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18-03-2010, 18:49
Hi there i was thinking the other day if anyone else had happened across such rediculous rolling by either themsleves or an opponant or even just whitnessed rolls that for all intensive puroses should have been impossible ill give an example.

A few months ago i played my regular opponant (A friend) my space wolves v his blood angels 1500pts a piece.

Now tbh the game was heavaly one sided towards me due to some tactical errors by my friend well my term rune priest moved out of a grey hunter unit he was in to JOTWW a unit that had disembarked from a rhino a previous turn killing a couple but i had made the mistake of moving out into the open.

So he jumped a techmarine with 4 combat servitors or of a nearbye razorbak and targeted my priest firstly he fired the techmarines plasma pistol and bolt pistol both hit and wound. I roll armour a 3 (not unexpected) then i was lucky enough to pass the invun but i was shure id die in the charge. So he charges i fail counter attack but manage to kill a servitor then it happened....

His power weapon wounds me twice i pass both saves... lucky
The sevitors hit me cause 5 wounds i then go on to pass them all on a strait roll of five 6's. I just put my head down trying to not rub it in his face unfortunately he failed his leadership and ran of the board.

It shouldnt have happened but it did so any other stories?

18-03-2010, 19:19

In a small 1000 points tournement is was losing against an ork player. My Avatar stood with 1 wound against 2x boy squad w/ Nob + Ghazkull. (yep Ghazkull in 1000 points). My Avatar got no damage for 1 round. He I killed 2 boyz, so won the combat. He failed all leadership tests, even with re-rolls so I cutt them all down in retreat. Won me the tourney ^^

18-03-2010, 19:23
The dice "gods" usually kick me in the nuts never smile at me..... Ill give you a very nice example..... I have 3 broad sides roll 3 dice needing 4 to hit with re-roll. roll miss all re-roll miss all :mad: wasn't very happy about that.

The worst was I think I rolled 4 dice all 1's then i roll 2 more 1's and 1 by itself and guess what i got a 1 I know how that sounds probably not true right.... well unfourtunatly its was true i was not ahppt at all.:shifty:

18-03-2010, 19:30
Usually if they dice gods are smiling on me it is because they find humor in my terrible rolls for reserves... 3 ones in the fourth round? Really?

I did have a recent game where my opponent in frustration poured an entire IG gun line worth of shots into 2 Zoanthropes many of which would have ID'd them and I made each and every 3++ save. Literally over 15 roles and I never rolled a 1 or 2. Best string of saves I ever had.

18-03-2010, 19:30
Best one i have is a WHFB one

DoC vs TK, i was running a fun list. After all of my casting had failed me i was left with 2 power dice and a Tzerald with the Lore of shadows. I had nothing better to cast then Pit of Shades which needed a 12. So I rolled it and got the box cars. Cast it on his Bone Giant killing it instantly

In 40k though, I would have to say that I'm constantly passing my invul saves for Tzeentch

Creeping Dementia
18-03-2010, 19:34
Ya I've had a couple good ones.

A good example happened during a playtest a few weeks ago. My Sisters 'Ard Boyz list has a 30 man IG blob squad. Playing against my buddies Eldar, he disembarked a unit of Banshees w/ Jain Zarr in front of my Guard squad (which are in cover). During my friends shooting phase a Seer council spears and explodes a nearby Immolator, and the blast kills 4 Banshees:D. The Banshees then charge the Guard and kill a handful of them, and when I strike back (at reduced WS) my PW sergeants and commisar kill 4 more Banshees. After 2 more CC rounds Jain Zarr finally goes down. I was deffinately blessed in that instance. I could hardly pop a tank to save my life during that game, but my exploding tanks were doing plenty of damage.

For an example of the worst rolling ever, would be in Fantasy several years ago. My cold-blodded, Ld10, re-rolling Slann with Temple Guard failed a panic test and ran off the board. That was horrible.

18-03-2010, 19:34
Yes they have. Yesterday infact. My opponent needed twos to wound and kill my squad off holding the objective. He then proceeded to roll three ones.

18-03-2010, 19:42
The greatest of all gods, Almighty Tzeentch, smiles down upon me every single time I send my Host of Change Daemonic Legion into battle. He either smiles directly, and grants me the forces I desire... or is clearly so pleased with my work in His name tht he chooses to test me by sending me alternative forces at the start of the battle. Either way. he's pleased and smiling! :p

18-03-2010, 19:46
A few month back in a 1000p tournament. It starts with my Librarian gateing and kills 1/3 of my army with a misshap. Though I almost won the match anyway, a 5 man combat squad with a flamer and a chainsword sergeant first charge a small squad of stealth suits, won. Get shot by some 15-ish fire warriors, 3 survives. Kill the 15-ish fire warriors, 2 of my marines dies in CC.

A devilfish moves into rapid-fire teritory and drops 10 more FW in my face. They manage to get in 6 wounds and I save them ALL. It was awesome. I continued with charging them though Ironic dies after few rounds of CC. But saving 6 wounds on a single model is quite awesome, though not as improbable as when I missed 7 out of 7 shot with BS 5...

18-03-2010, 19:56
I was playing a 1000p game against JDtorchwood. He was using Orks and I was using Tyranids, which included a tervigon. This tervigon, on the first turn, promptly rolled a 4, 5 and 6 to spawn gaunts, and of course I was happy as I rolled the highest amount of gaunts available without the tervigon getting constipated, but it was nothing special. No, the really good thing was that, the next turn, I proceeded to roll another 4, 5 and 6, to my opponents disatisfaction.:evilgrin:

18-03-2010, 20:01
Back in 3rd ed played blood angels had a squad of 5 bikes in a battle versus my friends eldar. He had a farseer with a squad of guardians. He fired all but 10 shots hit cast guide all those other shots hit. Rolled to wound came up a lot of 5s and 6s. I had I think 30 something armour saves to make on a squad of five guys. I rolled and saved on every single one of those. Another time this time 4th ed with IG versus legion of the dammed. The fight lasted 3 hours and went to a draw because he had a defilier that I could not kill melta guns failed lascannon missed, and I had a leman rus he kept failing to kill for same reason.

18-03-2010, 20:41
my proxylith seems to show it's disguts at me for not being real by rolling an utterly impressive amount of 1's

18-03-2010, 20:45
Yes, played a 1500 game recently and rolled Trench Warfare with infantry guard, destroyed 2 thunderfire cannons on the first turn, imobillised out a Land Raider as it came on on turn 2 and made Lysander walk with his termies.

Shot them all down easily and then killed Lysander with 5 normal Veterans attacking him and taking down his last wound.

I just get this mental image of the marines advancing through a wall of firepower, struggling uphill to take revenge and then just as Lysander reaches the guard lines he raises his hammer and falls screaming as a flashlight blinds him.

18-03-2010, 20:53
I had my manditory waste of an HQ, Wazzdakka, get charged by a Venerable Dreadnought. I charged a unit, and they ended up fleeing from combat. Wazzdakka's consolidate didn't take him out of range, and he got charged by the walker.

The dreadnought wiffs his first attack rolls, needing 4's. Not one connected. Wazz gets his PK attacks, scores a glance, and after reroll ends up with a weapon destroyed, which I promptly removed the DCCW. The fight then went on for 3 turns as the dread bludgeoned Wazzdakka with his stump, until Wazzdakka finally managed to kill the dreadnought, and leave combat with 2 wounds remaining. Suffice to say, that should never happen. That worthless HQ should have been dead from the get go (in fact, I was planning on it in my strategy!).

I then sent him to charge a tac-squad. The Vet sergeant hits twice and rolls two 6's for his power-weapon, killing Wazz immediately.

In a recent game against Tau, Wazzdakka hit every single time with his fail-cannon for the first 2 turns he fired it. On the third turn, he hit with one shot (which I'm usually lucky to see), before sucking down a railgun slug. So out of 12 shots, he had a 75% hit rate during that game...

Go figure... Dice gods are fickle. But more often than not, Wazzdakka comes out as a nothing more than an expensive distraction, and a silly requirement to my army.

18-03-2010, 20:54
My opponent and myself had a good laugh this last tuesday in my last shooting phase where I rolled to hit with 30 slugga boys, hit with 25 and then wounded with all of them. He managed to pass all but 3 saving throws (darn thunderhammer termies) but on the resulting assault he failed every saving throw, down went his termies and chapter master (you'd expect a few failed, but not all of them!) and my consolidation move landed me a 6 with moved me close enough to grab the objective I needed for a draw.

Earlier on in the game I got very lucky where 3 turns of shooting at my trukks (which were deployed well out of position, oops) resulted is nothing but glancing hits and them just being unable to shoot.

Then again, he got some lucky rolls also when assaulting my nobz and warboss, wiping them all out in a single round of combat without me doing anything in return.

2 weeks ago with a similar ork army, my Lootas fired 3 shots each in every shooting phase and were landing enough hits to make Vindicare Assassins look envious (not just from the sheer amount of shots, but about 4 or 5 in every 6 shoots were hitting and all were wounding, who cared if he made most of his saving throws, they were a constant thorn in his side).

Of course, my grandest moment comes from 2nd edition with a lone Termagant assaulting Marneus, he rolls all 1s, I roll a 6 and manage to land blows, rolls 6s to wound, he rolls 1s to save. 1 dead Marneus.

18-03-2010, 21:25
the dice gods have smiled on me my freind was trying out his new close combat terminators he just got them on the bourd and my land speeder rolled up heavy flamed them it hit 4, 4 wounded and guess what he rolled 4 1s. so my humble land speeder killed 4 out the the 5 terminators that were there he was peaved.

18-03-2010, 21:40
My best was a full Stealth Team with Targetting Arrays shooting at a unit of 15 Death Company (old codex) with Jumppacks.

18 s5 shots. 17 hits, 16 wounds, no armour saves or FNP made.

Arguably this could be the dice gods pooping all over my opponent rather than smiling on me lol.

Edit : 7 Harlequins including shadowseer, troupemaster +farseer (fortune/doom) & Yriel ran though a Deathwing army including Belial. I must've made 80 5+ saves that game. Yriel did kill himself at the end of the game though.

18-03-2010, 21:46
When i played 3.5 edition Chaos, the Chaos Lord i'd made for the codex never died. Must of played about 15 games with him (not all won) and i couldn't fail the last armour save, or sometimes i got lucky and dashed into combat or cover to avoid shooting. Then i stopped gaming, just amazed me that no matter what i threw him into he never died.

I threw out all my mini's and am just getting back into gaming now (hence the 1 post), but i've still got a couple of models (including said Lord).

18-03-2010, 22:24
Oh, yes. Playing against Nids, a Hive Tyrant and Carnifex working their way down the flank. The tactical marines jumped in their Razorbacks and drove away to gain some firing room. The chaplain meanwhile charged in an attempt to slow the Nids down. Much to my surprise, he downed the Tyrant, then the Carnifex charged and rolled 1's. He then hit back and managed to kill it too.
In a different game, 6 scouts assaulted a 8 strong Khorne Berzerker squad. 3 turns later, the score was scouts - 8, berzerkers - nil.

3 0f 6
18-03-2010, 22:49
They smle on me every time I fail a roll, especially all those 12's I rolled in Necromunda causing my gang to lose..

18-03-2010, 23:33

Threw his spear at a Trygon Prime. Took one wound off it. Then charged and took the remaining wounds off it. It was glorious.

Usually, though, the dice gods just seem to spit in my face. Like today. I played that ridiculous Eldar KP mission from the Battle Missions book against SW. Five Fire Dragons shoot at a Drop Pod: crew shaken. Next round they shoot again; nothing. They try to assault it, needing three inches on their difficult terrain; snake eyes. Gaarrrrgghhhh!

19-03-2010, 02:23
Swings both ways. From my game tonight:

- My 2 Obs Plasma Cannon his 3 Obs. I get 6 wounds. He makes all 5+ Inv. saves.:mad:

- My 8 Berserkers split charge 6 CSM's and 3 Obliterators. The regular Berserkers wipe out the CSM's (including a Pfist Asp. Champ) and the PFist Berserker champ scores 3 hits / 3 wounds on the Obliterators, killing the Obs off. All this for the loss of 3 Beserkers to the 6 Obliterator Pfist swings. :D

19-03-2010, 02:32
The dice gods hate on me all the time. I'd be lucky to get three 6's in an entire battle, and sadly I'm not even joking! :cries:

19-03-2010, 02:39
Recently the dice gods have been with the survivors of grey hunter packs. What I mean is, in playing against eldar, whenever a pack of grey hunters gets jumped by, oh, every shooting unit in the eldar army, the first unit, usually a group of bladestorming dire avengers, wipes out all but one or two of the grey hunter pack. Then the rest of the army starts pouring fire in finish them off. And even though I failed so many more saves than I "should have" in that first barrage, those last two guys JUST WON'T DIE.

Its happened my last two games. Half the eldar army opens up on two remaining grey hunters and fails to kill them. Those two grey hunters then charge the nearest DA squad and start chomping through them.

My GH must have a law of diminishing returns on their armor or something>

BurnaBoss Nazlug
19-03-2010, 02:59
Last game I played was space wolves, against space wolves (wasnt much choice that day). Late in the game while trying to kill one of his tanks, I rolled eight ones in a row on penetration rolls (I was borrowing someone elses dice however). My Orks are unnaturally lucky, talking 2/3 of my shooting actually hitting.

also first post, I lurk.

19-03-2010, 21:09
no they hate me
example 1
assualt canon fires at hive tyrant and rolls 3 6's to hit
someone goes if only you had old rending....
4 6's to wound:cries:
example 2
lictors reserves turn 2 rolls 3
turn 3 rolls 2
turn 4 rolls 1
turn 5 deepstrike mishap (when they used to be able to)
goes back in reserve
game ends:shifty:
example 3 ork nob with powerklaw against space marine scout to win game
1 hit, rest all one's and then a 1 to lose

19-03-2010, 21:18
i have great luck against tanks normally espacially falcons whose holofields mean nothing to my rolls most of the time even if they are fortuned behind cover at long range with a multi melta:D
i have a reputation in my gaming group for reliably destroying tanks:angel:

however i do have horrible luck at the worst times, for instance at a tournament hitting a hive tyrant with 6 multi melta attack bikes and then rolling all 1's to wound and one 2, that hive tyrant then went on to win the game effectively for my opponent

overall the dice gods like me to fail at the basics where i expect to suceed and suceed when i should fail:wtf:

19-03-2010, 21:33
yesterday, (i play gk, was playing against chaos)

GM loses all his terminators and all but 1 wound to a chaos lord and daemon prince, but thanks to my opponent rolling a 1 in second round of combat his lord gets no attacks and GM kills both.

then he charges off into a squad of noise marines (initiative 5, same as him), wins the combat after killing three marines, and opponent loses the two others because noise marines are fearless and he fails the armor saves.

GM then charges into a squad of plague marines, and kills them all in ONE round of combat thanks to master-crafted weapon.

so in 3 turns thats: daemon prince, chaos lord, noise marines, plague marines. and that clears two of my opponents off VPs and secures the draw.

i dont think he'll ever be so lucky again.

Lord Malorne
19-03-2010, 21:35
(3rd ed)

My last sniper scout got charged by a one wound remaining carnifex, he proceeded to kill said carnifex in one on one combat.

In the same game a flying hive tyrant was down to one wound, it destroyed the dread it was in combat with and later on it landed on the dreads remains, lost its last wound... revenge!

commander of the marines
19-03-2010, 22:32
hmm recent tournemant,

I go first (yes finally in my ten previous tournemant battles I always had to go second). deployment was spearhead so he had to go rather far to assault me.

turn one I blow up his land raider en kill his rhino, immobilise his dread (shot the lascanon from it in my second turn), kill 2 termis and 8 others (possesed and berzerkers) his entire army had to go on foot now...

by my 5th turn I had shot the remainder of his army and lost nog a single model was a bit weird, ok I play guard and I'm used to shoot stuff but not this good I always lose at least 1/5 of my army.

19-03-2010, 22:43
Having a lone catachan save 10 5+ saves in a row. Just bad luck of him to fail the eleventh... ^^

Otherwise I had a bit of luck with my doomsday device in a game, activated at turn 3 and got to fire 1d6 Sd shots, got some 4 shots which I used to destroy the enemies shadowsword that had destroyed a stompa earlier in the game. Next turn I got same result again, but 6 shots which I fired at Marneus calgar who was weilding that Strategem weapon, chapter relic which gave him S10 at initative and double amount of attacks killing him off as well after some lucky rolling. So even though incredibly random it was fun to play with and did well ^^

20-03-2010, 03:06
I would say the most recent epic - lucky moment I had with dice was just under a year ago. I was playing Necrons vs Space Marines, it was the top of turn five, I had 8 WBB rolls to make, if I failed one I would phase out. I rolled them one by one,... 5, 6, 5, 4 etc etc. Passed all of them and proceeded to my shooting phase immediately. This squad of warriors was all I had, with these survivors I got the kill point necessary to tip the balance in my favor. Turn 6 didn't come round so I won. Was a Very satisfying ending to a climactic and well matched game.


20-03-2010, 03:47
Just remember all: The Dice Gods Giveth And They Taketh Away...

My best record is twelve consecutive saves for my shadow field. Why is rolling 2+ twelve straight times a personal best?

Because the stupid thing usually pops like a balloon when hit by a bolt pistol!

20-03-2010, 04:04
Recently outflanked a sizable unit of kroot into the side of an IG gunline. Won combat against two squads, broke them both and ran them down. Next turn I survived the storm of shooting (I was in woods) then won combat against a large tarpit unit of conscripts breaking and running them down. My next turn saw me eating a command squad and a basilisk.

The entire game had gone as such actually. He had some of the worst rolling I've seen to date and I just couldn't miss. It got to the point where the victory just wasn't rewarding.

20-03-2010, 04:29
My best was a full Stealth Team with Targetting Arrays shooting at a unit of 15 Death Company (old codex) with Jumppacks.

18 s5 shots. 17 hits, 16 wounds, no armour saves or FNP made.

Arguably this could be the dice gods pooping all over my opponent rather than smiling on me lol.

WOW! Someone should run the numbers on the probability that someone would fail 16 3+ saves followed by 16 more 4+ saves. If I was your opponent I would consider exposing those dice to the Dice Extermination Unit (aka Hammer).

I rolled them one by one,... 5, 6, 5, 4 etc etc. Passed all of them and proceeded to my shooting phase immediately.

Ugh, I really hate when one of my regular opponents does something like that. It is one thing to roll them all at once and make great rolls, but doing it one at a time is just excruciating :p. He also used to do this thing where he would bounce a die off the back of a tape measurer when rolling for things like saves or armor pen. He must have been holding the die the same way every time or something because he could repeatedly roll 6s. The worst part is he would have a smug look on his face every time. Needless to say I eventually had enough and outlawed the tape measurer lol.

Back on topic though, overall I seem to be a pretty average roller. I have had a few fairly recent games where my rolling has been insanely good the first few turns. Usually I take pity on my opponent (we mainly play for fun) and try not to be as aggressive the following turn or two. This generally comes back to bite me in the butt, as two things happen next. First, my opponent exploits my failure to "seal the deal," which he should as I am basically handing it to him. Second, the dice gods are fickle and almost always go over to my opponents side which results in a lot of dead troops for me and potentially no way to counter-attack.

Like I said, we play games just to have a good time so it is no big deal, but apparently the dice gods frown upon mercy. I guess I should just listen to 40k's moniker "In the Future, there is only War."

20-03-2010, 05:21
people can bet on my rolls of 1 literally

20-03-2010, 05:24
Just tonight, I had a tactical squad with Chaplain Cassius in the squad. They were down to Cassius and a powerfist sergeant and took the assault from a defiler. This was turn 4.

On the assault, my opponent scored 1 hit, 1 to wound. My turn, he scored 1 hit, 1 to wound. His next turn, he missed all of his attacks. My turn, he scored 2 hits, snake eyes to wound. His turn, 1 more hit, 1 to wound. My turn, another hit and another 1 to wound.

Game ended after turn six. Cassius stood alone with 1 wound left against the defiler in assault for 3 entire turns, 6 different assault phases. Not once did I make an invulnerable save.

Of course that same game I had 5 terminators assault a squad of berserkers... had 5 wounds on the terminators. Rolled 4 1's and a 2.

20-03-2010, 09:57
another one
my freind has an invincible dark eldar lord (27 shadow fields in a row:()
but if anyone says powerfist or insant death he immediately gives up and dies:wtf:

20-03-2010, 10:20
My dices really hates me. On small tournament i had 6Raptors with Melta and Flamer and champion, I wanted to slowdown 30orks so i wanted to shot them and assault them.
8flamer hits - Zero wounds!
3Pistols - zero wounds
Melta killed 1.
So I did assault. 15attacks on 4 and 4 - zero wounds
Champion killed 1
It costed me the game...

20-03-2010, 11:54
Also a trygon Prime. Doomed it, 30 Shuricanshots from DA, 12 wounds, 9 missed saves...

Trygon kebab. :D

20-03-2010, 12:33
the best ive ever seen was a full sized squad of dire avengers blade storming and all hitting without guide, 27 shots hitting on a 3+ and 5 hitting on a 2+ all hit

20-03-2010, 12:53
Sought of. They never smile of me but they do tend to urinate on my oponent from a great height from time to time ;)

Jammiest thing i ever saw was a squad of termies hit by a demolisher cannon pie plate. All 5 termies were hit and wounded and all made their invulnrable save. The look on the attackers face was priceless.

20-03-2010, 14:11
some pretty funny stuff popping up offcourse on large it seems ure all really unlucky and only witness miracles not take part hehe

20-03-2010, 16:01
universally No! with the exception of Iron Halo save & scatter dice, i've got them in the bag!

20-03-2010, 18:54
a friend of mine did also play a drop podding space wolf list last edition and i think i only ever saw his drop pods scatter to somewhere he didnt want 2 times the rest of the time they hit

21-03-2010, 07:08
Gotta post what happened to my nob bikers this game. They got charged by 2 full squads of khrone berserkers, with a tzeetnch sorc leading them (yeah, I'm confused too) and nearly all lived, okay no surprises there. However I made literally every single cybork body save. Literally. On 6's. Every, single, save. Needless to say my opponent was dumb founded. It was rediculous. Probably 12 cybork body saves, 3 or so on my warboss vs a force weapon, all made. Sheer shenanigans.

21-03-2010, 08:39
played a game at GW today and used the new ba codex and took mephiston unfortunately a couple of turns of snipers took thier toll and eventually I found him on one wound (and because of a fleet roll of one) in rapid fire range of a tac squad a terminator squad a dreadnaught and the cursed snipers evey single shot (including the lascannon'S) failed to to wound. I could just imagine mephistion cracking his knuckles ready teach those ultras whos boss.

on anothernote an ork boy squad of 30 assaulted me and 37 wounded I made 37 saves (in groups of 6-7 at a time) it was amazing.

21-03-2010, 11:00
I have a penchant for making absurd amounts of 2+ saves in certain situations.

21-03-2010, 11:42
Hi there i was thinking the other day if anyone else had happened across such rediculous rolling by either themsleves or an opponant or even just whitnessed rolls that for all intensive puroses should have been impossible ill give an example.

Yesterday I charged 3 Primarch Honour Guard and Rogal Dorn with 8 Plaguebearers and my ally also sent in Fulgrim.

Fulgrim caused 1 wound on Dorn's guard (these chaps have WS5, 2 wounds, terminator armour, storm shields, etc). My Plaguebearers scored a fair few wounds, for which my opponent rolled 5 1s for saves, swiftly killing off all 3. Does that pass as smiling?

I was paid back later by managing to miss with 7 Plasma cannons for several turns.

21-03-2010, 11:50
Not on me, exactly, but on me by proxy, during an Apocalypse game six friends and I did an all Guard Op Market Garden style air assault followed by and armoured thrust, my friend was in control of the airborne forces and we deep striked in 6 Veteran squads out of Valks and 7 Stormtrooper squads and he didn't role a single scatter, it was unbelievable

21-03-2010, 13:12
Yes. With a Devastator squad with 4 missile launchers, I managed to hit and wound with all on an opponents 4 Terminators. 4 1s to save meant he was not happy.

Then again, I would genrally hit about once evry five games with my Vindicator (and this was getting 3-4 turns shooting each time generally), so it comes back around.