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22-03-2010, 16:23
Hi all,
Im thinking about making my own chapter of Space Marines. What i want to know is are there any rules against making cosmetic alterations to my marines using razor wire etc to make them more gothic?
Any resposes will be gratefully recieved

22-03-2010, 17:35
none what so ever, model them how you wish, i would suggest you read up on the background and flesh out the theme of your chapter. basic things to consider are:
- Codex Adherent? or Divergent?
- Structure?
- Colour Scheme / Theme
- Veteran markings & insignia?
- Company Markings?
- Squad Markings?

the list really does go on, so i would suggest getting as much reading behind you as you can, creating a new chapter with an informed approach and some unique fluff will pay dividends in the end, and hopefully you'll create something interesting!

Best of luck :)

22-03-2010, 18:22
As long as the "cosmetic" alterations don't interfere with WYSIWYG and you don't go so overboard with non GW parts that you're in danger of being told you can't use them in a tourney, no problem at all.

Personally, I am all in favour of more variety in marine armies - there are so many of them out there that conversions are almost essential!