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14-03-2010, 11:34
Hmmm... I was browsing the news about the space marine statue, which looks very nice and I'm sure it will give loads of pleasure to all of us terrain lovers out there.

This space marine statue had been used in that amazing GW'09 space wolf diorama. Some people had noticed it had mould lines and that it could be a future release. Now that the statue has been confirmed, I want to move the speculation over to a different part of that diorama.

The defense laser used in that diorama looks amazingly consistent with the defense laser in the apocalypse book. The only real difference that I've noticed lies in some extra bits on the flak turrets... See the attached thumbnails for yourselves.

This could mean either one of two things:

1)GW decided to integrate that amazing piece of scenery they made for the apocalypse datasheet into that even more amazing larger piece of scenery they made for Games Day...


2)We can hope to see a future release of this amazing model.

Any of you have heard of this? Opinions ?

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Grey Mage
14-03-2010, 12:53
Id buy that kit, even if it was more expensive than the baneblade.

The Marshel
14-03-2010, 13:14
the reason why they look similar is because they are the same one, gw just reused it for the space wolves thing

14-03-2010, 14:07
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14-03-2010, 14:08
It does not look like it would be that hard to make your own. A toy ray gun and a couple of large bike cogs all mounted between 2 halves of a styroform ball cut in half. Sadly i would have no use for such a kit for now as i only play warhammer. Unless my Lizardmen get to start using more weapons from the old ones. :D

Lord of Worms
14-03-2010, 14:46
It's the same one, it says so in the text. The guy posted a tutorial on how to make it. Its not hard.

14-03-2010, 14:52
Best use of a hamster exercise ball ever... :D

14-03-2010, 15:18
if the defense laser was turned into a terrain kit to buy, i would pre order one myself. but in truthfulness i do not think that it would be hard to make.

14-03-2010, 15:21
Can we have a link to the tutorial? All I've found is this:


15-03-2010, 01:04
As much as I would love it to happen, I really dont think we will be getting a kit like that anytime soon. Although, if by some super slim chance we did, I would definately buy one.

15-03-2010, 07:26
Yes, it also shows the wonders we would see if somehow the buildings GW produced had some ROUND bits in them... But I guess it's not that easy to make sprues with curved bits. Flat walls it is, I guess...