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Spiney Norman
25-03-2010, 13:39
I absent mindedly happened to glance at the back of a box of RoR yesterday as I was assembling them, and alongside the expected citadel, GW and Newline logos gracing the back of the box, I was somewhat surprised to find nestled just above the barcode - an AOL logo. What in the world is it doing on the back of a box of plastic miniatures, is it something to do with the license or something? I've noticed that it doesn't appear on the backs of Warhammer or 40K products.

Wil Grand
25-03-2010, 13:44
It's the LotR film franchise AOL hotkey. If you have AOL you type in the hotkey and you get the website without having a full url. Film posters usually have it.

25-03-2010, 14:50
Since Time Warner now own New Line, and Time Warner is a spin-off of the AOL franchise...that pretty much explains it all. When the new license was negotiated, it clearly included a clause about displaying their sister company's logo for some cheap advertising.

Alternatively, it could have always been there, and been associated with the films for years, as Wil Grand said. =P

Wil Grand
25-03-2010, 15:24
In my hand right now is an original box of Fellowship moria goblins in the green box from 2002. It has "An AOL Time Warner Company" written under the New Line logo above the GW logo and the barcode. Also has the old AOL logo with the lordoftherings.net url, the specified "AOL keyword: Lord of the Rings" and the gw web with the '/lotr' link.
Not at all new.

For my sins, I opened the box last week and painted the little buggers!