, so needing 5+ to hit (got a 6), needing a 6 to randomise on the Grey Seer (got another 6), the Seer failed his Ward save and managed to do D3 wounds (rolled a third 6!) and kill him off at the last minute! Didn't win the game but that last bit made it all worth it :)

13-03-2010, 20:48
Killing a zombie dragon with my great cannon.

And killing a zombie dragon and vampire lord with a salvo from my flamers. :D

Von Wibble
13-03-2010, 20:58
Most devastating shot against me

Way back in 4th edition, High elves vs Skaven

Warfire Thrower is parked between 2 large skaven blocks, containing his general, BSB and wizard between them.

My elf lord is killed in turn 1 (can't remember how) and bought back to life with Apotheosis spell. Charges warpfire thrower from pretty much point blank range.

Stand and shoot misfires spectacularly. Explosion kills not only the prince, but the warpfire thrower and most of the clanrats near it. Both units flee and don't rally later. Mass panic causes the rest of the army to flee. Net result is a high elf victory with just 1 casualty - although he was killed twice!

Next time his warpfire throwers weren't deployed quite as close to his army!

Most devastating shot in a recent game- wood elves vs bretonnians. Wood elves have turn 1. Waywatchers shoot at a large knight block containing BSB. They get 3 killing shots and the unit fails its panic check, running straight off the table. I still only managed a draw that game (damn pegasus knights!)

Best performance by any missile troops - I had a unit of 20 empire archers (again older edition so not skirmishing) beat a lord of change in combat and kill it. A few games later, the same thing happened again!

13-03-2010, 21:17
Not a shot, but I figure it's in the same vein.

Early in a game, my Lvl 2 Empire Wizard cast Conflagration of Doom at a unit of Chosen Chaos Knights harbouring a Chaos Lord. It was the start of an assault of spells and firepower I hoped would kill some of the Chosen before they started ripping through my entire army.
Firstly, I scored Irresistible Force - a good start. My opponent and I then started rolling off for number of hits. I don't remember the exact sequence of dice rolls that lead to it, but the blaze finally went out after scoring no less than one hundred and seventy-seven hits. After rolling wounds and saves, the entire unit and Lord ended up reduced to a very black scorch mark on the battlefield.

I had wiped several hundred points off the battlefield with probably the flukiest spell ever.

13-03-2010, 22:03
cannon sniping at an enemy character in a unit (failed look out sir) and then proceeding to bounce through the unit and through a wizard that was behind said unit. Rolling 6 on wounds for both characters.. was a pretty good shot i'd say. Although my cannon crew seems to have a nick for hurting characters, they even fought a couple of rounds of combat against an black orc warboss and put a wound on him :).

14-03-2010, 00:56
Facing my friend that had 2 skink priests on stegs. Only ranged weapons I had were 2 bolt throwers. He had gone first and would have had them in combat the next turn, so i only had 1 round to shot at them. I shot single shots from both, each hit/wounded the skink priests, and both failed their ward saves. He resigned the game at the point, but we still played it out since it was a tournament.

14-03-2010, 01:16
Do not have to think to far back, last night my Skaven vs DE with large block of Cold One Riders (with BSB and General) and two Hydra, and ASF black guard.

He goes first and brings everything forward.

My Marpfire cannon on my flank can see a long line of Cold One Riders on about 4 inches behind the hydra.

Rolled a 10 on the second dice and managed to hit the Hydra and 7 riders. Hydra misses his Regen roll and I roll 5 hits. Also managed not to roll any ones for the Cold One Riders. My Jezzails and Warpfire thrower manage to kill the other hydra also on this turn.

So after one turn it is pretty much game over.

To make matters even more frustrating for my opponent. His black guard are marching towards my lines and on my second turn, he says, it is only fair that the cannon backfires now. And guess what, it does. Roll a 3 for overcharge and land a strength 10 large template right in the middle of the black guard, killing all but 2.

He shook hands and just laughed.


PS: This is the same cannon that in a game a couple of weeks ago misfired and killed 26 of 30 of my PLague Monks. Deadly accurate that misfire.

14-03-2010, 07:54
Downing a varghulf first turn with a pair of spear chukkas has to be a cracker I think.

Or maybe wiping out 6 dragon princes with an orgun gun, then watching as the remaining 3 and the lord they were accompanied by run away, then failing to rally next turn and running off the board.

14-03-2010, 08:20
With a huge amount of luck i managed to panic 700 points worth of Bretonnians (including general) off the board with my first screaming skull catapult shot in one game. Quickest victory ever :)

14-03-2010, 11:10
Killing a 6th ed vampire lord on a winged nightmare turn one with stegzdon bolt thrower was fun...

One skink threw a javelin at a one wound thirster and killed it, it also then charged a full unit of plaguebearers (id lost by this point and was for fun) and killed a plaguebearer, ran off to claim his medal :)

5 empire knights charging skinks, stand and shoot 5 ones .

I love skink shooting its ace :)

14-03-2010, 11:40
In a massive HE vrs DE siege game Malakeith (7th ed DE) and a reverse ward save lord were going to eat my mage battery (Including Teclis...) and capture a vital objective; I had Teclis + Two archmages in that twoer and they all had furry of Khaine so in a last ditch effort I cast archmage 1's furry of khaine at revese dude - drops the dargon next archmage drops the lord then teclis drops malekith AND his dragon with an IF; they then proced to have a flow on effect that panics his entire right flank; thus wining me the game + Teclis then kills two Hydras with a further two IFs on fury of Khaine.
My opponet was almost crying

14-03-2010, 14:18
2 stegadons, 1 cannon shot = 2 dead stegadons.

pretty much won the tournament with that shot.

14-03-2010, 15:26
I once played with ogre kingdoms against empire and the lone empire wizard was bugging me the whole game with his fire spells

in turn 5 my unit of 4 leadbelchers turns around a corner and unleash their whole fury on him

they fired 38 shots!
in the end they made about 30 wounds on that guy!

the wizard was so absolutely over-dead that we used a flame template and put all kinds of red stuff on it to represent the fate of the wizard: a big smear of gore spread throughout the surroundings was all that was left of him

that was pretty epic :)

14-03-2010, 15:56
Being a High elf player I don't really get many epic shots but I had one happen against me.

Me and a Friend(Empire) were trying to defend a town from a force of Chaos and Ogres, One scraplauncher got an amazing show straight onto the center of the town hitting about 3 separate units and causing heavy damage and overall making my Dragon Princes flee which lost us the battle...

14-03-2010, 16:04
The most epic shot I have from a non tournament game was at a Legendary Battle scale game the club did for a players going away battle. The battle was broken up onto two long sets of tables with a gap between them that wasn't there for game purposes. I was playing my Tomb Kings and in the last turn aimed for a Treeman Ancient with my Screaming Skull Catapult. The Treeman was on the otherside of the gap between the tables. I not only correctly guess the range dead on but I roll a To Hit on the scatter, wound the Treeman and then roll a 5 for the number wounds. 10 unsaveable wounds and the Treeman goes up like kindling.

Tournament game it was a game against a skaven player. The shot from the SSC scatters away from the center of the unit and ends up catching the general instead. He fails "look out sir" and his 4+ ward against shooting. And after his death (along with a few mooks) the unit is sent running off the board turn 1.

14-03-2010, 16:11
I flank shot a unit of 4 Bloodknights w/Vampire Lord, from 40" away. I killed all 4 of them, and caused one wound on the Vampire Lord.

I then proceeded to charge the 'now lone' Vampire Lord with 5 Dragon Princes. The Vampire Lord challenged my Champion, and wounded 2 times (with the blade that gives back wounds). But I had given my Champion the 6+ ward save, and I passed it twice, and then the Vampire went 'poof' (banner/outnumber). YAY!

14-03-2010, 18:18
Facing my friend that had 2 skink priests on stegs. Only ranged weapons I had were 2 bolt throwers. He had gone first and would have had them in combat the next turn, so i only had 1 round to shot at them. I shot single shots from both, each hit/wounded the skink priests, and both failed their ward saves. He resigned the game at the point, but we still played it out since it was a tournament.

If your strategy relies on two T2 2W characters, you are doing something wrong :p

14-03-2010, 20:25
Worst shot against me still has to be my punishment for playing in character. It was the first game of a tournament, my Chaos against wood elves. On turn six, my exalted champion on steed of slaanesh with Berserker sword and enchanted shield decides it is truly for the glory of Slaanesh to charge out of his unit of knights at the last intact unit of archers. The stand and shoot yields four hits, reduced to two wounds. I pick up the armor save dice and mutter that immortal curse, "Anything but a one." Naturally, I roll snake eyes. I snatched a draw from the jaws of victory with that one.

14-03-2010, 20:56
Opening turn of a game my dwarf bolt thrower got a side shot on 5 dark riders and killed them all with a single bolt. I was part of the best shooting phase i have ever had. Also dropped a rock in the middle of the black guard unit and killed 12 of them.

The Highlander
14-03-2010, 21:23
I once fired two death rockets at my friends empire general on a horse, one form about 6 inches away and one from the other side of the board. The one near him missed, the other one landed bang on his horse’s backside and blew him to bits!

14-03-2010, 22:33
Most Epic shot didn't happen to me (though I wish it did ), it happened in a game I was watching at a tournament, but it was still hilarious.

Ogres Vs Vampires. Vampire player has a large bunker of grave guard with the Drakenhoff Banner and his lord. Ogres get the first turn. First shot, the Ogre player fires his scraplauncher at said deathstar, and guesses dead on... but rolls a misfire. Rolls a 6 on the chart, and scatters 2 inches to land directly on top of his general. Vampire general thinks no problem, it only does one wound, he'll just raise it back. So the Ogre player rolls a 6 to wound. :evilgrin: And of course, he wasn't packing a ward save or the Cuirass. Death by Gnoblar! His army then proceeds to collapse in a nice pile of dust. Best shot ever! :p

That same game, a unit of three leadbelchers fired at something that I can't remember, and ALL of them misfired. The only survivor Panicked, and fled through the same Scrappy, which promptly decided to join them, running down the leadbelcher, careening through a unit each of bulls and gnoblars and finally slammed directly into a Blood Knight unit with a hero. 6 impact hits, wiped out the unit except for the hero (who was later killed in the most honourable way he could be - A gnoblar hit him in the face with a broken wine bottle :D). Truly, the Dice Gods smiled upon the Scraplauncher that day.

14-03-2010, 23:29
Morathi was left out in the open after a DE fled from combat. Two Goblin spear chukkas shot at her. One killed the pegasus shed was riding, then the other killed her.

14-03-2010, 23:36
6th edition.

Using orcs and goblins vs dwarfs.

I have one spear chukka that can just barely, barely see the back of thorek's base hiding behind a hill(the chukka is at an angle).

I shoot. Roll the 5 to hit.

Roll the 6 to randomize to thorek.

Roll the 3 or 2 to wound(can't remember his T value anymore).

He fails his ward.

I roll the 5 or 6 for 3 wounds.

Thorek is dead.

15-03-2010, 00:46
It was back in the 5:th edition when I aimed my doomdiver at my friends Dark Elf Dragon Lord, fired the Goblin, hit the rider and killed him.
The Dragon ran away, as did most of his army as you had to roll for panic once your general died.

So, that's pretty much One Goblin getting 1500 pts of Dark Elves off the board on turn one...

We decided to give the game another go with the same deployment.

15-03-2010, 00:53
Most epic shot I made was killing a Land Raider with an Assault Cannon

15-03-2010, 02:00
This shot was actually against me but it is epic enough to deserve mentioning. About a month ago it was my dwarfs versus a friends skaven. Turn 1 he skitterleaps a warlock engineer into my deployment zone, and proceeds to fire a doomrocket with six dice. It lands dead center on my hammerer unit with lord and kills 17 out of 25.

Vet Sergeant Leander
15-03-2010, 03:08
First Turn HOC v O&G. Tzeentch champion on disc sails up to be in range of Giant gets of Blue fire with irristible force. doble sixes for hits at strength 6 giant only saves 1 and dies falling onto his generel and the unit of black orcs he was hanging with killing a good 2/3 of the unit.

15-03-2010, 03:43
I have several worth mentioning. Of all the things that i have killed, i think there are three epic shots worth mentioning.

First, Against High Elves. On my first turn (i move first), screaming skull catapult scores a direct hit on High Elf Spearmen block with Lv4 Archmage. Killed quite a lot. The elven player failed its panic check at -1 ld. And fled off the board. That is 700 points down on the first turn with zero magic from the opponent. I won that game easily after that.

Second, Against Vampire Counts. Tooled up Vampire lord on zombie dragon. Very hard to kill. Again, SSC scored direct hit. Randomized hit to vampire lord. Failed his ward save and did enough wound to kill it. Crumble tests won me the game.

Third, most epic yet most miserable, against Daemon. Daemon player moved first. Everything moved forward full speed. Bloodthirster moved up the flank. This time i played my Dwarfs. Grudge thrower saw the bloodthirster. Guessed a dead on hit at the bloodthirster. Rolled artillery and scatter dice. Scatters... But only 2 inches. So partial hit. I need 4+ partial, 5+ to wound, failing 5+ ward save on the opponents side, and roll a six wounds on a D6. And you could guessed it. Everything worked like an orchestra. Got the partial, wounded, he failed his ward save, and i rolled a six on a D6 for multiplied wounds! Dead Bloodthirster on the first turn! :eek: Nevertheless, I lost that game! :wtf::wtf::wtf: Skulltaker killing blowed every character i had. My 2250 dwarf lost against 1700 Daemon! His dogs and skulltaker stomped its way in. :shifty::cries:

15-03-2010, 11:27
EDIT: reading some of the others reminded me of another game we had! My brother's skaven warpfire thrower, placed next to a 30-man stormvermin unit, missfired and got the result which led the barrel-carrier to run in a random direction and explode. The direction was right into the middle of the Stormvermin, and I think there were 10 left after he blew himself up. This was during a siege against my dwarfs, and probably made the game for me.

Lol, I've had EXACTLY the same situation in one game against Skaven ;)

Consindering the best shot ever - a first turn headshot with a goblin boltthrower on a skink priest riding an EotG was epic, but there was also one in a game against chaos dwarfs - my stonethrower lands on the top of the head (hat) of a chaos dwarf warrior, kills nearly his entire unit, but the guy under the centre hole just shakes the dust from his shoulders and remains unwounded. Then, on another turn, the same stonethrower hist the same unit and lands again on the head of the same dwarf, but yet again i fail do wound the littl fellow... He must have had a hard hat :D

15-03-2010, 12:25
I've got a couple for this one.

First off Saturday just gone I played my buddy's Chaos Dwarfs with my Zombie Pirates. It gets to my usual shoddy attempt at a shooting phase, I line up queen bess & catch his bluderbuss regiment on the corner, the shot then rolled 8 inches through the next unit & into his earthshaker! One shot took out 15 guys in total did a wound to the cannon!

2nd best was during a game in which my opponent was trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of his super ogre unit of death. The unit had a minimum of 15 bulls then some characters, 20 ogres in total. I shreds it's way through my disposable skaven slaves & I then get a corner to corner shot on the unit with my warplightning cannon (old beam of death style) @ strength 10! Many dead ogres later my point about it being a bad idea was proven :D

Col. Frost
15-03-2010, 12:33
My Bretonnians vs High Elves:

Turn 1: Trebuchet fires at unit of archers. Misfire, can't fire next turn. :(

Turn 2: Trebuchet crew frantically repair machine.

Turn 3: Trebuchet fires at unit of archers. Misfire, can't fire next turn. :cries:

Turn 4: Trebuchet crew frantically repair machine, look worried as they can see every Knight staring at them. :shifty:

Turn 5: Trebuchet crew aim and fire at archers. Range guessed perfectly! Shot scatters behind archers, over the rooftop of a cottage behind and lands squarely on a skulking HE mage! One mage pancake later and the crew can breathe a sigh of relief. :D

Turn 6: Misfire......

15-03-2010, 12:54
1st turn of my Dwarfs against Lizardmen (they got 1st go). My cannon fires at an Engine of the Gods, rolls a misfire. Rune of Forging gives me a re-roll, and it lands squarely in front of the beast, bounces clean through it, and knocks the head off of the Skink Priest!

Pretty much the only thing that went my way in the game...

15-03-2010, 13:09
Best shot I've ever seen: Tsukefox fires his 6th ed lightning cannon from the flank at a big juicy unit of bull centaur. The thing misfires, fires at S10 in a random direction into his bell. Bell destroyed, and all the units between the cannon on the left flank and the bell which was in the center are running with the tell-tale musk of fear.

Best shot against me: My usually bret opponent fires his treb on the first turn and it scatters right onto the head of my BSB. I fail the lookout ... but unfortunately he rolls the 1 to wound and I'm saved the ignominy of being a pasty green splotch.

Best shot I've had personally: Has to be killing my opponent's skink chief off a Steg (6th ed.) before his first turn and having it roll the "stay still and be unbreakable" result. So much for protecting that flank brother!

15-03-2010, 13:10
Most epic shot from a ratling gun: 1000pts game where the Ratling Gun killed EVERYTHING on the table except for my warlock engineer who decided to run away to fight another day... The Ratling was the only model left on the table:D

15-03-2010, 19:04
sorry for not having enough time to read whole thread but for me was last night first shot kill on giant. cannon popping off highelf prince off his star dragon! it just felt so good

15-03-2010, 19:30
My best shot was at the 2009 ETC side event.
I was playing a vampire counts army, who had preety much smashed 70%of my army, with few casualties in return.

His vampire lord in a grave guard unit (which had the ward save or regeneration banner or something). Had just killed of a 24 man of swordsmen, with griffon standard bsb in, and pursued up on the hill in the middle of the table.

On my right flank I had 10 handgunners and a cannon witch hadnt done anything the entire game due to no viable targets. (this was my 4th turn I think). The cannon takes the shot towards the VC general in the grave guard unit. He fails look out sir, I wound, he fails ward save, I do 5 wounds, and he fails all the regeneration rolls :D. The game wich would have been somthing like 17-3 or 18-2, wound up becoming a 10-10 in my favour due to crumbling ;).

15-03-2010, 19:38
Skaven vs. Dark elves
turn 1
I go first, my 5 jezzails fire at the lvl 4 sorceress on dragon. 1 hit, randomized hits the sorceress. Jezzails then did d3 wounds. She dies and dragon flies off the table.

Game over.

Hive Mind 33
15-03-2010, 19:39
I had a trebuchet scatter back into itself and kill the crew.

A guy at the FLGS i frequent said he was going to play me so he can win in a 3000 point game. I took five cannons all five hit his Engine of the gods and Ancient one killing both in the first turn:skull:.

15-03-2010, 20:06
A couple of editions ago during the first turn of a game I shot a Skaven character that had the magic item that blows up when you kill them...well 90% of his army ran off the board when it was done.

16-03-2010, 07:41

24 Dead Black orcs in one volley

That was that players first and last game. So probably a very bad shot lol

16-03-2010, 09:14
Well...there are simlpy too many that comes into my mind and all of them have to do with orcs and elves.

12 archers and 16 lothern sea guards with 2 bolt throwers shot up entire army of 2250pts of orcs because they fail alot of their animosity and panic test. Zero contact zero fighting, the sword masters and spearelves were playing poker thru out the game.

then it happen again, 10 dark elf crossbowmen killed 15 black orcs in one round.... poor friend and his pretty orcs.

hell cannon guessing was short but it scatter and glance the hydra, it died.

6th ed, hell cannon misfired (still a shot I guess?) killed all the crew and chew up my entire chaos army....Chaos lord declare charge but only hears the silents of whistling wind and a couple of leaves flying pass, hellcannon is happy and fat...