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22-03-2010, 13:52
The idea is for a fallen chapter a bit unlike the standard ones (sorry, I know everyone and their dog heard that claim before). The chapter's name is The Duellists. To cut the long story short they are more of a warband than a chapter, comprising of the marines who felt equaly sickened by being betrayed by the Emperor and subsequent descent of Horus into madness and monstrosity. They do not care much for either side of the great conflict, equaly willing to fight anyone. They are a Khornate cult in the style of the old Chaos descriptions - a warrior society, drawing members from various gene-lines, focused on martial prowess (mostly with the blade) and martial honour. They will seek engagements on equal or challenging terms, unwilling to engage in a simple slaughter. They will show worthy opponents every courtesy and although they do not take prisoners, they have been known to spare wounded warriors who impressed them with their skill or courage. The structure is fairly simple - The Order of the Blade (some 70% of the chapter), focused on hand-to-hand combat and The Order of the Flame, focused on the ranged combat. There are also the Acolytes, humans, drawn to the chapter by its simple and focused creed, very often coming from the imperial death cults.

Now - I want to use mostly power armours, probably no terminators at all. Most of the army will be equipped for assault, not firefight. No demons of any kind, no mutations, no psychic powers, no standard chaos freakshow. This sort of instantly rules the Chaos codex out. I'll probably go for one of the loyalist codices, doing a "counts as" army. Here is my question - what can you tell me about the Blood Angels and Space Wolves ruleswise? Would they suit me?

22-03-2010, 14:04
Black Templars seems like the most obvious choice.

22-03-2010, 14:10
I know this is asking a lot, but could you do a short comparison between Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars? All of them are pretty much close combat oriented, right?

The Marshel
22-03-2010, 14:21
as far as i know:
blood angels are reasonably codex, but they have a problem (or in the eyes of some a blessing *cough* seth *cough* they are still relatively shooty in my mind. they are just marines who like to go fast and occasionally go into uncontrollable rages

Space wolves are more of a bugger the codex lets drink and stab people kinda deal. i've always been under the impression they are more keen to rough house it then a non death company blood angel but at the same time they don't seem to be the kinda chivalrous warriors your after.

Templars on the other hand are an honorable and zealous chapter. they dislike psykers and prefer to fight their foe up close, as to be sure they are vanquished.

Now, though the background of these chapters doesn't = ur background, its a very importent influence in how theirs codices were designed.

so in short,
blood angles are reasonably codex but with a anomaly that they have adapted to
space wolves are the loud and proud brawlers of the marine family
Templars are the nondurable and zealous warriors who like to see their enemy cut down at their blade

22-03-2010, 14:25
Right, it does sound like the Templars would suit me. Will get the codex and check. Thanks :)

22-03-2010, 14:30
BT's are closest to what you have said:

They have:
- Crusader Squads: 5-10 Initiates (Marines with either Bolter or Bolt Pistol + Close Combat Weapon) and 0-10 (1 for each Initiate) Neophytes (Scouts with either Shotgun or Bolt Pistol + Close Combat Weapon, could represent those Acolytes)
- No Psykers at all and have special rules representing their hate!
- Vows (3+ Hit on close combat is best one, and would fit with a chapter of duelists)
- Targetting priotiy for non-vehicles, again, fits with the duelist ideas
- Emperors Champion
- Righteous Zeal - Allows footslogging BT Armies to move d6" towards the nearest enemy unit if they pass a LD after taking a casualty - very useful
- Infiltrating Power Armour in the form of Sword Brethren
- Furious Charge LC Terminators
- Vet Skills on Dreads

22-03-2010, 14:34
Yeah, sounds very close. Can you recap briefly what their anti-psyk rules are?

22-03-2010, 14:39
Yeah, sounds very close. Can you recap briefly what their anti-psyk rules are?

Instead of Hitting on 3+ in CC can take a different Vow which gives D6" move towards Psykers at start of game and 5+ Save vs any Psychic Power that targets a BT Model

In their next codex (whenever it comes), this will no doubt be expanded greatly to include anti-Psyker stuff such as SW's get.

Only problem is they have the naff 4+ inv in CC only Stom Shields

If you want a footslogging force then BTs would be your best bet

22-03-2010, 14:40
OK, sounds perfect. Thank you :)

22-03-2010, 16:24
OK, sounds perfect. Thank you :)

Glad to help! Enjoy