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20-03-2010, 13:36
as the title says which of the to armies do you think will be more effective over all

blood angels are great because of jump infantry troops, feel no pain across the board, fast tanks, dreadnought transporting tank, combat squadds are a great help

space wolves have cheaper troops with the same amount of attacks, they can stand back or go forward thanks to counter attack
and most importantly every unit in their army can have a rending model with upto 8 attacks by himself, so has the power to take down anything except armour 14

blood angels aren't actually out yet but we know everything about them now.

i am collecting blood angel because i really like the models not their abilities, i like having a army of jump infantry

i just thought it would be interesting to see what people think of the 2 armies

20-03-2010, 13:49
its kinda hard to say, cause both armies have alot of funzies to add to any tourney, i plan on having both armies, but my lists are more for fun than tourneys or objecives, sorry i cant vote on that one

20-03-2010, 13:52
Dunno.....i've not voted as i'm not sure of the outcome. I have beaten Space Wolves with both vanilla and blood angels lists (thats the White Dwarf codex BA). I've also been beaten by the SW aswell. They seem a nice rounded army though it does always worry me to see that i am always outnumbered.

The mark of the wulfen upgrade is pretty epic. I can see that being a tourny favourite. They're still not unbeatable though. That 3+ save is just the same as a normal space marine's and we all know how easy it is to roll a 1 or a 2.

20-03-2010, 16:06
Can't say if it's true or not, haven't gotten the new Codex yet. But based on PDF Blood Angels versus new Wolves I'm feeling pretty sanguine about my chances.:evilgrin:

20-03-2010, 16:15
I have SW and am in the process of building a BA army. Having seen the BA codex and witnessed the Fast Tank assault. I will have to go with the BA. Having an assortment of AV13 Fast tanks that can move 12 and still fire is very Dangerous. They are capable of getting in range quick as well as being able to run away from threats when needed. Space Wolves can rend in CC but after the tank moves fast they still need 6"s to hit.

The only other major threat to BA would be the cheap Long Fang units that can split fire. But a Fast Tank of one of the NUMEROUS Dreadnaughts that can Drop Pod in can take that advantage away very Quick. Besdies having an AV13 Physic Dreadnught that can move like a Jump infantry! Go Librarian Dreadnught!

20-03-2010, 16:23
Until everyone (especially me) has the BA dex, it's too early to vote.

I'm abstaining.

20-03-2010, 18:05
BA can do everything great. I do have a codex, you can get 11 dreads in 2500pts you have tank spam, assualt vanguard spam, HeroHammer with 11 ICs runing the broad... You named any type of list and they can do it.

20-03-2010, 18:38
Space Wolves.

Blood angels have lots of fun stuff, but lack the super core troops that are universal. Drop pods can still be used instead of some fast rhinos that die when a lascannon looks at them funny.

Space wolves have chaos marine potential in their troops choices. Can be a deathwing, and otherwise universal in all their choices to a good extent. Blood angels suffer from the specialist syndrome. As long as the wolf player doesn't herohammer (which is a major weakness of wolf players), he will do better then a blood angel in the long run.

There will just be a learning period of how to deal with blood angels. Trust me, you don't want to send a blood angel unit 18" after the enemy, when they popped half your rhinos in your deployment zone.

20-03-2010, 18:56
hmmmm I think its difficult to say as most of us havent actually played against the new blood angels yet... although I would possibly put my money on blood angels being the stronger contender right now as they can move so quickly around the table compared to the space wolves. I think its all very well space wolves players like myself having lots of cheaper grey hunters, but it doesn't help you much when there are loads of fast vindicators, baal predators and killy dreadnoughts bearing down on you supported by FNP/FC assault squads and mephiston!

And lets not forget JOTWW mark 2... by that I mean that silly blood lance psychic power which will no doubt prove much more effective than jaws in the long run. Rune priests only work 50% of the time at stopping powers, and if blood lance (or whatever its called) gets off near your tanks then you can kiss goodbye to most armoured vehicles.

I think its going to be a sharp learning curve for most gamers as although the BA codex focus is on the elite style, the army lists I have seen people come up with still seem to have everything except the kicten sink in them.

The guys at my club already moan about the lack of time to kill SW stuff before it hits their lines... with BA its going to be even worse - you are looking at possibly 1 turn of shooting before they get to you, and there is only so far you can retreat.

20-03-2010, 19:04
You need to wait until the BA are out for at least a month, that's about how long it takes for the real potential of a codex to begin to surface. I did not vote.

20-03-2010, 21:28
The thing is they both hit at about the same power but blood angels are paying for speed where the wolf player gets more excellent warriors- so as long as the space wolf player can limit the blood angels ability to get the most out of the 'quick boost' at the start and can get to objectives, they should be able to carry the day by being more cost efficient- I'm convinced that at the cutting edge when every model counts, the extra points the BA player spends to have fast vehicles will allow the wolf player to take the advantage.

As an analogy, its a bit like an all bike army against wolves- the bike army should start the game better but is unlikely to be able to make enough of that to get passed the fact taht Space Wolves troops are really efficient points wise

20-03-2010, 21:33
now i like blood angels and i like space wolves, but which is best....there is only one way to find out...........FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

22-03-2010, 05:08
Lets get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Creeping Dementia
22-03-2010, 06:50
I personally think both Codexes are going to be very close to each other. However, just based on the cost of some of the goodies the BA dex has, I'd give a very slight advantage to the SW Dex for tournament settings. It will really just depend on how good certain proposed builds actually translate to the tabletop (AV13 spam mainly).

22-03-2010, 06:59
as the title says which of the to armies do you think will be more effective over all

Effectiveness? Not sure.

I do know I like the flexibility of the BA book. The Space Wolf book turned me off pretty quickly with what I feel is an over-reliance on spamming the same things over and over again, which makes the book as a whole feel inflexible and rather dull. It didn't help that the Wolves lost a lot of the more interesting options that standard marines have access to in favor of an emphasis on grey hunters as jack of all trades.

I'm looking forward to trying out several different armies with the BA book, which can range from heavy shooting, heavy vehicle, heavy melee, jump packs or transports or a combined armed approach. Much more interesting to have versatility and options rather than just hitting people in the face with slightly different varieties of hammer.

22-03-2010, 14:23
I voted space wolves. I am biased cause I play them though. However as already stated ba suffer from shiny thing syndrome. They have super elite and I think that will hurt them. Now if ba are this cool though I can't wait to see grey knights.

22-03-2010, 15:33
Space Wolves have one of the best psychic defenses in the game thanks to Rune Priests/Njal, and so the threat of libby (dreads) is really not as big for them.

Space Wolves are a close-fighting army, and the BA excel at getting in close (and of course are good in CC as well).

BA are good, but SW's greatest strength is how cheap their bread-and-butter is. 190 points gets you 2 Meltaguns and 10 of the cheapest marines out there inside a rhino; compare that to 220 for BA and you'll see that the points start to add up.

Assault Squads are a less expensive alternative, but lack the flexibility of Grey Hunters.

I'd also take Thunderwolf Cav over sanguinary guard pretty much any day of the week; T5 2W Cavalry is hard to beat.

That said BA can put up a very impressive armoured front and have better characters. It's a tough decision, but I think that more often than not the SW list will come out on top.

22-03-2010, 15:39
Space Wolves its easy... power armored guys riding on wolves with freaking lazors.

Good job GW....

22-03-2010, 16:51
I would vote neither. I think both lists are full of expensive gimmicks, and that will ultimately be their downfall. The Greyhunters, Blood Claws, Assault Squads, and Tacticals (respectively) are where the true might of each codex is at. The best lists will be the ones that focus on those core, scoring units, and not so much on the point-sink gimmicks.

That's my 2 cents.

22-03-2010, 17:06
I think BA has the more powerful codex but only if played in moderation. The shiny bits are too easy to Spam and to expensive to Spam them leaving the player with a very elite force that will only work in the right conditions.

22-03-2010, 19:07
ORKS ... at 6pts for 4 attacks nuff said.

But other than that wolves , (mainly cos i have not seen the BA book yet) Grey hunters are just paln awsome now.

22-03-2010, 20:04
Wolves. Studied the BA dex a little and I think their HQ's and troops are just not good enough to be really good. Assault troops with only 2 attacks base isnt really impressive and their tacticals are as mediocre in the marines dex. I rate them about the same as normal marines. So not bad at all, but just not as good as Wolves.

22-03-2010, 20:10
We can't say for sure until the codex has been out a while.

22-03-2010, 20:26
ORKS ... at 6pts for 4 attacks nuff said.

Psst... try Shootas.

22-03-2010, 20:54
My first impression is that Blood Angels are going to be the slighty more competitive tournament chapter overall.

1) Blood angels are significantly faster, and will have an easier time stealing and contesting objectives then wolves have.

2) More Mech spam potential this edition favors vehicles and it fairly easy to throw several (six) AV 13 tanks in a list without having to make many sacrifices (or any tbh, depending on point restrictions).

That said longfangs are pretty amazing, and head to head matchup between them would be pretty interesting. I just think that overall Blood Angels will have some advantages againist the field that wolves don't, they both are gonna be tough draws though.

23-03-2010, 00:13
wolves will beat BA 9 out of ten times. The fast moving benifit of BA is canceled by the wolves.
Vrs Hordes wolves will do better than BA.
Vrs Power armor BA will more then likely do better.

Seeing as Ork's are the No1 army to beet at the MO , IMO space wolves stand a better chance of doing that.

23-03-2010, 00:50
I play both armies and I personally feel that Wolves have it better.

More list flexibility, better normal troops, strong HQ choices. Wolves are also less dependent on things like Chaplains and Priests.

Edit: This seems like a fantastic topic to talk about in my next blog post! Stay tuned :>