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16-03-2010, 19:16
With the upcoming release of the Blood Angels, the Sanguinus and his Angel Guard Models look amazing and perfect for Custodians.

Custodians are supposed to be the elite of the elite, even more elite than the Grey Knights and much more elite than regular average space marines but is using the upcoming blood angels codex is really the only way to field these guys?

What do you guys think of painting the new sanguinus guard as Custodians.

Does anyone know how to convert/paint models as Custodians? I want my men to look like this:

Cromwell Haarlock-Leth
16-03-2010, 19:21
Since the Custodians never leave Terra, how do you want to field them?

So, except if you only want to fight against the Traitorous Legions and their Traitorous Imperial Army regiments, in an Horus Heresy context, I can't see the point of having such an army.

There's no Codex: Adeptus Custodes for a good reason.

16-03-2010, 19:31
Nah there is always room in 40k for themed armies.

I think that best way to represent them is probably using the Grey Knight rules because they were a fairly elite force compared to regular marines.
Historically speaking they only fought alongside the Emperor on campaign and in the defence of Terra.
40K is a big universe and there is nothing to say that you couldn't have a small force go on a secret mission that threatens the security of the Imperium on a galactic level.
Perhaps there is an Eldar Webway portal that threatens to destabilise the Golden Throne beneath Terra or there have been rumours of a Horus clone re-emerging. It'd need to be something pretty epic in story but it would be really cool to have a situation so dire that the Imperium's finest have to come out of retirement for one last mission.

The Sanguinary guard would be a really good starting point, although I'd leave off the jump packs and wings and just use the regular power armoured Grey Knights.
The wrist mounted weapons would be fine for representing the GK storm bolters and the swords would make a nice starting point for the Nemesis force weapons.

16-03-2010, 19:39
I wouldnt personally know how to convert them, but if you PM me your email address I have an old article on converting and painting custodes from GW kits. I could send it on an attatchment if you want.

16-03-2010, 19:42
There are quite a few references here and there where the custodes leave terra. And even if there was only a "single" reference of it. That gives room for his theme.

16-03-2010, 23:13
If I wanted a playable army at tournaments I'm limited to legal codexes. So Space Wolves or Blood Angels really since the DaemonHunter Codex is laughable.

Anyone know what the stats for the new Sanguinary Guard are? Maybe they might be good enough to represent Custodians.

17-03-2010, 00:03
For rules you would need to use movie marine rules.

17-03-2010, 00:07
there are plenty of threads out there discussing the combat prowess of the custodes: some would say its like turning a primarchs power level up to 11 and ripping the dial off, others would say its closer the the GK grand master

remember that angron killed one of them IIRC and there was a stroy where 2 of them were discussing whether or not the 2 of them could beat dorn and a squad of marines, IIRC earlier in the story 1 of them took out 3 ogryns without to much difficulty however we must remember that fluff does not = tabletop

17-03-2010, 00:13
Another story is where a squad of them leveld a ork waghhh

17-03-2010, 00:22
Holy Sh:eek:t!

Did he sculpt all that, or did he use existing bits and weld them together?

The details look too exact between the different models for it to be mere greenstuff... That helmet looks like the bottom 1/3 plastic SM champion helmet, 1/3 metal high elf w/sword & shield helmet, and 1/3 metal High Elf swordmasters of Hoeth helmet.

That's just the head... the price per model is already staggering. :eek:

Is there a guide to how he did it?

Commissar Bone
17-03-2010, 00:28
There are some remarkably creative modelers who have produced some amazing Custodes miniatures.

I'd love to do a Custodes force primarily because I'm more interested in the in the Heresy than the "current" period, but I'd still use it in any game.

17-03-2010, 01:59
Personally I would let you use any codex you want if you should up with that army. though I think GK would be the best option.

And for story line to leave Terra, the emperor commanded a company to go on a mission. who on Terra could argue that? After all he is a God to them and God is siad to speak to his chosen warriors here on modern Terra. No one heard God Speaking to them.

I would love to face those models on the table.

The Custodian
17-03-2010, 02:46
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I, i wants them! Anyway sounds interesting, however deamonhunters would not be half bad, spacewolves the other choice. But honestly Grey knights should be the book...

17-03-2010, 03:29
As I quietly turn my back towards my models so they can't see the expression of admirashion over the linked pics, I'd also like to say that the DH codex is the one you should use.

Brother Loki
17-03-2010, 10:40
Or you could ignore 'codex legal' entirely and use the Custodes rules from the Warhammer World campaign weekends. Download the Age of the Emperor campaign packs from www.tempusfugitives.co.uk.

Between the Custodes and Sisters of Silence units in there you could have a completely converted army of about 20-30 models for around 2000 points. Converting whole armies can get pretty tiresome after the first squad or two, so a small model count is good. Obviously this isn't a great solution if your into tournaments, but just use them as Daemonhunters then.

17-03-2010, 10:56
Some reference depict them as being insanely nails and taking on entire armies in small groups but others such as the HH Tales of Heresy short stories book specifically say there isn’t much between an Astartes and a Custode and no one would be foolish enough to guess the outcome of a fight between them.

Because of this I think you could use any Marine Codex you wanted, but Grey Knight would work particularly well. There are also plenty of reasons for them to leave Terra and those models are great starting points

17-03-2010, 11:17
I get that they.. painted the armour gold. But model-wise it couldn't be more wrong.

Legs = wrong.
Chests = wrong.
Wrist mounted weapons = wrong.
Feathered power swords/axes = wrong.
Double winged shoulder pads = wrong.
Helmets = wrong.

The only useful bits would be the forearm armour and gorget, but they're attached quite intimately with the rest of the chest.

So yeah, paint some gold marines and call them Custodes!

17-03-2010, 13:32
For Custodes Terminators. A quick Google found these...


Pretty impressive!