View Full Version : Why the Black Templar's Battleforce?

14-03-2010, 22:41
Well I have an old Black Templars battleforce box that I use to hold my sprues, and I was looking at it today in light of the last two Space Marine releases wondering, why?

The BT Battleforce was the first of the "new" SM armies. Basically, where a non-codex chapter got new models and a codex. Since Black Templars, we have had Space Wolves and now Blood Angels, and with Blood Angels there is probably an even more compelling reason to have a battleforce with all the different units that are coming in plastic.

So how come we haven't seen one since Black Templars? Did they not sell well, was it just a marketing ploy because they didn't think that Black Templars or chapter specific sprues wouldn't sell?

I can't see that it was because they thought that individual chapter wouldn't sell as people had been crying out for more sprues like the original space wolves for 5+ years. Space Wolves also had a perfect amount for a battleforce: 1 squad grey hunters, 1 set of scouts (to take advantage of the scouts heads), 1 SW terminator squad, and maybe a vanilla combat squad to round things out.

So over to you, why was Black Templars the last chapter-specific battleforce and would you like to see a return?

14-03-2010, 22:45
Space Wolves have a battleforce, as did Dark Angels (they still have a Ravenwing one, too). The Ravenwing and Space Wolf ones are rather good. BA don't because of a general policy shift by GW towards using battleforces as Christmas splash releases instead of as a general sales tactic.

14-03-2010, 22:53
aye the wolves BF is 20 space wolves, 5 scouts,a nd a drop pod, all told thats near enough 70GBP for 50GBP not to bad.

14-03-2010, 23:00
I didn't realise that Space Wolves did have one!