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12-02-2006, 21:42
Ok, I got to thinking. Since I'm bored mainly..And I left my Gorkamorka stuff at home, I can't answer this myself.

Basically. Quick Question. Yes or No answer.

Can Diggas get bikes in GM? It's been so long and I've forgotten.

Basically. Could I make a biker gang using Diggas? Cheers...

The Judge
12-02-2006, 22:16
Haven't seen any. Don't think there are rules for them.

12-02-2006, 22:20
Don't see why not, I can't recall from my recent readings that they are restricted in that aspect. It was simply the lack of viable conversion parts and human sized bikes at the time which restricted the option from a model stand-point. That, and with repair costs for Diggas and the fragility of bikes taken in to account, they're a hell of an expensive risk.

12-02-2006, 22:46
I have the rulebook in front of me and yes they can definitely take bikes.

The digga rules state they can take any number of vehicles so long as the whole mob can be mounted. So a Diggamob on warbikes is doable rules wise, models wise might be a struggle.

12-02-2006, 22:49
Ohhh. Cool.

Second quick question if thats ok.

How many members could they get with bikes for the start of a campaign?

And roughly how well would they do?

12-02-2006, 22:59
Probably 6 or 7 depending on what type of diggas you take and how you tool them up. A digganob would set you back 25% of your total the boyz about 18% each and yoofs about 13%.

As to how successful they'd be I couldn't say as I've never used diggas (in fact I haven't played GM in years though I do plan to do a mob or 2 when the vehicles come out) Diggas main problem is they have no spannerz as mentioned above so you could well end up paying out all the teef you gain just to keep your vehicles running.

12-02-2006, 23:02
Thanks for the answer.

I'll take a look at the books when I go back home for the weekend.

*heads off to think of a cool theme for a biker gang...*

Cpt. Drill
13-02-2006, 00:18
Diggas on bikes arnt half bad! the archeotech they get moving at high speed makes them demons!

But they quickly fall foul to bed mechanics and such