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29-03-2010, 20:31
We were talking about starting a pre herasy campaign at my local store and lead it up to a massive battle in warhammer world.

What I am asking is where i can get information as to what armies are around this time as i want to start a new army. While i was there I was looking through some books and thought doing a custodian guard army would be cool. As i all ready have a small grey knight army I figured that i would use the rules for sanguinary guard.

So basically what i am asking is what sort of armies that would look good for a person to do who does not have alot of modeling experience and what rules I should use for them.

29-03-2010, 21:09
For little modelling experience? Legio Custodes would probably be a bit too ambitious if you want to get them 'right', it'd be quite a difficult project if you didnt just want 'marines in pointy helmets'.

You'll probably fare better with one of the marine legions (traitor or loyalist, either will do) since these will be far easier to convert (what with some companies producing pre-heresy 'style' parts in resin, like Maximini's 'steam knight' heads or 'large shoulder pads' for termi shoulderpads, or the FW red scorpions veteran pack for the torsos and heads). A chaos marine box, with the chaos symbols filed away, and a set of pre-heresy style helmets and thats, pretty much, all you need (you could go a little more advanced and try and convert the bolters to look pre-heresy. Theres some tutorials out there on teh interwebs, one involving cutting the foregrip and the magazine off and swapping their places so they look a little like the 1st edition rogue trader era bolt guns, and theres another tutorial involving a bit of cutting and plasticard to give 2nd edition style boltgun look).

You could also do Imperial Guard (to represent Imperial Army) as there isnt a specific 'look' to pre-heresy Imperial Army (except, they had access to some 'marine' stuff like rhinos, land raiders, jetbikes, land speeders), although the Vostroyan minis are the spitting image of John Blanche's Imperial Army concept pieces in 'Horus Heresy: Collected Visions'.

Aside from normal marines, the hardest part is going to be vehicles. Judging by the HH artwork, heresy-era vehicles are, visually, the same as the old first edition 'Rogue Trader' era vehicles and the 2nd Edition era vehicles. So, if you want to stick closely to the artwork, you could either try and track down OOP models on ebay (or the like), or convert current vehicles to look old skool. One member on here, DeSnifter, made a template for converting the current rhino model to look like a heresy era (ie, first/second edition rhino). Chapterhouse Studios also produce a resin conversion kit to turn a modern rhino into a heresy style rhino. Forgeworld also produce a heresy era Land Raider conversion kit (but its somewhat pricey), and their range of Venerable Dreadnoughts could be used for heresy-era armies.

30-03-2010, 14:24
Custodian Guard Army would be Sweet. I would definitely recommend using the Sanguinary Guard Rules for them, however I'm not too sure how to model them other than using lots of green stuff plus high elf bits.

30-03-2010, 15:49
In reality, simply combining High Elf bitz to Space Marines results in a very poor looking Custodian army. The scale of the High Elf helms to the Marine Torsos is incorrect, and requires some greenstuff help. Also, the Sanguinary Guard rules, while exciting, don't come near what the Custodians were described as being capable of. At the Battle of Ullanor, the only time when the full force of Custodians took to the field (with the Emperor), they faced an Ork horde of 100,000 or so and only lost 3 Custodians.

I agree with baphomael, a Custodian army is quite ambitious and not for the faint of heart. I've been working on mine for about two years, assembling all the pieces I need, greenstuffing where necessary, and only this year have I been able to adequately complete whole models. Within a few weeks I'll be posting some pictures as a project log here.

As far as using the Space Marine legions, I think that they would be much more achievable. Helmet choices, leg and torso choices, a simple bolter conversion, and studded shoulderpads and that's it.

I think by far that an Imperial Army 'army' would be much more exciting. There have been countless (and some quite poor) pre-heresy Marine armies, but I can count on one hand the number of pre-heresy Imperial Army conversions I've seen.

Have a look at this website:


30-03-2010, 15:55
The Great Crusade forum (link above) is a great resource for everything you just asked. Come and join us :)

As for official material, the single best volume is 'Collected Visions' for images and background. There's no official models (other than the armour through the ages set), but almost every marine release has at least 1 useful part that can be considered pre-Heresy.

I'm also on a tutorial crusade - see my signature.