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23-03-2010, 07:25
i was just reading a thread and thought of some of my best close combats ever and i was wondering if anyone else had any interesting storie like that

for me it is a tie between the time i went to a convention in toronto and one just a few days ago

in the convention battle it was my SM vs tau. After storming the beach i assualted one of my opponets squads and annialated him, except for a drone. that little bugger lasted 6 rounds of hand to hand combat against 2 SMs. the whole fiasco was so darn interesting it acctually made it onto the GW canadian website under event coverage, but it has recently been removed for newer events. but i feel proud of that bit of battle.

the second was just a few days ago i was playing my redone SM list vs Space wolves. my assualt squad got into close combat with his assault squad and duked it out for 3 rounds of combat. first round all my guys except the sergant die. for two rounds we stay i kill 7 total by round 3. round four comes along and Logan and some termis assauakt my lone serge. at that moment he said f* this and used Logan first so i couldnt get a save. he got extremely lucky he rolled only one wound and that was the end of that combat. i have sense named that marine Serge. Wallace.

this happened the same day as the second combat. i was playing a guy SM ns ravenwing he went first and was in combat on turn one (not unexpected) by turn 3 his dreadnought was in CC with one of my squads. it annialated all but my sarge and 2 others. the sarge went on to destroy its close combat weapon, his turn came up and a ravenwing squad assaulted, the squad kill the the other 2. after 4 round of combat he killed the sarge, but i took with me the dreadnought , and about 3 ravenwing in the process

any interesting stories wold be appreicated

23-03-2010, 07:33
6 of my hormagaunts locked in cc with my frequent opponent's last remaining model from a unit (sergeant I think it was), for about 3 rounds (thats a lot of gaunt attacks)

23-03-2010, 07:41
Oh man me and my friend played a 1000 point game the other day with the most epic combat EVAR. I charged my nob bikers at his rhinos which were close to each other, blew one up, and wrecked another. The khonre berserkers inside got out and charged my nobz, combat was close, I think I won by like 2 wounds or something. Anyway, next turn I charge in my 26 or so ork shoota boyz and a couple of deff koptas. Literally everything alive on the board was in this massive huge combat, just an enormous pile of plastic all radiating out from my warboss and his (now deceased) sorcerer. Needless to say after the reinforcements the orks took the day, but it was awesome non the less.

23-03-2010, 07:50
I've observed a game in which a single remaining Gretchin over the course of a game took out in CC a squad of Terminators. Needless to say, the SM player was in shock.

23-03-2010, 08:32
the other week, wile not epic in terms of little guy vs big guy but epic in terms of size:

: 50 conscripts with an infantry platoon (PCS, Attached lord commissar + 3 platoons) thrown into 40 ork shoota boyz, 15 gretching and a warboss with nob squad.

this happened on turn three, the last assault phase of turn 6, the imperials finally won, after loosing 50 conscripts and 29 other men. the orks lost all their nobs, the warboss, 36 boyz and all the gretching. pretty big slaughter....

23-03-2010, 08:37
well my RT days and then into 2nd ed. My main opponent was spacewolves and I was Dark Angels, Every game a certain Srg. of his and my librarian would eventually get into combat. They would then be locked in combat, neither killing eachother for the rest of the game... Regreating the dual between Russ and Lion El.

Kharne the betrayer second ed. Killed off a 10 man squad of ultramarines, 5 man squad of berserkers and a dreadnought in one round.

23-03-2010, 09:34
this edition (after the new SM but before the new nid)- 7 TH/SS terminators and chapin holding out for 4 turns against 2 fexs, 4 stealers a broodlord and 20 gaunts

after 4 turns, no fexs, 1 steeler and 5 gaunts- no terminators, my go, open up the crusader that carried the guys killing the steeler befoe 10 guys inside it kill the gaunts

23-03-2010, 12:18
I remember killing a bloodthirster in close combat with massed IG troops. That was back in 3rd I think. I had a vision of them all just climbing all over it, blasting at point-blank range with lasguns and jamming bayonettes where the sun doesn't shine - the only thing more likely to kill monstrous creatures in close combat than a guardsman, in my experience, is a gretchin.

Lord Asgul
23-03-2010, 12:19
14 Traitor guardsmen in CC with 3 Necron Wraiths for 5 turns, the Wraiths kept getting back up. Every match this would happen. With either the outcome being 1 TG or 1 Wraith left which was then shot at by the opposing side. :D

23-03-2010, 13:10
Something more along the lines of just a giant, epic combat:

With my Daemons, the first time I played Ragnar-based Space Wolves, I wasn't aware of the Furious Charge Howl thing, and got about 75% of my army eaten instantly because of it.

10 Grey Hunters, 10 Grey Hunters, 15 Blood Claws, Ragnar, a Rune Priest, a Wolf Priest, 5 Long Fangs, and a Lone Wolf


7 Bloodletters, 7 Bloodletters, 8 Bloodetters, 5 Pink Horrors, Fateweaver, 4 Bloodcrushers, and a Bloodthirster

All assaulted as part of one giant Multiple Assault by the Space Wolf player. The Grey Hunters and Blood Claws just obliterated all 22 Bloodletters, the 5 Horrors, killed two of the Bloodcrushers, and put 3 wounds on the Bloodthirster before most of my stuff could even attack due to Ragnar's Howl. My surviving stuff could only do a handful of wounds back, which then meant Fateweaver, the Bloodthirster, and the two surviving Bloodcrushers each took 17 No Retreat! wounds.

23-03-2010, 13:12
1 Random poor chaos cultist or refused to flee, killed two full squads of Imperial Guard by himself, back in 3rd, was a glorious day for my cannon fodder, of course my marines got pie plated to misery.

23-03-2010, 13:20
In the campaign that Im in now I killed my husband's Company HQ and a Platoon HQ in hand to hand combat in the same assault phase.

As for a story about it you can click the link in my signature, page two, "Part 9", end of section 2 and 3.

23-03-2010, 13:24
2 Flamers of Tzeentch tying up a carinfex for 4 rounds. Sure the Flamers lost eventually but they made their points back in damage retention.

23-03-2010, 14:20
Where do I start?

Ok, let's go back to 2nd edition. I was playing Chaos Space Marines vs. my friend's Tyranids. He had a Hive Tyrant, a Carnefex and a mass of Genestealers (2nd ed. no force organization charts). I had Abaddon, a mass of Khorne Berzerkers and a Bloodthurster. The whole game was an all-out brawl in the middle of the table that looked like a war scene from LOTR with the big guys locked in combat for seven turns. Finally, Abaddon put the hammer down with Drach'nyen but man of the match went to the Khorne champ. with the Collar of Khorne that prevented the Tyrant from dropping psychic powers.

3rd had the epic combat between Abaddon and Logan Grimnar, which basically came down to if I could pull off the Drach'nyen attack again before Grimnar tore Abaddon a new one. I didn't, he did but every dice roll at the time was a rush. In true epic style, they manage to meet in combat at the top of a hill without any collusion on our part. To make the battle more epic, they were the only two models still standing for practical purposes, the battlefield would have been littered with dead marines.

I've got so many for 5th edition, I can't call any single one the greatest but two compete for the title.

The first is my Daemon Prince of Tzeench vs. the entire left flank of another friend's Eldar army. He slaughtered single handedly over the whole game: 1 Fire Dragon squad, 1 Howling Banshee squad, 1 Wave Serpent, 1 squad of Jetbikes, 2 Wraithlords and an entire Seer Council on Jetbikes all in assault. He did this to contest the solitary objective way in the corner of the left flank that was being held by the Jetbikes, crossing the entire diagonal length of the table to do so in a path of slaughter I've never seen before. He survived until endgame turn 7, 2 wounds remaining, standing atop his objective. Unfortunately, the game was a tie since neither of us had any scoring units left by the end.

How do I tie that combat as the greatest ever? A couple of weeks ago, I watched a lone guardsman Vet. Sgt. with power fist charge the Avatar of Khaine (the Forge World model no less). The Avatar had 1 wound left. The Avatar rolled to hit and got double snake-eyes! In a feat worthy of Commissar Yarrick, the Guardsman rolled 2 5s and a 6, then proceeded to roll a 1, a 2 and a 6 to wound. The Avatar rolled his 4++ save... and rolled a 2.

Yes, a lone Guardsman took out a God of Killing. In fact, the same Avatar that ruined my 450pt Chaos Terminator unit the week before. The guy who plays that army has literally sculpted a green stuff medal onto the sgt's chest and promoted him, had the entire club squeeing like schoolgirls.

23-03-2010, 14:36
Recently I played my SM vs CSM. My combat squad got assaulted by a Daemon Prince. But my sgt managed to stay alive and make all the leadership tests needed after seeing his comrades fall in action. He managed to stick around till the end of turn 5 in which the game ended. It was annihalation and the he made de difference for me between a win and a draw.

Needles to say in this combat my opponents dice rolling was poor and mine was epic.

23-03-2010, 15:03
Anything with my Orks against Nids or Daemons. Everything else is a push over.

23-03-2010, 15:22
All mine from 5th edition (hey, I've got to put parameters on 10+ years of gaming!) all involve my Berserkers. Now, I've had (like many) issues with the new Chaos Codex but I have NEVER been let down by my Berserkers.

I usually run 8 or 10 (depending on points of the game) with a PFist Skull Champ.

1) Grey Hunters shoot-up Berserkers, leaving 6. 6 Berserkers charge 10 Grey Hunters....result in 0 Grey Hunters standing and 6 Berserkers left.

2) 10 Genestealers charge 10 Berserkers. After a couple of turns of gore flying, the lone Pfist Skull Champ walks away victorious.

3) 8 Berserkers double-charge a squad 3 Obliterators and 6 CSM's with a PFist champ. The Zerkers Wipe out both squads (CSM's to regular hits and the Obs suffer under the Skull Champs PFist) for the loss of 2 Berserkers to Ob PFists.

4) 8 Berserkers charge 6 CSM Terminators with a Slaanesh Lord with the BlissGiver. BlissGiver whiffs (not a 1, but low 'to hits' and 0 'to wounds) and the Termies proceed to get chain-axed to death in the Init 5 step. Slaanesh Lord takes 6 No Retreat wounds, fails 3 saves, dies.

23-03-2010, 15:48
4th edition BA's against new nids.

Dante+10 Marines with corbulo nearby charges an 8 warrior brood with boneswords and two carnifi (brooded).

I had Dante and 3 Marines left. He had 4 warriors. He literally lost his carnifi to combat res! Super epic!

23-03-2010, 18:34
3 spring to mind...

1. Khorne Vs Space Wolves. At the epicenter of the battle; Bloodthrister, Bjorn, 2 Berserker Squads, Kharne, Grimnar, 2 Bloodclaw squads all in the same combat. Thirster smoked Bjorn, taking squads full of troops with him in the explosion and the rest slaughtering each other off peice meal. The combat lasted 5 turns and only a few Berserkers came out standing.

2. Black Legion Vs Eldar, small Apoc. Abaddon empties out of his Raider with his Term guard and engage a Banshee squad. They manage to hold their position. The following turn a Pheonix Lord arrives to aid the Eldar, combat continues, both sides losing forces but holding. The following turn another Pheonix Lord arrives to help, both side loses more forces but hold. This continues several turns, Abaddon managed to kill several Pheonix Lords and a plethora of Eldar until he's finally taken down. All in all, every single powerful IC was thrown at Abaddon that fight and it took several turns and major loses to bring him down. Very picturesk being in a small canyon where waves of Eldar/Falcons/Phoenix Lords descended upon him only to be eaten alive.

3. Orks Vs Eldar. A 20man strong squad of boys charge the Avatar. The Avatar kills a few, wins and makes the Orks break, not able to follow them. The Avatar charges them, they rally, fight combat, lose more and fall back again, the Avatar still not able to catch up. The next turn they manage to rally, Waagh is called and they charge back in. The Avatar again pastes them and forces them to fall back, still not catching them. At this point there's only a lone boy left and the Avatar charges him. Miraculously the boy rallys and proceeds to finish off the wounded Avatar. Said Boy becomes MVP of the match and becomes the new Warboss.

23-03-2010, 18:44
Last week I ended up with one big melee consisting of:
3 squads of boyz (each including Nob w/ power klaw, 1 with warboss w/ power klaw etc)
1 squad of nobz (including big mek and painboy)
3 squads of 10 Necron warriors
2 Necron Lords

Plus the whole thing was stubborn thanks to the Battle Mission we were playing

23-03-2010, 18:46
Back in 2nd ed , My erversor assassin Charged a unit of Chaos guardsmen ... then swweps into another , and then sweeps into a Nurgle greater demon .... EA had 30+ attacks due o special rules ..was awsome

23-03-2010, 18:49
The funniest one I can remember is a week ago where a Furioso dread drop podded right near my Dreadnought, I charged it as I had nothing to lose but for the duration of the game they stayed locked as both failed to kill each other. We kept rolling for stuns, crew shaken and immobilised!

23-03-2010, 21:53
Clash of Heros Kill Team match ended up with Marneus Calgar in Termie armor vs. Logan Grimnar -

Both used Powerfists on each other and at first it looked like a quick and easy kill for Logan, but Marnues came back and with last swings from each player they both did a single wound and both failed the armor save = both died at the same time....classic!

Eos Rahh
23-03-2010, 22:54
Swarmy nids vs swarmy orks. All 400 model met dead center of the board and beat on each other for 4 turns. No movment no shooting. $ turns of assualt phase haha.


1 nid war vs 1 space wolf(old dex) they beat on each other 4 3 turns.

23-03-2010, 23:07
Playing a team game with another Daemon player against 2 Eldar players, had 2 Bloodthirsters and 2 Avatars in the same combat with eachother.

Mine charged an Avatar first with a wound done to each, then his allies Avatar charged mine with a few more wounds done and my Bloodthirster barely hanging on, then my ally charged his Bloodthirster into the second Avatar. Lasted a few more rounds with my allies Bloodthirster the last one standing with 1 wound left.

23-03-2010, 23:14
In 3rd, my dread w/extra armor versus my friend's edlar farseer w/wychblade. THREE full turns of Mano a (Mano) close combat with nothing but glancing hit/stunned/downgraded to shaken glancing hit/stunned/downgraded to shaken etc. etc. followed by invulnerable save invulnerable save invulnerable save invulnerable save etc. etc. until the game ended (technically due to dice roll) after turn 5. We then talked about how awesome that was and decided to keep just those two going at it... TWO more turns and FINALLY he failed a save :)

23-03-2010, 23:24
Orks vs Nids vs Guard.
Through careful use of reserves and ablative guardsmen, the two Xenos players ended up in a huge combat in the middle on the objective.

Then the Artillery turned up, and dropped a total of 8 Manticore blasts into the middle of it.

Greatest Close combat I've seen.

23-03-2010, 23:36
apocalypse game with my doombringer annhilation force being swamped and gradually pulled down by a vast swarm of gaunts. Yeah I lost the formation but watching them fight for 3 turns was epic

23-03-2010, 23:44
After 19 years, I have a few that come to mind.
One was Noise Marines vs Berserkers- My 15 man er/ woman squad of Daemonettes, in 3rd edition, killed 5 Khorne Bikers, then Killed the Dreadnaught, then killed the 8 man squad of berserkers, then they saw a Land raider driving by, they jumped on that and it exploded. I lost half to the blast, but what a run of destruction!

I watched a Ratling Sniper butt stroke a Khorne berserker in the nads, and dropped him like a pole axed steer. LOL

I was running Radical Inquisition, My squad of three death cult assassins hit a 20 man unit of dark eldar, made short work of them. The Archon and his Incubi retinue of 10 men came over to give them some relief. They killed him and the retinue as well. From there they assaulted a Berserker squad, (3d ed. when the Asp. Champs were a handful)
killed the berserkers and was working on the Asp. Champ when a 7 man squad of Nurgle Death Guard jumped in to pry me off of the Berserkers. I killed 4 of them, and the berserker champ by the games end. I rolled hot, but I never stopped attacking anything I could stick daggers into.

Sly Marbro stalked Lysander a couple of months ago, and after 3 wounds, one by Demo charge, 2 by his pistol. Lysander failed to make a charge into my lines and Sly caught up to him. 5 Hits, 5 wounds, and he rolled 2 1's. It was GLORIOUS!!!!!

My Night Lords Commander, Vasectomous, attacked the Black Templars Emperors Champion, and his 3 Thunderhammer and storm shield terminators. The Emperors champion looked like bolagna by the time I was finished. I made 4 5+ saves, and the next round I killed the terminators.

These are just a few of many, many battles that i have fought over the years.
Fun thread to read.

23-03-2010, 23:48
My Ork Warboss: Against the Blood Ravens, he plowed into a Tactical Squad, and was charged by a Librarian who struck, wounded and passed his psychic test, but was saved by his Cybork Body and killed the Librarian.

He then proceeded to charge and demolish a razorback, then charged into another tactical squad killing half of them. They fall back, and was finally put down by a Land Raider Crusader.

24-03-2010, 00:05
During a particularly dire mega battle of Eldar Vs. Mixed Inquisition, the safest place on the board (due to Eldar ranged supremacy by that point in the match) was being in close combat against an Avatar. a Massive pile up combat ensued in which huge hordes of soldiers failed to kill the avatars.

24-03-2010, 01:38
In a teamgame, 4th ed, me (IG) with grey knights versus blood angels and something else.

All comes down to a big furball between two PAGK, a mob of death company, a furioso dread and a tactical squad that wanted to play ball.

They were all so snugly together in a big man-pile and the dread wasn't there -yet-. Ignoring my teammate's objections/pleading not to -cowardice in face of the enemy is an affront to the Emperor!-,I decided to take a shot at the dread. With my LR demolisher.


24-03-2010, 01:49
Back in third edition, charged a wraithlord with my emperors chamion. Which then was charged by another wraithlord. 4 turns later.... no wraitlords, one emperors champion. Now that's alot of 4+ saves.

Or in a tournament where I had two units of BT assault marines get shot by guard and fall forward assaulting him first turn (18 inch deployment scenario) Those two squads proceed to sweep through his entire army without him firing a single shot at them due to his unfortunate luck in making morale checks durning my turn and falling back during his. I miss sweeping advance :(

24-03-2010, 02:30
I had a glorious apocalypse game where I deployed the entirety of my 30,000 point guard army. Needless to say, I was fighting on several different fronts. However, the greatest moment of the game (CC wise) was when a daemons player opened a warp-rift right in front of my Tallarn and Vostroyan companies. Eight Greater Daemons and several dozen lesser daemons faced off against about a hundred and twenty guardsmen, five commissars, five lieutenants, and an eversor assassin. Combat lasted three turns, with the guardsmen wiping out the daemons to the last shred of warp pus.

24-03-2010, 02:59
Panama. Dec 23, 1989.


Stealin' Genes
24-03-2010, 04:32
One story from 4e, fighting against a really unusual list. My opponent was testing out a close combat Necron army (he did this with a pair of warrior squads veiling around and shooting at stuff, and then a absolute ton of flayed ones and wraiths).

His flayed ones hit my gaunt screen and started massacring them handily, as power armored dudes with multiple attacks tend to. As this is happening, one of his wraith units jumps a squad of stealers and kills most of them, losing about half the unit in the process.

As his flayed ones chew through my gaunts, everything else is moving into position waiting for the gaunts to thin out enough to launch a charge. The wraiths finish off the stealers and pile into the gaunts, who are pretty much done at this point.

Next turn, the flayed ones get assaulted by 10 genestealers, my Tyrant and 2 guard, and the wraiths get attacked by a carnifex with thornback. The tyrant has psychic scream.

The tyrant beats a bunch of flayed ones into the ground. The guard kill a couple more. The carnifex utterly fails to hurt the wraiths, but is still part of the combat. The genestealers do what they do best and shred everything they can reach. There's a res orb nearby, though, and at this point there's 20-ish dead flayed ones on the ground ready to WBB next turn.

The carnifex is now on the winning side of this enormous melee, and his thornback kicks in. The flayed ones took bad losses this round and lost combat, and are facing 5 gaunts, 10 stealers, a unit strength 10 tyrant, a unit strength 20(!) due to thornback carnifex, and the 4 wounds worth of gaurd. There are maybe 8 flayed ones still standing, plus the wraiths, and they're outnumbered 4 to one, plus a -1 penalty from the Tyrant's scream.

The flayed ones fail their morale and are run down by the Tyrant. The wraiths fail and are run down by gaunts(!) There are no longer any flayed ones on the board, and all the downed ones can no longer WBB.

It was an epic punch-up, but it's also the best example I can think of of winning a game with one decisive sledgehammer blow. Even my opponent was impressed.

24-03-2010, 05:15
6 of my hormagaunts locked in cc with my frequent opponent's last remaining model from a unit (sergeant I think it was), for about 3 rounds (thats a lot of gaunt attacks)

who won, the serg. or the gaunts? This sounds excactly like my battle i had with a nids player. My DA serg w/ powerfist killed off 6 gaunts by himself after they killed the 4 marines with him

24-03-2010, 05:33
Some great stories here :) For my part, two spring to mind.

First, and some reaver jetbikes have had enough of the hard going in the middle of the table, and decide to go after the gretchin artillery crew. Cheap pickings, and it will silence those accursed lobbas. My jetbikes charge the two gretchin remaining after pumping the unit full of splinter rounds and... miss. With everything.

Well, that's not so bad. They'll still be locked in combat next turn, right? So the lobbas won't get to shoot. The gretchin have other ideas. Two attacks, two dead bikes, and the survivors rightly flee from the dread gretchin ninjas, and the lobbas continue to punish my cowardly pointy-ears.

Another time, way back in 2nd ed, when things were a little bit different. Blood Angels against Chaos. It's been so long ago that I don't even remember which side I was on, or the outcome of the game. But I do remember Kharn leading the Bezerkers into a titanic melee with the Death Company.

The Death Company Chplain, a bit of a badass himself, squared off against Kharn while their squadmates duelled around them. In his fury, Kharn fumbled his plasma pistol. Back then, that had the potential to be far worse than it is now.

And it was. The pistol exploded, embroiing the two champions in a roaring ball of superheated plasma.Yet they fought on! and though partially obscured from their charges, their men fought on also.

Next turn we expect to remove the plasma (being 2nd ed of course, there were tables for such things). But the plasma itself seems to absorb the fury of those present, and swells... and swells... to a massive, raging ball of nuclear fire 15" in diameter, engulfing every member of both squads! Who fought on!

In the end, I think it was only Kharn left standing, astride a mound of burnt and broken corpses. Leaving behind the image of two sides engaged in such furious combat that neither would give an inch when a new and angry sun dawned in their midst.

Aah, 2nd ed. Broken, but Epic.

24-03-2010, 06:27
Was playing with my Daemons against a semi-horde of old Tyranids at 1750 points about a year ago.

DS with a Keeper and a Thirster that ended up just a few inches away from the opponents army. They got shot at by every single gun the Tyranids had and then assaulted by about 1,5k points worth of bugs.

And won.

24-03-2010, 06:35
bwst was i drop podded a 8 man wolf guard squad with the combiplasma next to a 8 man zerker unit with kharn. they rapid fired and killed everything except for kharn who ended up with a wound. my biddy poured fire into them and killed off four and were assualted by kharn. he proceded to butch them to one guy who managed to hit wound and then get though to kill kharn. it was quite hiliarious as the my friend said right before no way am i going to lose fail this is save.

another good one was in fourth when i tank shocked my weaponless predator destructor into a carnifex. he decided to death or glory it and proceded to be run over when he managed to shake it only. the look on his face was perfect.

24-03-2010, 06:58
I was playing Orks against my best friends Ultramarines. I had a squad of Trukk Boyz assault his Landraider, the Nob with Power Klaw doing the equivalent of knocking on a door. In response, his assault terminator unit(2 lightning claws, 3 thunderhammers), led by both Chaplain and Librarian in terminator armor came out to play. On the assault they managed to kill everything but the Nob with PK. At initiative 1, when the Thunderhammers were falling, put all of his attacks on the chaplain, and managed to pop his little skull helmet and found out it was filled with goo.

It was simply amazing. Hell.....the unit almost made it's points back with just that one kill.

The following turn Zagstruck and his Vulcha Boyz came in and assaulted the turn they DSd, Zagstruck's PKs at initiative taking out most of the Terminators, and a lucky single attack took out the librarian, while the mob took out the rest. It's the one that really stands out in my mind.

24-03-2010, 07:01
2 Broadsides and 2 Shield Drones slug it out with a Greater Daemon for 2 turns (4 combat phase) and dealing it 3 wounds.

24-03-2010, 07:02
My ork vs Tyranids in a 3 vs 3 game.

The Scenario: 6 kitted out foot slogging nobz are joined by a warboss.
They must capture the enemy objective held by the Tyranid players.

The Forces

Warboss, killy gubbins
6 Nobz, painboy, heavy armour, pk's and big choppas galour.


2 Tervigons

40 Termagaunts

The orks get the charge and man to hook all the tyranid units into one melee.

Once the blood and ichor cleared only my wounded Painboy remained.

24-03-2010, 07:22
Two good stories:
Nids versus Tau
Two gun drones shoot at a carnifex with four wounds left dealing it a two wounds. With nothing better to do they charge into CC with the 'fex. One drone goes down but the other manages to take out the carnifex earning it a red strip for valor. Few weeks later same drone manages to pull off the same feat again, pulling down a carnifex in close combat.

Next story was my own battle in a tournie. Due to over crowding we had to play on a smaller sized board and it was of course a break out mission. (Back in 3rd) Imperial guard vs. World Eaters army with the chaos having to break out. He won the roll off and the game was over. First turn half of my army had fled and all of his was off the board due to close combat goodness. Total time of battle including set up 23 minutes.

25-03-2010, 03:33
A bruce willis of a carnifex against my avatar, and seer council....... Carnifex comes out on top, after 3 turns of CC having being brought down to a single wound, then it procceded to regenerate, *sighs*

25-03-2010, 06:45
3 Eldar Jet Bikes tying up a Dread for 4 turns.

The most epic seeming?
My single Farseer vs a Chaplain, Fist Assault Marine and 3 normal Marines.
On the last round of combat (turn 7, my turn(i went second)) I took the final wound from the Chaplain, having killed the assault marines. Still had 2 wounds left on the Seer as well.

25-03-2010, 20:40
For me it's a brawl between the only survivor of my tactical squad against 20 edar guardians. 2 turns later the marine won the fight.

25-03-2010, 20:54
About a year back, maybe a little more I had a game against a friend of mine that plays Eldar, we had a Monstrous creature mash up in the middle of the board, it was epic. Hive Tyrant & Carnifexes met up with an Avatar & Wraithlords and duked it out for a few turns, I wound up on the losing side of it though. Still, it was awesome.

25-03-2010, 21:19
having to think back a bit

4 bikes, and attack bike and a chaplin on bike last edition charging 5 ratlings in a building

4 turns later a lone ratling pulls him self out of the heap of bodys- then pot shots 1 guy in tactcal squad he can see- the vet sargent, with melta bombs on his way to kill a lemon russ demolisher

thanks to that darn ratling the game went from a narrow win to me to a solid vicory to him (same leamon russ then hit my termiators and killled them all)

Agnar the Howler
25-03-2010, 21:30
I've got several, although they aren't up to the same standards of some here.

First is a previous Nid dex Lictor that assaulted 6 of my fire warriors in a building. The first combat was a tie, with no casualties. Second ended in the Lictor on one wound but killing a fire warriors in return. For the next 3 combats nothing else died, with no rending attacks made by the lictor and all saves made by the FWs and Lictor. The combat after saw 4/5 of the FWs fluff all their attacks and the Lictor fluff all his. The last FW of the pack took his pulse rifle in two hands, batted away the Lictor's talons and claws, jammed the pulse rifle up into his feeder tendrils and roundhouse kicked the Lictor off the top of the building.

OR he would've if my opponent hadn't claimed the Lictor's save is a 4+. The Turn after that, he repeated the feat, although not without the Lictor doing a Balrog and using one of his long talons to drag the FW down with him. Apparently that's the only combat his Lictor has lost.

The second was in a beginner game I was doing with one of my cousins using the BFM set nids (also previous codex) and a few of my own against a mix of CSMs and SM (using the CSM dex, CSMs added for variety). I was starting to win (somehow) managed to push back some tyranid warriors, annihilate the hormagaunts and termegants and still march up the field. There was a squad of around 8 genestealers hanging around which I was planning to save for him to charge into the necessary squad I had to get to his deployment zone to win, but I was forced to use them to stem the tide of marines.

I told him to charge them into the largest squad that contained a heavy bolter and the works. Despite the genestealers going first everytime and having by far the upperhand in combat, they were wiped out, taking only 2 marines with them over the course of a handful of combats. This I was not expecting. My trump card had been... well... trumped...

The funniest combat i've seen is where I used Kharn, 9 berzerkers, abaddon and 5 chaos terminators to wipe out a 6-man terminator unit + terminator chaplain, a rhino and a chapter master with honour guard. In combat with the termies + chaplain, I lost 1 berzerker (to Kharn) and 3 termintors, wiping the loyalists out. Afterwards, I charged the Rhino, which blew up, killing my final two terminators in the explosion (yes, it was horrific). The Chapter Master + honour guard jumped out and stared down my units. Despite him charging, he killed nothing, his honour guard being wiped out by berzerkers and Abaddon, with Kharn causing the chapter master 2 wounds.

In a fit of disbelief, the Chapter Master struggled to his feet, resting on his sword in front of Abaddon. Kharn crept up behind the Chapter Master, whispered 'Boo.' and the chapter master died of a heart attack. In other words, he failed his fearless armour save for losing combat.

Guy McCool
25-03-2010, 23:37
I was playing my Chaos Marines and a buddy of mine was playing Daemons. For kicks, we decided to mostly have a Khorne-off (not that it was a bad idea for him) with a couple of supporting units. I had a Khorne Lord with a daemon weapon in a squad of Berzerkers. They charge a squad of Bloodletters (it was that or be charged by them the next turn) and beat them due to No Retreat in my friend's assault phase, though I've taken pretty heavy casualties to the squad and my Lord has taken a wound.

On his next turn, he charges the same squad with 2 Bloodcrushers and Skulltaker. He directs the Bloodcrushers at the Berzerkers, killing all but two of them, and lands two insta-kill wounds from Skulltaker on my Lord. I pass both of my invulnerable saves, roll well for my daemon weapon attacks, and manage to wipe all three in that assault phase.

My friend had been moving his Bloodthirster up towards my main line, which was, unfortunately for him, pretty close to where my Lord was. The Thirster had only taken one wound from a lascannon, so was in pretty good shape. I fgured that Khorne doesn't care from wence the blood flows, so I charged his Bloodthirster with my Lord and 2 Berzerkers. Everyone was striking at initiative 5, but I rolled my Lord first. After adding my 2d6, I had 16 attacks, and all of the Bloodthirster's attacks were aimed at the Lord, and he caused three wounds, two of which I made my invulnerable saves against. Luckily, he hadn't given it Unholy Might, so I wasn't insta-killed. I can't remember exactly how many wounds I caused, but the 16 attacks were enough to kill the Thirster without ever having to roll for my two remaining Berzerkers.

Seldom have I seen suge rage at a gaming table. It was truly a thing worthy of song, if you're into that sort of thing. Of course, the Lord and his two Berzerker buddies were rather unceremoniously gunned down the next turn by a squad of 20 Horrors, but hey, you can't win 'em all.

25-03-2010, 23:41
I had a squad of khorne berserkers charge a unit of guardians in a combat patrol game back in the day.

By the end, I had only the champion with power weapon and Feel No Pain (3.5 codex). By the end of the game, he was the only one left. He refused to die quite simply, and we rolled out the combats even after the game ended because his luck was so obscene.

I believe it took him 4 or 5 turns after the end to die.

26-03-2010, 01:04
With a good fleet rolls, a unit of my Genestealers got a first turn assault on some howling banshess, at the end of the game they were still battling away with 2 or 3 models left on either side. Every unit that joined in from either side had been wiped out while the initial units of the assult were still at it, fighting tooth and nail.

A unit of Grots (in a friends Waaagh!) managed to hold their own on a objective against everything their opponent threw at them and (in the 4th turn maybe) managed to chase off a squad of wtriking scorpions and caught them in a sweeping advance.

26-03-2010, 02:20
well, i just played a game where my necron warriors and my enemies plague bearers whnt blow for blow for 5 turns straight.

26-03-2010, 04:37
apocalypse game with a compound surrounding a chaos doomsday device as the one and only objectiv.
(if you controlled the objective you got to roll to see what it did)
we had space marines, orcs, conscripts (mine haha), and eldar all converging on this one group of buildings with a massive combat spilling out and vehicles duellling around it.

And we rolled double sixes on the doomsday chart.

for those of you who have not experienced a game including one of these, a roll of double 6's simply destroys anything on the board within something like 8d6 inches. EVERYTHING. we lost several builings, some roads, some rocks, and uncounted points of models from every army playing. It was a hilarious and fun ending to an awesome game

Urban Shaman Commando
26-03-2010, 08:52
Maybe not hugely epic but certainly a somewhat WTF match. A Tau vs Dark Eldar game. I was the Tau and if I remember correctly my shooting managed to kill only 3 Reavers and a Ravager. Everything else was an enormous FAIL and it didn't take long for the DE player to ferry his troops to close combat, sensing an easy kill once again...

Bad move.

First, the Lord (can't remember if it was Archon or Dracon) charges a block of Kroots. She kills/sweeps them all but loses her Shadowfield. Next turn she charges my XV8 commander, hoping to slay it with Punisher before I get even a change to fight back. The commander's Shield Generator holds and he clubs the Lord (Lady?) to death with his CIB. Next turn the DE player charges a group of Warriors against the commander. The commander punches a couple of them to death and the rest flee without hope of regrouping.

Meanwhile a Warrior vs Fire Warriors close combat is going on. Since I can't shoot into it I charge my commander and the lone survivor of one other FW squad into the fight. The other FW squad gets destroyed but in return to lone Shash'ui kills two Warriors and the commander kills another two and wounds a Haemonculus. The Haemo flees, weeping in shame over losing a CC to Tau. The game finally ended when my opponent brought pretty much every weapon he still had to bear against the two lone survivors.

So a Tau game where I totalled roughly half of his forces in close combat. We both were rather baffled afterwards.

26-03-2010, 09:22
Commisar Yarrick (3rd ed) single handed held up my 150 Orks strong Green Tide in an Apocalypse game for four close combat phases and would have held longer if I had not thrown a Klaw Stompa at him.


26-03-2010, 10:07
probbaly when for giggles i had 6 gun drones assulat 7 th/ss terminators and kill 4 then the terminators kill 5 and cause them to run away, the terminators then charge a squad of 6 firewarriors and get butchers by the space cows of doom.

26-03-2010, 10:38
well I don't have many, but I have one classic memory-
a tide of ork boyz with shootaz, sluggas, choppas, burnerz, rokkitz etc, let by a small amount of ork nobz and the warlord Ghazgrull (right spelling?) himself...fought a massive and mostly melee combat with a SM force of I think, 3 tac sqauds, 1 dev, ASM, a razorback, a terminator chaplain and led by the chapter master.
Typical...my boyz lost, and Ghazgrull ran off to lick his wounds.

Waaagh Grignak
26-03-2010, 10:42
I had Abaddon with a terminator retinue jump out of a landraider for a showdown with an eternal warrior wolf lord and 5 wolfguard.

I figured that Big A was enough so only charged him into the space puppies, and left his retinue to get the beers in!

A 6 on Abaddons attack roll gave me 11 attacks and in that one turn i wiped out 5 thunder hammer / stormshield wolfs and a frostblade/stormshield EW wolf lord before they could pick up their weapons hahahahaha

26-03-2010, 10:48
A 10 man assault marine squad, complete with power weapon toting sergeant, charged my 7 plague marines with PowerFist, completely bounced off without causing any casualties and lost a couple of models, were then assaulted by said same Plague Marines again only to once gain cause no casualties and get ran off the board! I felt sorry for those Assault Marines...
In the same game I also successfully rammed a landspeeder with a Rhino, which, while not that impressive, conjured up an amusing mental image!

26-03-2010, 12:31
In v3 in a GW store, against several eldar amies. 2 avatars are close to my troops, I charge them with a squad hoping to slow them, they killed the first avatar and left the second with only one wound. I didn't win this game but that was one of the most glorious thing my expendable guarsmen ever did.

Another is a small conscript platton charged by twice their number of genestealers and gaunts, they killed almost all the xenos with their bare hands. The last conscript held the position for two H2H rounds against the 3 last gaunts and trampled them. This guy is in my fluff, he leads his own platoon now.

That was some years ago but I still rember, as close combat for me is mostly removing spadefuls of minis (I sometimes miss my old chaos guys).

30-04-2010, 17:43
5 furies into 5 flesh hounds of khorne in a case of me charging or being charged. Caused 5 wounds and he failed 4, he killed 1 furie and he failed his instability test. Classic

30-04-2010, 17:50
A few weeks ago I was playing my Ultramarines against the legions of Chaos.

I had a defiler charge a squad that had been shot to bits already. A lone Sergeant and Cassius were still standing. The Sergeant died on the charge.

Cassius stood toe to toe with that beast for 3 turns, 6 rounds of combat before the game finally ended. The defiler would either miss all of his attacks or would roll 1's to wound. We saw the chaos player roll 6 1's to wound that game from that defiler.

30-04-2010, 17:50
a duel of kharn the betrayer vs the sanguinor...

kharn charged, so they struck together at I6... Kharn had more attacks and hit and wounded on 2's, but sanguinor had selected kharn as his priority target, so re-rolled hits and wounds... Sang had already lost one wound.

Kharn caused 6 wounds => sang dies
Sang caused 4 wouns => kharn dies (due to 5+ invun only)

Incarnation of Khorne, and Incarnation of Sanguinus meeting up, tearing eachother apart... awesome-sauce :p

30-04-2010, 18:03
kharn charging 130 orks(green tide) alone in apoc
result: 130 dead orks+stompa:shifty::evilgrin:

30-04-2010, 18:22
kharn charging 130 orks(green tide) alone in apoc
result: 130 dead orks+stompa:shifty::evilgrin:
I'd like to hear a detailed explanation on how exactly that happened. Even with maximum wounds from Kharn and Combat Resolution, wouldn't that take about 10+ turns?

30-04-2010, 18:24
my brothers captain and command squad charging a full ork boy squad (new Ork codex, old marine codex). the command squad takes out most of the squad (just over half).
In the next 4/5 turns of combat the ork player (who was the store manager) sent in:
Big Mek
2 Nob Squads
and a load more Boyz

all this left was 5 dead marines and 150/200+ dead orks. the captain who saved almost 100 armour saves, including loads of Power Klaws.
That captain himself brunted the entire ork assault and let my half of the army finish the rest of.

Awesomeness in a suit ;)


30-04-2010, 18:42
I'd like to hear a detailed explanation on how exactly that happened. Even with maximum wounds from Kharn and Combat Resolution, wouldn't that take about 10+ turns?
well it actually lasted 5 turns
on turn six he sended stompa to end kharn
gorechild+stompa+chain reaction=nuclear explosion:evilgrin:

30-04-2010, 18:45
Got a couple, both from years ago so if all you know is 5th ed they may not make sense to you.

First one, two IG guardsmen, just guys with lasguns are staring at a Dark Eldar Archon with a retinue of Incubi. Whay the hey, the two IG assault. Only model they could reach was the Archon, and no charge reaction back then. Archon and IG both totally whiff. Now there used to be a little rule called Moral High Ground that was used when the combat was a tie. We rolled it, and the DE lost the combat due to it. Then they failed their Morale test. Then the two IG ran them down in the sweeping advance.

Second one was a speedbump IG squad out in front of the army, got assaulted on the top of turn 2 by a large hormagaunt squad. Brutal mass annihilation ensues and when the dust settles, the only IG guy left is the sgt, who passes his test (he was supposed to fail due to -5 for outnumbered (-4) and below half (-1) and run so I could shoot the little buggers. But noooooooo, snake-eyes!) and so he stays locked in combat. Bottom of 2, he wins the combat, top of 3, he wins again, this kept up with him winning or drawing every combat through turn 6. At the end of the game there was just him and the last two hormogaunts still locked in combat. My opponent refused to throw anything else into the fight, so warriors and the Hive Tyrant just moved past it, he wanted to see just how long it would last.

30-04-2010, 18:49
4th ed. SM Codex vs the 3.5ed CSM codex.

Abaddon and 9 Chaos Terminators, all with a sincle lightning claw get charged by Shrike and his squad all with a pair of lightning claws, jump packs, the lot.

After a single round of combat, only Abaddon walks away, with only a single wound left. We figured out that about 1500 points of stuff (both sides added together) got killed in a single combat phase...

30-04-2010, 19:41
My 10 man Dire avenger squad with defend and a shimmershield held out for 7 rounds of combat against 10 TH/SS termies + a chaplain. I only killed 1 termie, but I had enough time to focus The rest of my army against half of his.

30-04-2010, 19:56
Charged a squad of 8 gun drones at an Avatar hoping to hold him up for a few turns. End of the combat, the avatar is dead.

Also had a lone Commander wipe out a squad of 50 conscripts in one round of combat [4 from the actual combat the rest from the sweeping advance]

30-04-2010, 23:09
Two fully decked out, near 2000 point, 4th edition marine command squads met in the middle of the table.

Ever seen footage of the Tsar bomb? Yea, it went something like that.........

01-05-2010, 02:18
I had a warboss (Cybork body, 'eavy armor, power klaw, attack squig) charged into a squad of Blood Ravens with attached Librarian with his nobs on foot. The nobs don't do anything, the Warboss takes a force sword to his cybork head.

He promptly crushes the Librarian. The next phase, he crushes 5 tactical marines, and the squad is destroyed from the (inept) nobs and No Retreat! wounds.

The warboss then charges and smashes another 5 tactical marines, they run and get away. Next turn he charges a razorback and destroys it. The entire time between combat, a Land Raider Crusader is spraying him with fire as is the rallied tactical squad.

He then charges and destroys the last of the tacticals and roars his triumph before being cut to pieces by a multi-melta, assault cannon and two Hurricane Bolters.

Absolutely the most epic thing I've seen my Warboss ever do.

01-05-2010, 05:12
At a tournament I was in last week, my friend was playing an ork player with his Blood Angels. The BA player sent his 10 man jet pack tooled up Death Company with a Chaplain I believe into a Nob Biker squad dead center in the table and wiped them out completely.

The ork player was rather upset, and during his turn initiated a combat with every other boy model he had, somewhere around 80 boyz in 3 different squads. Several hundred dice and I believe 3 turns later the now 3 man Death Company was still standing, 80 dead boyz around them.

01-05-2010, 05:40
Okay, this is a tournie game, I had a softish list, I mean a chaos dread with a multi melta and 4 missile launcher havocs were my long range anti tank, not as hard as it could have been. I was against kharne + friends in a land raider, typhus + friends in a land raider, 2 spwan and 4 units of daemons (i think)

Anyways I'de already had a daemon prince brought down by lesser daemons and atleast 5 marines die to spawn......

I have one melta gunner squad with powerfist close to kharne's rhino, I firgure if I pop it, dakka marines (12 noise marines with all the sonics) my havocs and my dread can blast them to pieces, well I get ignored (daemonicly possessed), Kharne menders out of the land raider lazily, and charged my squad, kills 4, normal attacks do SFA, but my powerfist gets him, then I go after the nurgle raider, do nothing (again) and typhus rolls out, gets the squad down to icon and champion, champion clocks him on the head.

1 aspiring champion of slaanesh just took out the best khorne and nurgle had to offer:evilgrin:

His beserker unit also proceeded to bounce off my noise marine squad, he did eventually kill them all but all he had was a skull champion left.

01-05-2010, 06:52
Hm. Probably either the one combat phase which involved the older codexes of Tyranids, but yeah. It was a Carnifex in close combat with one Eldar Guardian. Basically, the Guardian killed the Carnifex with all of its wounds still intact. How? I have no idea.

Another battle was probably a single Death Company Dreadnought running through three complete thirty man Ork Boy squads with Blood talons.

01-05-2010, 08:27
In an exhibition match against the new Space Wolves Commander Dante did meet Logan Grimnar in combat with their closest battle brothers at their side. The battle was a fierce maelstrom in which neither side would yield. Wolf and Angel fought for what seemed like an eternity. Dante and Grimnar's blades did clash repeatedly, but neither side could be seen to have the upper hand until finally the mighty Wolf Lord did wound the maginificent Dante with his mighty axe. The wolves did let out a triumphant howl and Dante's host let out a cry. For a moment all seemed lost for the Blood Angels on this day...

But then Dante hefted his mighty Axe Mortalis in his hand and let out a great battle cry as his death mask glowed like the sun. Exultant, the Blood Angels returned to the fight. Dante himself leapt to challenge the wolf lord again. Logan Grimnar was helpless before the assault and Dante did smote him with many skillful blows. And thus was Logan Grimnar layed low by the Blood Angel's Commander.

On that day the Space Wolves learned not to doubt the mettle of the Blood Angels.

01-05-2010, 13:15
hmm most interesting cc ive seen was dark eldar archon with jetbike and cc stuff against old hive tyrant, 3 carnifexes and 2 zoanthropes in same combat.

in last turn there was lord against 1 zoan 1 carnifex with 1 wound left and hivetyrant with 1 wound.

cc starts, i start rolling drugs for archon and she ends killing herself in triples rolled with 3 abilities.

01-05-2010, 16:41
My 10 Ratlings charged into an unwounded Ork Megaboss: the Ork never gets to use his powerclaw, squigs or other close combat weapons as he gets killed in one round by various kitchen knives, sharpened spoons, pans and sniper rifle butts.

01-05-2010, 16:51
My lone Avatar being charged by 15 Assault Marines, fails to be wounded (I've not laughed so much in all my life) and then promptly kills five in return, and wipes the squad out in pursuit.

The Custodian
01-05-2010, 17:18
A couple weeks ago my stealers had a disappointing combat. 4 stealers charging a full unit of tau firewarriors... What annoyed me was the from turn3-7 they failed to kill the tau... In the end it worked out since they forced the tau to shoot at the swarmlord instead who quickly healed himself with life leach... :D was kill points :p

01-05-2010, 20:26
have my dreadnought assaulted by 1 regular dread and 1 venerable dread stay locked in combat for 4 turns kill venerable in turn 3 and the other in turn 4

01-05-2010, 21:13
Had a blob of guardsmen get charged by a Deamon Prince of Slaanesh (one of the named ones from Codex: Daemons I can't remember which) and beat it's butt into submission by causing 8 wounds and watching it fail all it's saves. "BACK TO THE WARP BIAAAAAAATCH!"

Also, watched a unit of 4th ed Genestealers charge a unit of Drones and lose, and subsquently get cut down by a Sweeping Advance. :wtf:

02-05-2010, 17:39
The greatest CC I've ever been in (in recent memory) has been my unit of 10 Grotz versus a Wraithlord. Those little bastards kept the beast tied up from turn 2 until the end of the game. I love it when units with powerful but few attacks just wiff them all, hahaha.

02-05-2010, 18:19
An Autarch with an Avenger Catapult and Chainsword in a squad of Avengers shoots up then charges a squad of Khorne Berzerkers. . . . . with Kharn. The avengers are wiped in one turn, but the Autarch (without Fortune) makes every save and even kills a couple more Berzerkers. Next combat, Autarch and Kharn are face to face. Autarch hits with five attacks and wounds with three. Kharn proceeds to faill all three saves. The last couple of Berzerkers put one wound on the Autarch. Berzerkers then proceed to fail saves on No Retreat. Autarch 1, Khorne 0.

02-05-2010, 18:28
It was cool to see how my 50 Conscripts survived from 30 slugga boyz assault.

02-05-2010, 18:33
I just got back from a tournament - the best combat was between a squad of 10 grey hunters (2 with meltaguns) and a wolfguard in terminator armour with TH/SS against a bloodthirster.

turn 1 of the combat - bloodthirster kills half the hunters... they do nothing, but do hold.

turn 2 of the combat - bloodthirster kills the rest of the hunters, leaving only the wolfguard. The wolfguard causes a wound.

turn 3 of the combat - bloodthirster fluffs most of his attacks and the wolfguard saves the rest thanks to his stormshield.. the wolfguard fails to wound.

turn 4 of the combat - bloodthirster hits with all attacks... the wolfguard passes all his invulnerable saves.

turn 5 of the combat - bloodthirster causes a ton of wounds but the wolfguard saves them all. In return he smacks more wounds off the thirster.

turn 6 of the combat - bloodthirster causes one wound but I save it on the stormshield. In return my wolfguard kills him.

I laughed... the other guy was not so amused :D

02-05-2010, 18:45
2nd ed
1 Avatar
mucho Gretchin armed with power spoons.
Didn't do much to the Avatar but those little buggers kept tying him down, with encouraging shouts from the rest of Da Boyz. I swear that Avatar got redder with anger as the game went on.

02-05-2010, 19:19
I assaulted an empty rhino with 6 assault termies. Out of numerous penetrating hits, I scored a single 6. The explosion wounded 2 termies and I rolled snake eyes. They then fell back after rolling 11 on the morale check. My opponent had a speeder handy and simply escorted the mighty assault termies off the board. Thay couldn't shoot so could do nothing about the speeder that was only 2 inches away. I take shooty termies now.

03-05-2010, 00:39
Probably the combat from my game this evening.....My unit of deathcompany - 10 guys, 3 power weapons and a fist plus a reclusiarch in a landraider vs his four thunderwolf cavalry. One has a stormshield. I charge and do a total of 20 normal wounds and 6 power weapon wounds. Due to wound allocation, he stuffs all the power weapon wounds on the dude with the stormshield and spread the rest over the other models with an extra two on storm shield guy. He proceeds to make all 8 saves for the storm shield guy plus saves all the wounds on the wounded guy with a thunderhammer. He proceeds to kill 5 deathcompany in return. To make matters worse he saves both power fist attacks with the storm shield guy (i kill his thunderhammer guy). Incredible....we were both cracking up over that. The remainder of the unit eventually killed the loner before taking out 8 skyclaws who charged the deathcompany. Got to love I5 vs space wolves ;)

03-05-2010, 02:02
i had a 2x2 match where i had a rhino full of 9x greyhunters W/ MOTW and a standard and a wolfguard W/ pf get poped by a zoanthrope then lashed by the other player demon prince and assaulted by the demon prince, a 15x squad of hormagaunts W/ toxin sacs, and a full squad of slannesh raptors W/ pf and lost 1 marine to the prince and saved all but 1 from the rest. then proceeded to get 3 wounds on the deamon prince with MOTW, killed off the gaunts, and nocked out 5 raptors and the no retreat wounds killed off the prince and then ran down the raptors.

it required alot of luck on my part. and good rolling on my part and bad on theirs but its was epic. they then conceded the game....

03-05-2010, 04:51
ok this was in a standard 2000pt game, orks verses chaos marines (me) turn 5 i am down to one last model/unit Typhus, 50 ork boyz, nobz, 200 attacks and two turns later, he is still on full wounds, he managed to kill about 25ish of them, in the end i lost, but it was worth it, that was the most attacks on one dude i have ever seen

03-05-2010, 08:51
A lone Blood Claw surrounded by a full brood of Gaunts... lasted about 3 turns!

03-05-2010, 09:17
One 12 man firewarrior squad hold up and fought a chapter master for 3 turns and proceed to kill it.

03-05-2010, 09:44
Not my game, but one I watched.

Mob of 30 slugga boyz, with Nob w/PK charge a unit of Terminators with thunderhammer/stormshield w/vulcan (so mastercrafting the thunderhammers).

120 attacks swing. 60ish hit. 40ish wound.

Terminators/Vulcan made every save. They swing back, kill enough boyz to break the unit and run it down. Vulcan leaves the unit at the start of the Marine player's turn.

The Terminators charge a unit of 30 gretchin.

30 Gretchin cause 6 wounds. 6 failed 2+ saves, 6 dead terminators.

Terminators swing, cause a few hits, but only 1 wound. Fall back, get caught. No Retreat, No Surrender!

5 2+ saves.

5 dice.......4 1s and a 6.

There was really nothing to be said.

The Ork player immediately went and bought a box of terminators, mounted their heads on sticks, and converted the Gretchin to be either carrying those heads, or bits of terminator armor/weapons. Awesome looking unit, with a great story. It also dies all the time, but will be forever remembered as the Salamander killers.

03-05-2010, 22:34
My first tournament, my Ork army vs. another Ork army. The game is memorable because:
A) The other player, although a total newbie to the hobby was a very polite a fun player.
B) We both had a Looted Leman Russ battle tank that spend most of the battle shooting at each other without inflicting ANY damage whatso ever. And ...
C) It invilved the biggest single close combat I have seen in a non-apocalypse game. More than 100 models in a single whirlwind of death. Two big mobs of slugga boys (each 30 strong) a mob of stormboys, a herd of grotz (30 strong, although many of them died before getting charged) some more boys, some Nobs, a Warboss and finaly a Dreadnought.

In the end, the only thing to walk away after the fight was the Warboss (wounded) a nob, a handfull of boys and the Dreadnought (that had been immobolized and cound not walk).

And the game ended with a tie (we basicly slaughtered each other to a standstill) so in a way we both won!

03-05-2010, 22:45
8 old hormagaunts into a squad of 10 immotals and necron lord in turn 1 and won combat the necrons fluff there attacks then Ld and flee of the board in turn 1 taking there only res orb with them :)

04-05-2010, 08:55
SNIP! so in a way we both won!

"Oi! It waz a good scrap, eh? WAAGGHHH!"

I think that's what you should have said, but that's just me.

08-05-2010, 11:08
Eighty Necron Warriors and a Lord bleeding my Khorne Berzerker army of forty models including eight Marked bikes to death in one single massed combat lasting five turns, at the end of which I lost every model and the Necrons lost none after WBB rolls. I was rolling 172 attacks per turn to bring down at most three models that promptly got back up again. Also the shortest game I ever played.

08-05-2010, 11:27
Normally, the 10 summoned lesser deamons in my Nurgle army are quite useless--
they are not tough enough to be anything more than a slight obstacle for a turn.
I was playing 5 games in a tournament with them, and they always were send
back to the warp pretty quickly.
So I was planning to just get rid of them in my next army list....:evilgrin:
but then, I was playing a Space Marine opponent--
and he was sending a squad of close combat terminators (thunder hammers)
against my lord who had summoned the lesser demons.
I didnt expect much of them, just stop the terminators for a turn so that
my reinforcements had a chance of arriving and my lord a chance of escaping...
But things happened differently...
in a massive spell of extremely bad luck with the dice from my opponent
and extremely good luck for me (for invulnerbale save I rolled 5 sixes at once....:eek: I could NOT believe it!),
my poor little weak daemons were wiping the brave Space Marine terminators
of the board.
After this heroic deed, I left them in my army, they have definitely earned their place!

Steal Rokker
08-05-2010, 14:15
my terminator squad deep striked in the middle of the field (via ravenwing bikers) in front of 3 squads of tau firewarroirs, sniper drone team, battlesuit commander and a kroot squad. At that time i had one biker on the field who wouldnt flee so... i took over seventy shots from the squads into the terminators. 2 survived. of course they would not flee so they charged and beat the kroot, 2 fire warrior teams and the sniper drone team only to be killed on the last turn by a epic battle with the last sniper drone. apparently drones can road kill.