View Full Version : Red Shirts?

20-03-2010, 23:54
Are they still Red Shirts? Thinking about it I have not seen any for ages. The last time I was in a GW store, about three weeks ago, there were 3 black shirts and one blue shirt.

Do different colours mean different things or do the staff just choose which they like most? I used to think that the guy in the black shirt was in charge, (Which he was at the time.) but maybe that is no longer the case as it appears black is the majority colour at least locally.

20-03-2010, 23:56
Black = Manager or above
Blue = Britain
Red = US / European / Ireland
Blue with white trims = Outriders

If you had 3 black shirts in one was the manager, 2 were territory managers or above. Seems likely due to the GW structure reshuffle.

22-03-2010, 15:16
Where does Musolini fit in ? ;)

Lord Malorne
22-03-2010, 15:24
Yeah I was around when blue shirts where red shirts, I prefer blue shirts.

22-03-2010, 16:06
Yeah I was around when blue shirts where red shirts, I prefer blue shirts.

I agree, blue shirts are far less threatening.

One good thing about the red shirts though, was that you could always see them approaching you out of the corner of your eye...now they seem to just appear, like a bespectacled Green Knight, in blue...

22-03-2010, 16:30
Red shirts are disposable, Blue shirts are Medical.

Spectrar Ghost
22-03-2010, 22:45
Oh my head... I wondered how long that reference would take...

22-03-2010, 22:45
And Blackshirts are generally unpleasant and a bit shouty.

Wil Grand
22-03-2010, 23:04
It's like Star Trek, eh? Yellow used to be command, now it's Engineering and security, Red's the new command when it's the old Certain Death which is what yellow is now.....