View Full Version : entertaing simple scenario for a large group to play.

Dark Aly
29-03-2010, 23:34
this originated at my old GW for 40K, but can be used for fantasy too.

it works best with around 8-12 people.

everyone picks one character (lord or hero your choice) upto a maximum of 150pts. set up the scenery as you want (small tables work best-about 4'x4' or round) but put an objective in the centre.

sort out an order for all the players (names out of a hat) and roll a scatter dice in the middle of the board and place the character in line with the arrow on the board edge and do this for the others in the order they have.

rest of the usual rules apply.

each character gains one point per kill, looses one per death and gains one for every full turn within 3" of the central objective. if a character dies then at their next turn roll the scatter dice and the character enters the table as if they pursued of the board.

multiple combats can get confusing, but we found it best if only the model who's turn it is and the one they are fighting attack and get to make pursuit and flee moves. and challenges only count between the two models any other combatants can still attack these in their own turn however.

One question though? does anyone have any suggestions as to how magic could work? we playtested bound spells with know dispel dice (unless the target has magic resistance or their own dispel dice). this seemed to work alright though.
Also montrous mounts which live longer than their riders can be a little problematic as it may prevent the player bringing their model back on (we just removed the mount after combat was resolved.

not the most demanding game but can generate plenty of entertaining moments. if anyone tries it and enjoys it then let me know.

30-03-2010, 15:33
Sounds like a standard Hero Bash. We did one of those with SCs only a few years ago at my local GW. We separated it into three weight categories: lightweight up to 300, middleweight 300-600, heavyweight above 600. I almost won lightweight with Krell (one of the more killy characters at that points bracket) but ended up getting KB'd by Skrolk. I won heavyweight, though, with Neferata, even though Zacharias the Neverselling and Archaon were on the table-- I managed to get into combat with Imrik and enslaved him into killing his own dragon, then sat back and blasted people with Neferata's bogus magic missile.